Fallon meltdown 2 (just when he thought it was safe to go back in the studio) #GE17

The Tories’ hapless spokesman, Defence Secretary (be very afraid!) Michael Fallon has done it again. After his excruciating meltdown when he was challenged by the BBC’s Evan Davis about the lack of any costings in the Tories vague manifesto, it was hard to imagine anything could be worse in terms of political car-crash television.

But this evening Fallon imploded in an even more spectacular way when he was despatched to Channel 4 to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning on the changes needed to Britain’s foreign policy to help secure us against terrorism.


fallon meltdown 2.png
Michael Fallon meltdown #2: priceless


Fallon developed an unmerited reputation as a political hit-man after a laughable attempt to attack Ed Miliband for backstabbing his brother somehow got traction in 2015.

But he faced an entirely different order of problem in attacking Corbyn’s reasoned, measured speech that is supported by former MI5 head Stella Rimington, fully-briefed MPs on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee – and 65% of British people.

And by Boris Johnson – in an earlier life, before he decided it was politically expedient to call it ‘monstrous’ today (though of course Boris is no stranger to fake changes of opinion).

And that’s where Fallon’s troubles started.

Faced with an overwhelming popular Corbyn statement, it seemed that his slightly startled tactic was just to attack everything that was quoted to him. So when interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy quoted a statement to him about Britain’s military actions in Iraq pushing people toward support for ISIS, Fallon went for the jugular:

Well I don’t think you should allow ‘pretext’ for people who blow up innocent children

only to be told by KGM that the statement he was reading was a quote of Boris Johnson.

Cue a spectacular collapse of comedic gold not seen since Buster Keaton. Watch for yourself – I promise you it’s worth it:

The fact that the Tories really do have nobody better to put before the cameras than the calamitous Theresa May is hard to believe, but absolutely true. Whenever they bring someone on from the bench – a bench that only seems to have Fallon’s and Philip Hammond‘s backsides on it – it’s a disaster.

No wonder the Tory campaign strategy is to focus on Mrs May-Myself-and-I. But even leaving aside her disastrous and callous policies toward even our young and elderly, she’s prone to forgetting where she is and to such obvious evasiveness that Corbyn’s obvious authenticity has Labour galloping up on the rails so fast that the panicked Tories cancelled their planned campaign relaunch today in favour of, well, running away.

The people of this country are getting wise to the Tories – and its getting hard for even the Establishment media to pretend otherwise with any credibility.

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  1. Hey Skwawkbox,

    Indeed this is comedic gold, a rabbit caught squirming in the headlights of his own incompetence and that of the conservatives party. And these individuals with their derisible uninformed rhetoric and subjective opinions still want our respect and support! Pray God, the people will speak with their votes in June and have these squatting house-sitters removed from office for good.

    Keep up the excellent work Skwawkbox.



  2. Regarding Jeremy’s statesman like speech yesterday he had no choice
    but explain to the electorate the total failings of May and her cohorts be cause the lack of the media telling the full truth to the citizens of this country how dare they criticize a man that does nothing but tell the truth, for the sake of your children etc. Vote Labour on 8th of
    June. rid this country of this thieving lying uncaring brainless lot of toffs.

  3. This is the Tories weakness , hammer them to hell over Mays failings with police cuts and arrogance in not listening to MI5/6 warnings. The only person not up to the job in protecting us ,” her quote from the Graun ” is HERSELF !
    Repeat ad nauseam to every Tory attack

  4. We have a saying – “He’ll argue black’s white and green’s no colour at all”, whenever someone tries to switch arguments even when they’re clearly wrong … definitely the case with Mr Fallon here.

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