#WeakandWobbly May forgets where she is. Literally.

Concerns are increasing for Theresa May’s health – and her fitness for office – after she appears to forget where she was during a TV interview.

Mrs May was in Clay Cross – in yet another empty factory – but as she talked to the interviewer it was immediately clear she didn’t know where she was:

A cardinal rule of campaigning is to know where you are and name-check it in any interviews or speeches. May remembered the latter half of the rule – but couldn’t complete the first:

I’m pleased to come to… er… this particular town…

It’s not only a gross insult to the people of Clay Cross but a cause for concern. Theresa May completely fell apart – and fell over her own words – during PMQs when challenged by the SNP’s Angus Robertson about the pensions ‘triple lock’ and many have commented that she looks ill.

This has led to speculation that she might have called an election – among other reasons – because she might not be able to fight one later and wants to try to win and then hand over the role of PM to some unelected Tory successor who’s even less personable.

Whatever the truth or otherwise of that speculation, Mrs May is giving serious grounds for concern about her fitness to be Prime Minister. She has visited a handful of carefully-controlled places compared to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, so she doesn’t even have the excuse that she lost track in the whirlwind of an intense campaign trail.

With every day that passes, May’s claim to be the one to provide ‘strong and stable’ leadership looks more vaporous – while Corbyn’s energy, composure under pressure and abilty to connect with anyone and everyone is shining a spotlight on her serious personal failings.

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  1. She may need a PIP/mental capacity assessment for these memory loss incidents she seems to have, that would explain the ‘strong and stable’ mantra she repeats constantly. It’s a handy phase when you forget where you are or you can remember the question being asked of you. She does look tired…

  2. Bring it on, the deadly disease that is! Sent from my Vodafone Smart

  3. Nice necklace slightly amphibian in style. She needs a back up corset instead of a plan which she definately hasnt got . Talk about winging it lol xxx

  4. The primary characteristic a leader requires is the ability to handle and cope with pressure.

    May is failing that test in front of our very eyes.

    She can’t handle the pressure of a head to head debate and she can’t handle the pressure of campaigning and meeting the public.

  5. It certainly looks as if she’s losing the plot. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that she doesn’t anything like the stamina shown by Mr Corbyn.
    With nearly six weeks left for her to be on campaign trail, it’s not looking good for the Tories, is it?

  6. I have to agree with all the comments, she is not fit for purpose!
    Right from her first day at the dispatch box, she hasn’t looked fit for the job as Tory Leader, hence her continual attacking of JEREMY, PERSONALLY!
    Those faces she pulls are an indication of a very painful condition of ill health if every I saw one!
    It all most makes me feel very sorry for her, but only all most!
    If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the KITCHEN!
    As they say.

  7. She may not know where she is but when you are a shadow secretary you are expected to be on top of your brief – particularly when it comes to policy in a GE campaign – Abbotts disaster today is indefensible – even by SKWAWBOX – for Gods sake get rid of her with her false socialist ideals – child in private education

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