#BadFridayAgreement NOT yet done. Tories issued wrong statement in error…

You really could not make this up. Even ‘weak and wobbly’ doesn’t cover it and the Tories don’t need a coalition to be in chaos.

Having announced yesterday that they had reached a ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to allow them to govern.

And this morning, they’ve had to announce that, well – they haven’t.

As Isabel Hardman, .


  1. This is the stuff of a very dark comedy – there’ll be whole TV series at this rate!
    At the moment, she’s just grabbing wildly at twigs as she falls out of the Magic Money Tree. She has got to go … imminently.
    JC must be allowed to lead a serious coalition of progressive parties and Brexit negotiations must be carried out by a team of capable people, representative of the collective will of the UK voters.

  2. We were expecting this from the moment she grabbed the Downing St podium and announced her barely constitutional power grab delusions to the nation.

    She cannot be left in situ during the summer recess, ie without scrutiny, to damage the UK’s interest further.

  3. What a dangerous and delusional Farce we are living through.

    If it wasnt so disturbing, it would be absolutely hilarious.

    As Julie said above Dark Comedy….. And it is so Funny!!!

    Roll out the Magic Carpet and Sweep May away to the land of the Faraway (Money) Tree… Where she may forever languish in her Parties Fantasy World away from Reality. Where she may do No More Harm.

    Poor Puppet. I nearly feel empathy for her. Being brainwashed like she is and USED..

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