May starting to disappear from Tory campaign literature #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX wrote some time ago, Tory leaflets and banners have been all about Theresa May – possibly in an attempt to avoid local campaign spending, but also because the Tories’ campaign has made it obvious that they considered May to be their best bet, while the majority of the rest of the Tory cabinet has been put into solitary confinement to keep them from public view.

It suggested the Conservatives’ cupboard is bare of anyone of substance and credibility. Even the occasional spokesman who has been allowed out in public – Hammond, Fallon and David Davis – has either been a complete ‘car crash’ embarrassment or, like Davis on last night’s Question Time, have been unable to prevent themselves from opening mouth and inserting foot to create (or reveal) even more Tory disarray.

Now, however, it seems that the realisation has dawned on the ‘Mother Hubbard’ Tories that their cupboard is even more empty than they realised – and that their ‘strongest card’ is instead a huge, cowardly liability.

Previously, Theresa May dominated campaign literature and banners, sometimes even to the point of the Conservatives’ logo being almost invisible. Here’s one local campaign ‘wraparound’ in which the local candidate barely gets a mention:

tory wraparound weaver vale outer

How times change. While the Tories in some areas appear to be using up stocks of similar material that they’ve already paid for – got to keep a careful eye on those expenses now one of them has been charged over 2015 – newer materials have a very different look, such as this one for Tory candidate Edward Leigh that has no mention at all of the Tory leader:

leigh revleigh front

Or this one, from Erdington, where you have to look hard to find her – and when you do, it’s only the text of her name in fairly obscure print on the final page:




Similar changes have been seen in various parts of London and around the country.

Short of the Tories removing Theresa May from her position or taking out a party political broadcast to distance themselves from her, it’s hard to imagine a clearer declaration that even the Conservative Party now considers Mrs May an electoral liability.

And if she’s not fit to front their campaign – as she so evidently is not – then she’s unfit to lead the country or negotiate Brexit with a bunch of seasoned national leaders who clearly have even less respect for her than her own party does:

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  1. They can always fall back on the old failsafe of rigging the antiquated postal voting system and / or rely upon their pals at the Electoral Commission to interfere with the Voting Count Model at the last minute, the consequences of which sent the pollsters scurrying for cover last time around.

    No-one can say the Tories haven’t had ample opportunity over the last 7 years to magic up something to save their skins.

    1. “No-one can say the Tories haven’t had ample opportunity over the last 7 years to magic up something to save their skins.”

      Hmmm…..I wonder if there really is a “Magic Money Tree”?

  2. Haha!

    To think that last week she was so far up her own ‘arris, she was in danger of disappearing up it. 😀

  3. Maggy Maggy May, they have taken her away, she won’t walk down Lime Street anymore.
    In Walton Jail she sits, with the shadow of her knees upon on the wall.

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