No brick, bullying or charges – but #Wallasey vice-Chair suspended, expulsion likely

The mainstream media are today reporting that Wallasey vice-Chair Paul Davies has been suspended by the Labour party because of ‘bullying allegations’.

Wallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies

The SKWAWKBOX has reported at length on the fiasco in Wallasey, where the local party has been suspended after ridiculous – and long since discredited – allegations of homophobia and intimidation.

Not only that, but the constituency’s Labour MP, Angela Eagle, claimed to have the support of the party’s leader when in fact he had attended an NEC hearing to oppose her, while claims of abusive phone-calls remain completely unevidenced and police finally admitted that the infamous broken window was not in Angela Eagle’s office – and that there was no ‘brick’.

By contrast, allegations against Mr Davies have been proven to be false – but no action has so far been taken against the dishonest accusers.

In their announcements today about the suspension, the media have shown themselves to be contemptibly lazy and misleading:

  • There is no mention that the allegations against Mr Davies are limited to his public defence of his members’ innocence – innocence which has been put beyond doubt by the NEC’s decision to quietly drop all charges against the CLP except the one against Davies for defending its members
  • articles such as one in the Huffington Post mention ‘key conditions to prevent further incidents of abuse’ and parrot the thoroughly-discredited NEC report as if it’s factual, when the decision to pursue no disciplinary action for the supposed abuse at the CLP’s AGM shows it to be unfounded nonsense
  • a statement by an Eagle spokesperson talks of ‘exceptionally serious‘ charges against Davies and is quoted without comment
  • articles state that the suspension of the CLP has been lifted when the SKWAWKBOX has spoken this evening to Wallasey members and no such notification has been given to members

It would take only minutes to gather enough information to give a fair portrayal of events, but that appears to be too much effort – or else simply not what they want to portray – and the journalists in question should be embarrassed.

But all that pales into insignificance compared to the disgrace of those who are behind the continued persecution of good Labour members for the basest of political purposes – and against the CLP’s executive committee, which has acted properly at all times and now finds itself removed so that a new exec can be selected, while members and officers are forced to undergo ‘special measures’ training on LGBT issues and proper behaviour when they have done nothing untoward.

Details provided about the timings of the newly-announced steps make the real reasons for the unforgivable mistreatment of a good CLP unmistakably clear.

  • Angela Eagle does not even attempt to hide her desire to ‘get ready for a possible general election’ that would give her a further 5 years in office – but only if the CLP is not allowed to deselect her, in line with the vote of no-confidence that was planned and would have been massively carried, if the abuse allegations had not ‘conveniently’ been made
  • the suspension – if it is indeed planned – will not take place until after the local elections in May, which conveniently (that word comes up a LOT when considering the events in Wallasey!) protects a set of right-wing councillors who had admitted that they expected to be deselected before those very elections

Paul Davies – a hugely popular figure in the local party and someone who would be hot favourite to replace Angela Eagle as candidate and then MP if he were not being stitched up in this way (and assuming of course that he was interested, which there is no indication that he is) – has sent an email to supporters and friends in the CLP.

Under the heading ‘My suspension for alleged bullying and harrassment‘, it is a model of dignity that stands in stark contrast to the dishonesty and ulterior motives of his accusers and persecutors:

Good evening all.

You may have seen in the media that today  I have been suspended as an individual member because of allegations of bullying and harassment so I thought I would clarify the situation.

As far as I know this refers to my public challenge to those individuals who made false allegations about what happened at our AGM last year. I challenged them to take a lie detector test and stated that I would do the same. Apparently it has been suggested that this constitutes bullying and harassment of witnesses.

In the meantime no one has been found guilty of any misconduct at the AGM because of course there was none.

I will keep you posted.

Paul Davies

The Labour party cannot be true to its foundations and principles while such abhorrent and nakedly self-serving treatment of its members by an insider clique is allowed to continue.

And it will not cease to continue until the members of that clique find themselves done to as they have done to others and seek to do to Paul Davies and his like.

Expelled – only with far more cause and not a shred of reasonable doubt to protect them.

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  1. I agree completely. There is a darkness at the heart of the Labour Party. I find it terribly sad. Whilst Watson, McNicol and their sycophants rule th roost nothing will change. Angela Eagle is a terrible example and will further tarnish the public image of the Labour Party.

  2. I fear that Paul Davies will be sidelined if things carry on as they are. Nothing but a massive uprising in the party to remove these people will change. Maybe the real people of the labour party should all resign enbloc and start a new party more in touch with people at all levels. A listening to understand party for people at both ends of the spectrum. People at the middle and upper sections of society have as much to lose or more as the people at the bottom with nothing but despair to look forward to. There is enough to create a party that is creative enough and strong enough to challenge for seats in the General election. That would effectively mean the loss of the Labour party except in name only. People would see those who remain for the gravy train pocket lining leeches that they have become. I would suggest a strict screening process for membership to the new party as to screen out the non committed. I am convinced that we could attract top people who share common values and won’t be despised for their success, along with this we need people that can build a secure foundation to support the people at the bottom. I think this is the only way a party can reconnect with the masses. We need to produce policies from all views and develop the policies needed for the 21st century.

  3. I am astounded at the lack of good journalism about Paul Davies case. Even the local paper, The Liverpool Echo, has been completely inaccurate in its’ coverage. It does beg the question why is the truth being openly distorted? Angela Eagle is not wanted by the people of Wallasey LP. She has been caught out lying repeatedly and yet she is still given coverage by the MSM. It is a sad state of affairs for the UK when the Media are so gutless.

  4. The official party report – based on evidence from 100 witnesses – dismissed such arguments as you’re mentiong here. I suppose it’s best to leave it to the NEC. Everyone will have opposing views I guess.

    1. With the current NEC make-up, nothing’s best left to them. And the report’s already been dissected and discredited here on this blog – a bigger pile of steaming horse**** would be hard to find.

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