Exclusive: ‘decided within 12 hrs of election called, Corbyn going nowhere’

There’s a bit of panic among some Labour supporters who watched John McDonnell’s interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show this morning that McDonnell said he and Corbyn would resign if Labour lose the General Election.

What really happened was that the show was replaying some poorly-flagged old footage of McDonnell talking about what the pair might do if Labour lost an election in 2020.

What McDonnell said was that, as Labour are looking to win the election, it’s not relevant.

In fact, the SKWAWKBOX spoke to a highly-placed Labour source who told this blog that the issue was ‘decided within twelve hours’ of May calling the election on 18 April and Corbyn is going nowhere.

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This is the news that the vast majority of Labour supporters want to hear. Neil Kinnock fought and lost two elections before he resigned. Corbyn has barely had five minutes in the job without the right-wing faction of the Labour party trying to undermine him – and barely thirty seconds, before the election was called, of even remotely balanced treatment from the mainstream media. He’s entitled to more time to get his message across to the population – and, as recent polls have shown, as soon as he has chance to do so, the gap between Labour and the Tories closes rapidly.

And of course, no supporter of Corbyn’s vision for the Labour party will countenance for a moment the thought of him stepping down until rule-changes are achieved to make sure they always have a good left-wing candidate to vote for – and elect, since the right knows a left candidate will always win and are therefore trying desperately to prevent one being on the ballot in future.

If you heard the supposed news about resignations this morning and your heart sank, take a breath.

Share this article. Refocus. Fight the Tories. Britain needs a Labour government. It needs Corbyn as Prime Minister. Right now, that’s where our attention needs to be.

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  1. It the Tom Watson, John Speller, et al that need to resign after the election.

  2. Oh how very BBC! Don’t they understand news should really be ‘new’ … not recycled from the archives? This is the kind of ‘journalism’ that drove me away from the BBC a couple of years back and I’m not surprised to hear it hasn’t improved.
    We know where to find the truth …

  3. There is a leader who will be kicked out of office within 24 hours of the General Election result being called and it is not Jeremy Corbyn.

    If Theresa May fails to increase the Tory majority then the entire premise of her calling the election will be fatally compromised. This will make her position as leader of the Conservative party untenable and she will be forced to resign.

    It is equally untenable for a replacement to May to be put forward by the Conservative Party, as it would be constitutionally impossible for the Tories to foist two unelected prime ministers in a row upon the electorate.

    That means the Tories will be unable to legitimately form a government.

    That leaves only one possible outcome, a Labour Government in coalition with likeminded progressive parties serving the interests of the many not the few.

  4. It is very true Labour establishment are so unrealistic and undermine Corbyn. They have to see what is going on. They have to see why Neil Kinnock lost twice and Ed Miliband despite everybody thought they would win. Why? They have to question “why”. Instead those establishment keep dreaming their own way and wishing to believe then are right. Really sad!!!!

  5. Look, he’s getting on. Think how old he will be by the next General Election. All that travelling round the country will be too exhausting. It’s not actually fair on him or his wife. And then to be PM for five years?

    1. Hilary Clinton is 69 and apparently planning to run again in 2020, Bernie Sanders is 75. Not everyone over 60 is joining the queue for a wooden overcoat.

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