SKWAWKBOX is a bogeyman at new Tory think-tank launch

Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove at ‘Onward’ launch

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson spoke on Monday evening at the launch of a new Tory think-tank – like we don’t already have more than enough of those getting undue airtime as talking heads on every mainstream politics programme – ‘Onward’. Presumably ‘Backward to the Victorian era’ was taken.

Ms Davidson’s speech included a mention of this blog, as well as the Canary and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Davidson signalled that she was in pure Tory propaganda-land by taking a swing at Labour as being no longer important – less than a year after the biggest gain in general election share since 1945 in Labour’s favour destroyed the Tories’ parliamentary majority – before going on:

I then look at John McDonnell and the shock troops, and the troll factories and their conspiracy theories and their envy and their fake news and their Skwawkbox and the Canary and all the rest of it

With numerous recent name-checks by right-wingers of various rosette-colours, it’s hard to avoid the impression that the SKWAWKBOX is a serious inconvenience to them.

Basically, that this blog is one of the bogeymen of their nightmares.

Ms Davidson also talked about how ‘dour’ and colourless the Tories are:

Sometimes the Tories just look a bit dour. You know, we look a bit joyless.

Yeah y’do. That’s what happens when you peddle miserable, heartless, inhuman politics.

Interestingly, Ruth Davidson was joined at the launch by Tory minister Michael Gove, who once told the BBC it was ok for the mainstream press to be biased toward the right because left-wingers have the SKWAWKBOX for information, so even the Tories can’t maintain their fake-news smears consistently:

The Tories are – rightly – obsessed with their ineffectiveness among and unattractiveness toward young people. Their continuing social media incompetence reinforces that fear almost daily.

But the bad news for them is that they can’t help being who they are – and looking dour and joyless is inevitable when your ideology and imagination are limited to cuts, demonisation, racism and other forms of discrimination and jingoism.

The worse news is that the SKWAWKBOX and other new left media are here to make sure people get to hear about it.

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  1. Hmmn “and the envy” charge the poorly read Right Wing Ideological dummies who are the apologists and champions for those who legally nick the surplus labour of working people – we really create the wealth and make societies work.
    Whilst the CONservatives PRETEND to rule for all (they have to win the popular vote and when they say national interest read capitalist interest).
    The Tories are all about stuffing the mouths of the rich with gold.
    No Tory Neo-Liberal Ideological Barbarians, it’s the politics of economic justice!
    Perhaps this particular ‘think tank’ would be better called ‘Backwards’ (?)
    Don’t expect any razor sharp insightful thinking – Tory Born and Tory Bred, Thick in’t heart and think in’t head Ha! Ha!

  2. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”: Mahatma Gandhi.
    They are now fighting you…so SB, you are about to win. Actually, the right-wing press/MSM is on its death-bed. Even the right-wing journalists are now writing without any conviction because deep in their human consciences, they know that the policies they promote are not humane at all. Sometimes you get the impression that what they say is not even convincing to their own ears.

  3. Brilliant when you find some right wing intellectuals you’d forgotten about down the back of the settee or in an old trouser pocket isn’t it?
    Nearly as unexpected as finding that spare billion in the Caymans for those terrorists when they kidnapped your party..

  4. Right, but please keep an eye on their attempts to ‘deal’ with fake news and social media.

    They’ll try the same scam as the lobbying act, when it ended up gagging charities instead of corporate lobbyists.

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