May calls in troops to hide her weakness and blame #GE17

Labour supporters have been holding back from campaigning today out of respect for the victims of last night’s atrocity and their families. Theresa May’s announcement tonight that she is putting troops on the streets means that there can be no further holding back.

May’s call to suspend campaigning until Sunday was never anything more than cover. It allowed her to monopolise soundbites of Cobra meetings and threat levels to shore up her crumbling image, while her attack dogs in the media spout nonsense about Corbyn or publish crass and disgusting cartoons in complete disregard for morality or for the feelings of those affected by last night’s tragedy.

But the decision to call in the army to cover her own culpability cannot be borne in silence. It’s too little. Too late. Too blatant.


The Tories – on May‘s watch as Home Secretary – have cut almost 20,000 front-line police officers since 2010.

In 2015 – on May‘s watch as Home Secretary – she was warned specifically that those very cuts compromised the UK’s ability to prevent or respond to a terrorist attack:

bbc terror warning.png

As Home Secretary, May showed nothing but contempt for the police and waged war on them for her own ends, as Sky News revealed:

may v police.png

Just tonight, as BBC Newsnight tweeted, a security expert repeated that analysis – the video is below a screengrab of the tweet in case the BBC removes it:

Theresa May is putting troops on the streets – but the Tories have cut the UK’s armed forces by thousands.

And they were warned long ago that it increased the risk of Islamist terror attacks;

army cuts.png

Theresa May talks of security – but she oversaw massive cuts to UK Border Force budgets:

border force.png

Theresa May has ignored every warning she was given, in the pursuit of her narrow political and ideological agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn – the man the right-wing rottweilers of the Mail and Sun are vilifying – had the foresight and wisdom to warn what was coming.

When Tony Blair wanted to rush into ill-advised and illegal war in Iraq, Corbyn said, in February 2003, that the invasion of Iraq would:

set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations.

Could anyone, seeing the devastation and lost lives last night in Manchester, argue he was wrong?

Similarly, Corbyn has voted against ill-judged, adventurist military action in Syria and in Libya – and against support for the bombing of innocents in Yemen. He knows it is not only morally wrong, but endangers us all – and our children.

The right-wing media know this and are pointing fingers at him anyway. Theresa May knows this – and is still painting him as a threat to our national security, even though it is her actions, inaction and cuts that endanger us.

Theresa May wants to suspend campaigning until Sunday in the hope that – a ‘week being a long time in politics’ – the public will forget her disastrous campaign and the weakness of her handling of the awful ‘dementia tax‘ manifesto plan.

She is putting troops on the streets – closing the ‘stable’ door after the horse has long since left – in a craven attempt to cover that weakness.

And, like most weak people trying to act tough, she is overplaying her hand – and playing straight into the hands of the terrorists she is supposed to be thwarting.

Little will please terrorists more than troops on our streets and disruption to the most important democratic process we have – and that’s exactly what Theresa May is giving them.

In trying to act tough, May has only exposed her weakness – and it’s more essential than ever that we all recognise it and remove her on 8 June.

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  1. Till Sunday? Not joking?! A day is understandable, but a week is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Not without postponing the election by the same amount of time, though she wouldn’t want that because then the reports scheduled for the 9th would be damning!
        To cause this much damage to our police service and A&Es – not to mention all other public services – and aggravate diplomatic tensions, and then attempt to use the tragic consequences as an excuse to hush up her failing campaign, IS OUTRIGHT DISGUSTING!!! If May has ANY remorse for those lost, or cares about us still alive in any way at all, she will resign BEFORE the election!
        But sadly she won’t. Because she’s as cold as stone.

  2. Btw., very funny analogy about the stable – obviously the horse’s name is ‘Strong’! 😁 The slogan (cliché) was already sounding cringefully ridiculous every time I heard it mentioned yet again, but now every time I hear it I’ll also be reminded of this humiliating proverb:
    ‘Don’t shut the stable door after Strong the horse has bolted!’
        An opportunity for a funny picture or cartoon there, ey? 😉

  3. She truly is beyond belief. Shockingly incapable, arrogant and a bully. Stop campaigning for a week? A sick joke by a weak and unstable person.

    Thia awful tragedy happened on her watch, happened after the snoopers charter, happened after she had cut the police force by 20000, happened after all the cuts to the Army and now she wants a free run at the election.

    You really could not make this stuff up.

  4. So, Theresa May and the Conservative Party are treating the murder of children as an opportunity to prop up their disastrous general election campaign.

    Theresa May’s self serving actions are an insult to the dead.

    Anyone who wondered how low the Tories would sink in order to cling on to power so that they can continue to do the bidding of their corporate donors and the establishment can now see the obscene and deraved depths to which the Tories will go.

    In light of this sickening opportunism by May, any decent Conservative will now need to give serious thought to disassociating themselves enthirely from the Conservative party.

  5. I follow skwawkbox daily and tweet daily. This morning I have tried to tweet above post (May calls in troops…) numerous times and it won’t show. Once it came up in a blurred type but then disappeared! Tried again but no luck. What’s going on I wonder!

  6. Please check the 20,000 police numbers reduction I think it’s 2000 and Labour are proposing 10,000 increase

  7. Seriously, how can anyone vote for the Tories now…The thought of this lot running the country is frankly frightening!..Let’s face it, they just don’t know what they’re doing. Its as simple as that…Theresa May just spouting gobbledegook..The ‘man in the street’~ (forgive me ladies)..is wasting his time trying to unravel this nonsense…

  8. I know what you mean. She has been hiding behind of Tory Establishment, Media that made an image of her. So far she shows herself like a movie heroin who are in deep sudden but keep saying the same things. No imagination!!!!! People must know that TM is coward, weak and no imagination.

  9. unjustifiable posturingto demonstrate in her view S&S govt. By the way, she cant afford to postpone the election.. The weak old nag(lol) is rapidly coming up on the rails.

  10. Theresa May should be ashamed of herself the police the army airforce Navy the fire service the doctor’s the nurses the ambulance service she has cut the lot what is the space that woman is and people want to vote for her you should be ashamed of yourselves because we’ve got to put our soldiers on the ground because she cut all the services she is a disgrace to this country see the Enemy of this country and everybody should know that so vote Labour and put the the police the army the nurses the doctors the fireman the ambulancman and women back to work cause labour will do that Jeremy Corbyn will do that show vote Labour to save the country

  11. The British people are waking up to Mays despicable, political ploys and the dastardly media she has as her champions who are like a many headed hydra hanging off her keyring.
    Britain needs a leader with compassion and vision….someone who is not manipulated by the press.

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