Can you imagine for one second May doing this? #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX showed earlier this evening, Theresa May – wooden and robotic at best – appeared to wipe her hands on her trousers after shaking hands with a worker today.

Just as the contrast could scarcely be greater between her stage-managed, human-free campaign and Corbyn’s ease among people and almost rock-star welcome as he meets the public, so it transpired tonight as Corbyn was shown, thanks to a politics.co.uk journalist, interacting with a member of the public in a way that couldn’t be more different from Mrs May’s evident distaste:

Can you imagine, for a single second, the awkward and unpersonable Tory leader being that relaxed, down to earth and, well, human?

No, thought not. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have, for the first time in generations, a human being in Number 10 – one who can connect with people that naturally and genuinely?

One who understands people and cares about them because he gets them and is one of them?

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  1. He definitely is the right person with the right temperament to lead and the right policies for the country.

    He is also honest. That’s important because people have been let down too many times by dishonest prime ministers who say one thing to get elected and do another thing as soon as they get into power.

    Theresa May is a case in point. She is dishonestly playing to the gallery in the UK by acting belligerently towards the EU in an attempt to win votes.

    The irony which seems lost on her supporters is that her belligerence is poisoning the negotiations and that her approach is guaranteed to lead to an unnecessarily bad deal for the country.

    There I no doubt in my mind that Jeremy Corbyn’s reasonable and pragmatic approach would deliver a better outcome for the UK in the Brexit negotiations.

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