Not only is #May over, any Tory replacement would be LESS popular

More bad news for the Tories this morning. Survation – the only polling company to get the election result spot on – has done a poll for the Daily Mail on the effect of a new Tory leader on the party’s, er, popularity. It doesn’t look good:

survation mail

Every realistic candidate reduces the Tories electoral chances – and we’ve already seen polling, just two days after the election, that shows a new General Election giving Labour a clear lead over the Tories:


The Tories are so desperate to cling to power that they’re happy to put the Northern Ireland peace agreement in serious risk. And even that reckless disregard for the lives of Irish people does not look enough to save them.

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  1. Pretty self-explanatory, innit?….May – as totally inept/useless/shite as she is – is seen as the best of a bad bunch. As if that’s something worthy of consideration when putting your ‘x’ in the box!?

    And she’s gone pretty soon, only to be replaced with someone as incompetent and even less popular. Wonder how long her successor’ll last?

    I’m calling another election by next February at the latest. Hopefully the damage done by these total nincompoops will be repairable.

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