These are #DUP’s MINIMUM demands. Enough to destroy the GF Agreement

As readers will know, the Tories have announced an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to allow them to govern as a minority with ‘confidence and supply’ support from the DUP.

Two years ago, in preparation fot the expected hung Parliament at the 2015 General Election, the DUP published a list of its preconditions for their participation in any coalition:

• Protection from prosecution for Security Forces involved in collusion [with loyalist paramilitaries]
• Right to fly the Union Jack flag more on Public Buildings
• More rights for the Orange Order to march
• Removal of Sinn Fein funding for Westminster Offices
• Exclude republicans previously involved in violence from designation as Victims

It takes little imagination to foresee the impact of these demands on the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and hence on the delicate peace in Northern Ireland.

The even grimmer news is that this list was made before the results of the 2015 General Election were known, when the Tories might have had other coalition options if they needed them.

Now, in 2017, the Tories have no other options – so the DUP is free to add whatever it wishes to its list, knowing that Theresa May has to like it or lump it. We already know, from Tory minister Owen Paterson on Radio 4 on Saturday, that reducing the abortion time limit has been tabled, so it’s clear that the DUP are ramping up their demands from their effective monopoly position.

The huge dangers of a UK government being supported by the DUP were echoed by one of the men who helped draft the GFA:

Those dangers are already becoming real. On Saturday, in Liverpool – city of solidarity, justice for the 96 and ‘You’ll never walk alone’ – this happened:

Theresa May and the Tories have already demonstrated their absolute readiness to put the economic health of the UK and its relations with Europe at risk in order to cling to power.

They are now evidently prepared, for that same end, not only to compromise civil freedoms here in Britain but also to risk re-igniting a conflict that lasted decades and cost thousands of lives.

May’s unfitness to govern was already apparent. Now the Tory party is making its own absolutely plain alongside her.

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  1. So, as a result of May’s futile attempt to cling on to power, we have Orange men marching on the British mainland brandishing terrorist banners and attacking Irish themed pubs.

    This type of violent sectarianism is a clear and present danger not only to the NI peace protest but also to our national internal security.

    This must be stopped in its tracks.

    The only way for it to be be stopped is for Theresa May to resign immediately.

  2. That video on Lime Street of the lodge on the march, while discomfiting, is sod-all compared from what it was like when I was a nipper living in Everton. And that was in the early 70’s – after the slum clearances in the area. I’ve heard many a tale about the marches from before I was born.

    The entire length of Netherfield Rd (North and South) used to be a proper riot during marching season, with much blood spilled.

    I couldn’t see those days returning, to be honest. At least, I’d hope not. More likely there’d be anti-austerity riots before secular ones round there, now. The Everton/Vauxhall area’s one of the most deprived in the UK, if I’m not mistaken.

    Not saying it’s not possible, and what the stupid old mare thinks she’s playing at I’ve no idea. But IF that sort of secularism returns to the city as a result of pandering to the DUP then we’ll all know where to point the finger.

  3. *Meant ‘sectarianism’ not ‘secularism’

    I’m forever getting them two wrong. :s

    1. Oh, and I said it happened on Lime St – It actually happened on Renshaw St.

      Lime St & Renshaw St lead onto each other, but there’s no excuse as this happened halfway up Renshaw St. Apologies.

  4. The biggest orange card in the history of Ireland is about to be played
    The danger is that Sinn feign will not be able to control the monster of terrorism coming back to the streets of the north and this time it will spread down south
    Sinn feign must take up their seats in parliament for may will try to cling on to power and this alliance with the DUP will destroy the fragile good Friday agreement
    As for Leo veradka his competence as our prime minister is less than zero
    Never in this history of our state has our future looked so bad
    Between brexit and the potential of the destruction of the good Friday agreement it looks like disaster

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