Video: Theresa May wipes hands after shaking hands with worker? #GE17

BBC News tonight, after showing a brief excerpt of John McDonnell’s announcement that there will be no tax or National Insurance rises under a Labour government for anyone earning under £80,000, cut to footage of Theresa May.

May must have been told by her campaign managers that she needs to start interacting with some humans after she was derided for a series of bizarre ’empty factory’ visits and tightly stage-managed set-pieces with her whole crowd behind her. It had happened by accident once last week, but didn’t end well.

So today she was visiting some kind of workplace that still had some human beings in it and, pushing the envelope, May even shook hands with them. For a woman many have dubbed robotic and distant, it was almost impressive – and then it wasn’t.

Here’s the footage – it’s only 3 seconds long, so watch May carefully :

After shaking hands with the worker, May appears to reflexively wipe her hands on her trousers.

May is clearly not a ‘people person’. Even her most ardent supporter would struggle to argue otherwise. But it seems she genuinely struggles to conceal her distaste for the public when she gets anywhere near them.

Does the British public really want a Prime Minister who’s so aloof and disdainful of the people she wants to elect her when there’s a choice of someone famously at ease with people who has a decades-long track record of doing the right thing for them?


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  1. She is on the spectrum of Asperger’s syndrome and really shouldn’t be making decisions of any description.. She lives in her own head 😣

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