Exclusive: May had troops on streets BEFORE #OperationTemperer launched

Theresa May, since her announcement that she was launching ‘Operation Temperer’ to put armed troops onto Britain’s streets to supplement police numbers, has received harsh criticism for creating the shortage in those numbers through the unprecedented cuts to police budgets and front-line police numbers that she enacted as Home Secretary.

Troops are arriving onto our nation’s streets today. But in fact, the SKWAWKBOX has learned that troops were already on the streets yesterday – and in official police uniform.

‘Major X’, a high-ranking army officer that has provided information to this blog previously, contacted the SKWAWKBOX with an image of a police scene, taken yesterday in Manchester and published in the Sun ‘newspaper’:

army police.png

The ‘officer’ in the foreground with his face covered, is not a police officer.

As Major X told the SKWAWKBOX:

The officer in the foreground, who has a police number on his shoulder, is carrying the SA80A2 rifle which is only issued to British forces. Police firearms teams typically use Heckler & Koch and never, ever use SA80 in either A1 or A2 configuration.

His shoulder flash reads “EOD2” which identifies him as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team member. The Met has its own team, SO13, all ex-forces, but provincial forces do not.

This image is proof that the military operate inside and alongside the police in ways which are designed to stop the general public noticing that they’re dealing with the military, not the police.

The SA80 assault rifle

The picture below shows a solider carrying an SA80A2 rifle:

SA80A2 1

While this image is of a Metropolitan Police handout showing police-issue weapons and equipment, with a handy legend showing what each one is – and not an SA80 in sight:

Met with designations

Of course, the fact that the ‘officer’ has his face covered also suggests something out of the ordinary going on.

Major X was not, of course, in a position to comment whether this use of military personnel in police uniforms is intended to disguise the holes in police numbers caused by Mrs May’s swingeing cuts to budgets and front-line officer numbers.

But the hard evidence presented by this photograph does raise further serious questions for a Prime Minister and former Home Secretary about the need for troops to supplement regular police numbers – and, for that matter, why she thinks that a small number (five thousand) of troops make up for almost 20,000 ‘missing’ front-line police officers.

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    Kind Regards

    Geoffrey Stansfield
    NE2 1ET
    7 July 2016 14.10 BST
    Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Investigation

  2. Retweeted this, T. May seems to be in panic mode. Covering up her own failings and misusing the security services in order to bolster her election chances. Misuse of office.

  3. So you guys have only noticed this today, yet any keen idea person with a brain spotted this as soon as they saw the picture.

    So what if military EOD teams were used. More than happy for this to happen. Stop pick faults with our police. They don’t always have the resources because we are a country we’re strict gun laws means they don’t always need them.

  4. Brave and honest of Maj x to disclose this. some of us already were aware of “police” carrying combat weapons.. Convenient also that Parliament is dissolved so no prior debate,and since when did TM listen to JTAC.. She never did as Home Sec

  5. The police look like paramilitary.
    So now we have a covert merging of police and miliatary.

    Dangerous times. Especially when its being done when parliament is dissolved. How extraordinarily convenient!

    I dont recall parliament ever discussing or consenting to merging police and military. Agenda 21 here we come!

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