Rudd looks in trouble in Hastings #GE17

On a night of incredible achievement by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, his opponent in the ‘leader’ debate, Home Secretary Amber Rudd looks likely to lose her seat, according to BBC News just now.

rudd out.png

This will be a massive blow to the Tory many felt might replace Theresa May, who now looks extremely rocky at the top of the party.

If the rumours are true, this blog will take a tiny bit of credit, having publicised Rudd’s anti-democratic arrogance and her involvement in the denuding of a key anti-terrorism resource, as well as hosting a guest blog that highlighted her disdain for the constituency she wanted to re-elect her.

The result will be confirmed or refuted shortly. If it’s confirmed, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving recipient.

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  1. I hope Rudd’s not the only casualty for the Tories 😀 One month ago we were on course to a huge loss, fantastic achievement if the exit polls are close to the real outcome. Still leaves just a little niggle of what if…….the PLP had backed Jeremy from the start, I’m pretty damned sure we would be looking at a Labour majority not huge but a majority. The hard work put in by everyone has been amazing

  2. Here comes CORBYN!

    Good point by Fibro Confused, the sabotage of the Labour Party by the Blairite traitors in the PLP over the last two years has cost the Labour Party an outright majority.

    The plotters are entirely to blame and their treachery to the Labour Party and Labour Movement will never forgotten or forgiven.

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