18 months ago, Corbyn warned May police cuts put lives at terror risk #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX showed on Wednesday night, Theresa May not only ignored warnings from police chiefs that her deep and extensive programme of police cuts – reducing front-line police numbers by 19,000 – put the public in danger, but scoffed at them.

During a hectoring lecture two years almost to the day before the tragic events in Manchester on Monday night, Mrs May told the Police Federation to stop ‘scaremongering’ and that the UK is ‘safer than it has ever been’:

Theresa May ignored another prescient voice that warned her of exactly the consequences that the UK suffered on Monday – that of Jeremy Corbyn:

corb mirror warn.png

Corbyn warned May,

By pressing ahead with these cuts the Government is failing in its most basic duty – to protect our citizens. The planned cuts pose a direct threat to the security of our own people.

They must be halted. That means no reduction in numbers, essential ­equipment or helicopter support.

Every time May’s actions are set against Corbyn’s, it becomes clearer that the safety and security of this country and its people depend on removing Theresa May from Downing Street and replacing her with the man who has demonstrated not only actual strength and stability, but remarkable insight and foresight in both domestic and international affairs.

May’s track record, by contrast, is a festering sore of incompetence, arrogance and wilful blindness. She is simply unfit for office.

Jeremy Corbyn is the safe pair of hands that this country needs.

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  1. By intentionally decreasing the number of police on our streets, Theresa May increased the risk to the public of terrorist attacks.

    Her deployment of military personnel is a tacit admission that her decision to cut the police force was a grave error of judgment.

    For that she will never be forgiven. Her reckless behaviour disqualifies her from leading the country.

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