Video: Corbyn on the brain – Tory MP names Labour leader as Health Sec on live TV

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Ever since the General Election, the Tories have been obsessed with Jeremy Corbyn, sometimes quite openly. A right-wing think-tank even published an article titledAll that matters now is stopping Corbyn“.

It seems that, in the midst of the underwhelming and comedic Cabinet ‘reshuffle of chaos’, the pressure is getting to the Tories. The Tory Twitter account even congratulated Transport Secretary Chris Grayling on a job he hadn’t been – and wasn’t going to be – appointed to.

Now a Tory MP acting as a spokesperson for the party on the reshuffle has managed to name the wrong Jeremy as Health Secretary, putting the Labour leader in the post during an interview with Sky News:

Sadly for the many people trying to get treatment in the NHS, we’re not that lucky.

But life’s hard for a political party with only smoke and mirrors to offer. The huge numbers of people suffering and even dying under Tory abuse of our NHS will no doubt be overflowing with sympathy toward the hard-pressed Tories.

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  1. Yes of course and Jeremy Clarkson is minister for cowards, bulying and beating up his minions. Jeremy Vine is minister for libaries.

  2. Doesn’t this prove that even Tory MPs are talking about Jeremy Corbyn as the next prime minister. That slip of the tongue means they have clearly got him at the forefront of their minds.

    Every day these Tories remain in power the more damage they do.

  3. Here comes CORBYN!

    The Tories are literally falling apart, the prospect of a Corbyn government is haunting their waking thoughts.

    For the rest of us, and especially for those being killed by the Tory Party’s austerity programme, Mr Corbyn becoming prime minister cannot happen soon enough.

  4. According to Bar Standards records Sir Keir Starmer the Shadow Brexit Guru is not authorized to conduct litigation. Is he the right man for the Job,sez ME.

  5. could have been better —– Hunt rhymes with something else I seem to remember

  6. I have some sympathy for that MP (whose name I can’t be bothered to Google) because I have to use Cockney rhyming slang to remember our un-celebrated Health Secretary’s name every single time.
    Never been good with names.
    I should probably have picked a name out of a hat rather than greeting my newly-demoted boss on his first day with, “Good morning, Mr… Uhhh…”

  7. Oh yeah, another thing I forgot. Duh.
    To the “All that matters now is stopping Corbyn” think-twankers –
    you might want to have a plan “B” there, dickheads.

    I suggest, “Good places to hide” or maybe, “Ways to avoid extradition.”

    You’re welcome.

    1. I’d like them to have a plan which would include a finale made up of every one of the Tory bastards jumping off a very high cliff! I suppose that would mean they’d have to have some honour though!

  8. I thinking this was no mistake , it can also be used to blame Corbyn for problems in A&E in 2010 , many people will just see it that way and not think about it especially with the message on the screen 😳

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