Tories don’t think #MayDup govt can stand – advertising for #GE17_2 staff

The Tories are stumbling through the charade of trying to get their ‘thin gruel’ Queen’s Speech through Parliament.

First they scraped a narrow win against Corbyn’s amendment to actually stop making police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and other public servants poorer.

That was closely followed by a panicked decision to fund abortions for Northern Irish women, threatening the very fabric of their agreement with the fiercely anti-abortion DUP.

But it seems it is nothing but a charade.

Even if they get through the remaining amendments without a collapse, it appears the Tories are not expecting their ‘weak and wobbly’ – not to mention morally bankrupt – government to survive very long.

And they’re already advertising for staff to fight a new General Election.

New job ads have gone up on the Conservatives’ website as CCHQ search – presumably frantically – for someone (quite a few someones, in fact) to help them fight what they see as an all-but-unwinnable battle against Labour and Jeremy Corbyn:

cchq ad 2cchq ad 1

Whatever confidence they might attempt to project to TV cameras, the Tories are convinced enough that their government is about to topple that they’re spending significant amounts of money to hire people to fight a new election.

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  1. Its an Illegal/Illegitimate one anyway as the magic money tree bung to the DUP is an illegal bribe under section 113 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983 so the sooner it is ended the better

  2. So these are “jobs” that the Labour party fills with ordinary members, our volunteers, and still they beat the Tories! One thing you can never get with money is a decent set of policies, because to get an inspired manifesto you need an inspiring leader. Whenever the election comes, Labour will rise to any challenge. #JC4PM

  3. We must be allowed to start selecting our candidates as soon as possible, and to select people that support KJeremy Corbyn not Blair ET ALL.

  4. A job involving wide scale regional supervision; project management and unlimited hours and they’ll pay £22,000 to £27,000.

    No wonder they think midwives can have their incomes cut.

    Or , are they struggling for donations that much ?

    1. Generally one assumes they just don’t care about fair pay, as long as someone does the job, they can claim Universal Credit if they need it. Remember IDS
      / Stephen Crabb said, it’s work itself that is the saving of the soul, from the degradation of “welfare dependency”, not the rate of pay. They obviously had the DWP remunerations dept to set these rates, not the MPs means and pay committee. Or they expect some really keen rich young party climbers to work at minimum wage as one step up from the internships that favour the rich.

  5. Maybe they should employ telephone market research companies to campaign on their behalf….Oh, hang on…

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