#Justice4Grenfell meeting ‘sabotaged’ #Grenfell

A local community centre at the heart of the community’s response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy has become the regular venue for meetings of the ‘Justice4Grenfell’ group.


The Establishment media has already begun a ‘victim-blaming’ campaign reminiscent of the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster to reduce public support for survivors and their supporters, for example Sky News anchor Adam Boulton recently ignoring the group’s clearly-articulated reasons to state that it’s a ‘fact’ that the group is objecting to the judge appointed by the government to head its narrow inquiry ‘because he’s white and middle-class’.

Now locals are worried that someone is making direct efforts to undermine and hamper the group.

Justice4Grenfell arrived for its latest meeting at the centre to find that the wires of the PA system speakers had been cut and the facilities’ toilets had all been blocked by someone jamming handwash bottles down them.

The centre’s manager told the SKWAWKBOX:

This could be ordinary vandalism, but it’s odd that it’s never happened before and occurred just in time for the Justice4Grenfell group’s meeting. Cutting the speaker wires and making it hard for people to make themselves heard to a roomful of people seems to be an odd form of vandalism, too. But it would be an effective way to sabotage the meeting.

Coming on top of events described to the SKWAWKBOX and reported earlier today, whatever the motivation and source of the ‘sabotage’, it will do little to improve the confidence of campaigners and other local people in fair treatment for their cause.

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  1. Once again Mr Boulton’s words are taken out of context.

    What he said was “Is there any truth in the fact that…….?”

    True he could have chosen his wording more carefully, but it was a clear question to which Ms Caro could have given the unequivocal answer – “no”. She didn’t.

    1. Boulton’s an Tory-allied stooge masquerading as a seeker of truth. Ring any bells?

      (2:48) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jWlWSYMg-Gg

      It’d be interesting if we could all listen in on Boulton’s concealed earpiece and know what directions the program producer gave him during that interview.

      Is that the sort of ‘context’ you were referring to, Graham Hindsight?

      1. Thank you for highlighting the exact moment in the interview where Mr Boulton poses his question beginning “Is there any truth in..?”

        He’s doing exactly that – posing a question – to which he does not receive an unequivocal “no” answer which could have closed that line of questioning down.

        Whatever Mr Boulton’s political affiliations, it’s the quality of the journalism here that I’m commenting on. The article uses words from within a question to turn those words into a statement.

        eg Suppose I ask someone “is it true that Mr Corbyn is a lizard creature from Venus” and someone reports that as “Graham Hindson stated that Mr Corbyn is a lizard creature from Venus” would you consider that good journalism?

      2. Thank you for highlighting the exact moment in the interview where Mr Boulton poses his question beginning “Is there any truth in..?”

        Finish boulton’s question, Graham. Don’t get to just before the key word then end the sentence.

        You’re the one complaining about the standard of journalism on this site, yet you’re censoring & falling short yourself to suit your own pedantic agenda.

        So give us it in it’s entirety – What exactly did Boulton ask? He asked : Is there any truth in the FACT…”

        Why does he ask? He’s told eveyrone it’s a fact….Except it isn’t.


    1. And you can add sad bastards like @graham hindson who post exclusively on Grenfell threads, pouring scorn on any & every report simply because it doesn’t suit his agenda & his mates are in the shite over it…

      1. Firstly if you’d care to read my post of 1058 today you’ll see the words: “What he said was “Is there any truth in the fact that…….?”

        (In any event it would be a very strange approach for someone who is allegedly stating a fact to ask if there were any truth in that fact!)

        Secondly I’ve made lengthy comments on the subjects of, for example, the Copeland by election and Mr Corbyn’s tax returns so your comment of 2.23 is just untrue.

      2. Forget it Toffee the guys a cunt .
        Wonder how long Hindson would last if he actually went and talked to the residents and spouted his outrageous comments written here ,,,me thinks about 20 seconds before they ripped him to bits.

    2. Oh, you’ve commented on something else OTHER than Grenfell?

      Was that to question the standard of journalism, too?

      Fucking idiot’s asking if something he reckons to be true (By virtue of actually labelling it as fact) is in fact, true….what a complete bollockite.

      [b]a thing that is known or proved to be true.[/b]
      “the most commonly known fact about hedgehogs is that they have fleas”
      synonyms: reality, actuality, certainty, factuality, certitude; More
      information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
      [b]”even the most inventive journalism peters out without facts, and in this case there were no facts”[/b]

      So boulton should’ve asked: “Is there any truth in the PERCEPTION you take the view that…”

      Not say ‘fact’


      1. Yet another attempt at a reasonable discussion descends into foul language and abuse.

        I guess I’ll see you on the next thread – can’t say I’m looking forward to it!

      2. The ‘abuse’ is your palpable & total indifference to others’ suffering, your complete detachment from reality, and your fucking asinine obsession with pedantry & semantics.

        Everything is black & white to gobshites like you. There is NO grey area.

        Complaining of ‘abuse’…The typical shithouse trick, only to be expected from the likes of you.

  3. In reply to Graham Hindson on 07/07/2017 at 3:01 pm

    Yet another attempt at a reasonable discussion descends into foul language and abuse.

    I guess I’ll see you on the next thread – can’t say I’m looking forward to it!

    Look Hindson as Ive patiently tried to explain to you , you are on an open free for all blog site now playing with the nasty rough boys on the patch ,not some upper crust toffee nosed debating society.You come on here with your frankly outrageous comments and allusions and expect not to have some vociferous and quiet rightly angry responses .Then you are just plain dumb stupid or naive. This is an Alt MSM blog in case you haven’t noticed read by folks unlike you who question the establishment and it’so called facts
    I think you are non of them but a highly educated Tory troll whose only purpose is to try (and fail ) to undermine the credability of this alt MSM blog .
    Now FUCK OFF to your toffee nose debating society you Tory troll

    1. It’s in the Skwawkbox’s hands to stop me posting here if he wishes to do so.

      As I’ve said before, though, if he were to do that that it would sit uneasily with his ideas of free speech.

      But it’s up to him, not you.

      1. So we’ll hear no more sqeeling and whining from you regarding responses to your outrageous comments.
        Your activities here have got fuck all to do with free speech and all to do with suppression and stiffling alternative views and undermining this blog.
        Fuck off you Tory supporting apologist.

    2. “Forget it Toffee the guys a cunt”

      I wouldn’t rate him that highly… 🙂

  4. Don’t rise to the bait.
    Paid or not he’s doing the same job.

    “GCHQ describes the purpose of JTRIG in starkly clear terms: “using online techniques to make something happen in the real or cyber world,” including “information ops (influence or disruption)”.”

    How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

    1. It’s odd that all this anguish has been caused by my pointing out the difference between a statement and a question!

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