.@theresa_may: world’s worst and most cowardly boss #GE17

Theresa May’s contemptible cowardice plumbed new depths on Wednesday evening. May has consistently dodged any debate of her competence and policies, leading to entirely reasonable conclusions being drawn about her lack of backbone.

In spite of being thrown into a complete funk by Jeremy Corbyn’s last-minute tactical masterstroke of announcing his participation in the BBC’s leaders’ debate, May continued to run scared of debate and allowed Home Secretary Amber Rudd to stand in for her.

Two days after the death of Rudd’s father.

Rudd did not shine in the debate. She came across as aggressive and condescending, as well as mixing up her words on several occasions (not sure ‘tempty’ is a word at all). But she earned plaudits for turning up in such circumstances, including from Labour’s Barry Gardiner, who had spent the evening ripping it out of Theresa May:

But what kind of person allows someone who has just lost her father to go onto TV to take flak that she herself is afraid of? What kind of boss has such disregard for the mental pain of one of her senior lieutenants?

Theresa May.

Mrs May showed herself to be not only a coward, but a callous and utterly self-obsessed one – and to be entirely without the spine, let alone the humanity, that this country needs in its leader. That fact did not go completely unobserved, even as the right-wing press gave the cowardly May a free pass:

Seems Theresa May is even more terrified of Jeremy Corbyn than was already obvious – and even more inhumane.

may coward

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  1. I knew from the beginning May is cowardice person. She hasted to see D. Trump even she wanted to invite him UK this June. She hasted to Brexit without looking at how Europe is changing hence EU, too. She might have missed an opportunity for a good deal as she has too hasty to give people wrong impression about her. Who said she was a strong leader and make the County stable. Only May said nobody else except a couple of Tory grandeur. Then her biggest mistake for herself and Tory, Snap General Election. She is Hasty, Nasty and Bully person who should never lead this Country. Now everything is surfacing.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that Rudd was wheeled in despite her loss.

    Might be horrible to say….But I’m gonna say it.

    If rudd wanted to appear, it shows to me that she values power above family values. If they get back in she’ll be elevated pretty soon.

    If she didn’t, or had (entirely understandable) reservations, it shows that May, et al, are truly spineless. They surely must’ve realised that her loss would play on her and affect her performance. But then again…

    It’s academic now, anyway.

    Now, going on the tories’ collective sociopathic record of welfare cuts and sanctions – plus the restriction/ outright removal of worker’s rights, the cynic in me is genuinely concerned that Rudd’s appearance could well be used in future as an example for employers to curtail bereavement leave (Even more so, post-brexit) if they’re re-elected.

    After all, it didn’t stop Camoron from (further) removing the rights and benefits (And dignity) of the disabled when his lad passed, although he himself claimed DLA for his lad and – it’s rumoured – for four free nappies a day from the NHS,


    Tories reading this can shove their faux-outrage at what I’ve said. These people have already proved beyond doubt that they have no soul.

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