#FallonsFail #3: When in a hole, try to reach Australia #GE17 (video)

Hapless Tory spokesperson Michael Fallon has clearly never quite grasped the old adage that when you’re in a hole, you should stop digging. Instead, he seems to subscribe to the principle that when you’re in a hole, come back with a monster-machine sized digger and really go for it.

He might also somehow think he’s playing ‘Top Trumps’ and be going for a full set. Fresh from catastrophic meltdowns on BBC television and Channel 4 News, he decided he needed ITV for his implosion-card collection and appeared on the channel’s Peston show to try to defend the indefensible.

In digging terms, he seems to be trying to reach Australia.

10 reasons.jpg

Last week, Fallon – not the brightest penny in the pocket at the best of times – was bamboozled by Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who read him a Boris Johnson quote, which Fallon proceeded to attack in the crassest terms, thinking it had been said by Jeremy Corbyn.

His face when he realised he had screwed up again was a picture.

On Sunday, he came armed with a copy of Johnson’s speech – but still got it completely wrong, to the hilarious exasperation of interviewer Robert Peston as Fallon humiliated himself again by trying to argue that black was white:



  1. Hey Skwawkbox,

    Oh the irony of injecting the word fabricated fills me with the urge to forge, falsify, fake, counterfeit, make up, invent, concoct, contrive, think up, dream up, invent, manufacture, trump up and cook up other useful transitive verbs to send Fallon’s way. Just how deep will he dig that hole?



  2. I have family in Australia, they’re ready & waiting with their ‘Whack-A-Fallon” sticks…

    1. 😄 Hilarious!!! 😁 There’s only 1 Fallon, though – perhaps they should be called Whack-A-Tory sticks, as Fallon isn’t the only one who likes digging themself into a hole! 😆 Also slightly more catchy. 😀

      1. Good honest humour brings people together, and I certainly got a chuckle out of your comment. Whack-A-Tory is awesome…reminded me of Jackanory, the storytelling programme that used to be on the BBC when I were just a lad. Maybe Fallon is considering bringing back that show to the small screen again! 🙂 Thanks for your comment, I love a good laugh! Brian’s, Fallon and BoJo double-act tickled me as well. Laughter is great medicine even when tensions run high. Best wishes!

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