Video: council aborts mtg as press present. Way to improve public trust #Grenfell

Tory-led RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) council cancelled a council meeting tonight because a judge had ordered the council to allow press to attend.

In a context of shredded public trust nationwide and even more in their borough because of the council’s woeful response after the terrible fire, aborting a meeting to avoid scrutiny was hardly the way to start the long and difficult process of restoring public confidence in our institutions.

The outrage in the aftermath of the cancellation announcement by council leader Nick Paget-Brown was caught on video:

In the current climate of distrust, local residents are inevitably going to draw their own conclusions about the council’s apparent eagerness to avoid a spotlight.

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  1. So a council leader (taking advice from a monitoring officer presumably) know better than a judge in the High Court. That’s a first.

    A simple public interest test will have been done by the judge where “risk of prejudicing a public inquiry” does not come into it.

    The public interest is absolutely huge here, in fact never been greater since the war and demands that the press and public see what is being done in their name.

    The self-seeking cowards, one of whom hasn’t been seen and appears to have done a bunk since the fire (Deputy Leader Councillor Rock Feilding-Mellen, Member for Housing) have a lot to hide and are petrified of prejudicing their own defence case when it arises.

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