May’s bizarre #FacTorygate – she just daren’t face the workers #GE17

Theresa May appears to have set a new record since she began what passes for her General Election campaign: the most empty factories visited by a party leader.

Mrs May has appeared in a bizarre string of photo opportunities – in factories where nobody else but the management appears to be around. Like this one:

On the rare occasions any employees are allowed anywhere near, they are strictly gagged by management:


Or, if her image team decide there really have to be some – yuk – people in the frame, she waits until the employees are safely out of the way and then drags a few ‘party faithful’ in:


The contrast with Jeremy Corbyn’s ease among the actual public grows starker every day – yet May asks us to believe she’s the ‘strong and stable’ one fit to negotiate with hard-nosed EU leaders and their teams.

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22 responses to “May’s bizarre #FacTorygate – she just daren’t face the workers #GE17

  1. It all feels a bit Cybermen from Doctor Who.



  2. Corbyn’s approval ratings will skyrocket over the coming weeks and Labour will win. People will see through all the media propaganda and see how pathetic the Tories are with their “We need, er, um, a strong and s-s-stable leadership… did I say that right boss?” line. People aren’t as stupid as the Tories think they are, and they don’t like being lied to.

    • “People aren’t as stupid as the Tories think they are”

      Let it never be said that you’re not an optimist.

    • Thank you paulstanway. I share your optimism.
      Hooray! for the SKWAWKBOX!

  3. Theresa May is the British version of Hillary Clinton. They are both completely flawed candidates.

    If Clinton could be defeated by Trump then May can certainly be defeated by Corbyn.

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  6. Read these comments here ,out of touch to comments.If you wish to live in 1976 to 1979 the time when this country was totally bankrupt,and we were begging at the IMF for money,its was shocking high unemployement ,near 35% of the country workers out of work .We were ok as was in the armed forces,oh by way firemans strike that lasted 3mnths and we armed forces were in the green goddess out with police escorts.This country was totally shite bankrupt and country was in deep deep trouble .THE UNITED KINGDOM UNDER THE THEN LABOUR GOVERMENT WAS TOTALLY BANKRUPT AND BEGGING WITH IMF FOR MONEY,IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME ,ITS ALL IN THE HISTORY BOOKS.YOU WANT THAT AGAIN,WELCOME TO HELL MY BOYS WELCOME TO HELL.

  7. News Flash, How Stupid is the Tory Voter and those on the RIGHT?

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