Guido praises SKWAWKBOX, promotes #MayIsAThreat message #GE17

Arch-Tory site Guide Fawkes has, if inadvertently, given the SKWAWKBOX high praise – and helped spread awareness that Theresa May is a threat to the safety and wellbeing of all of us and our children.

This morning, this blog published an article holding Theresa May responsible for the awful consequences of the draconian series of cuts she, as Home Secretary, and her party inflicted on the security and emergency services we all rely on for our safety.

She is responsible:

  • it happened on her watch
  • she was warned by the experts and the heads of armed and police services that her cuts compromised their ability to keep the UK safe
  • she ignored them and continued to claim the massive cuts would have no impact on performance
  • her Home Secretary has consistently refused to rule out further cuts

Here was Guido’s ‘take’ on the article:

guido 240517.png

Coming from an arch-enemy of the Left, this is high, if inadvertent, praise indeed and we thank Guido for his superlative opinion of this blog’s importance and connections. For him to feel it worthwhile to single out the SKWAWKBOX for its article highlighting May’s (many) failings shows we are hitting the right targets.

Far more importantly, though, Mr F has also helped to spread the word that the mainstream media are rarely going to dwell on.

Of course, he doesn’t get it quite right. The SKWAWKBOX does not ‘blame May for Manchester attack. The only people to blame for that are the perpetrators. And May’s ‘announcement’ of suspending campaigning until Sunday was in fact the topic of ‘behind the scenes’ discussions with other party leaders.

But we do blame Mrs May for the drastic cuts to police and emergency services – and even more for wilfully ignoring multiple warnings that the consequences were going to be exactly the kind of tragedy Manchester suffered on Monday night.

We’re not the only ones.

It’s exceedingly rare for the mainstream media to turn their spotlight on the failings of May and her government – but last night’s Newsnight hosted an interview with security expert Michael Clarke, who told the programme that police cuts had seriously affected the abilities of counter-terrorism units, especially outside London:

The Chair of the Police Federation also echoed these concerns, albeit in more diplomatic language:


It seems this is not, as Guido would have you believe, a ‘loony left’ or ‘Corbynista’ position.

The buck – as any honest person must recognise – stops with Mrs May. She was the Home Secretary who forced through the cuts that the UK is now paying for when she is Prime Minister. If the Tories lose the General Election, this will be the only UK government in history to leave office with fewer police officers than it inherited.

The safest thing any of us can do for ourselves and our families is make sure she is no longer PM after 8 June – to put her where her dangerous incompetence and hubris is no longer a threat to us.

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