Corbyn looks PM material and meets public, May pretends to be b’day party (video) #GE17

Theresa May’s dire start to her General Election campaign continued today as she appeared in the tiny village hall at Banchory in Scotland – again speaking to handful of carefully-vetted listeners in a strictly stage-managed setting. Mrs May sneaked into the hall via a back door:

may back door.png

May has been widely mocked for refusing to participate in live TV debates because she would be ‘out and about meeting the public‘ – and then hiding from the public. Clearly at least one local had heard about her excuses, because he shouted at May to ‘Meet the public!‘ as she entered the hall – and was completely ignored by the Tory leader:

#ChickenMay, #WheresTheresa, #WeakAndWobbly, choose your hashtag – but May plumbed new depths on her visit to Banchory.

So desperate was she to avoid any actual members of the public turning up while she was there – and so keen were her keepers to prevent anyone talking to the easily confused Tory leader – that they appear to have asked for the hall calendar to show the event as a children’s birthday party:

crathes party.png

While Theresa May was masquerading as a child in a part of Scotland so remote that no live coverage of the event was possible, Jeremy Corbyn was in London, speaking to a large crowd – and both looking and sounding Prime Ministerial.

Not only that, but he then went walkabout – to meet locals rather than ignore and run away from them:


Theresa May’s ‘out and about meeting people’ was clearly nothing more than an excuse to dodge debates with Corbyn that she and her handlers knew she could only lose badly – but this parade of (non-)event, (non-)appearances to bored-looking, hand-picked audiences and tours of empty factories is proving to be even more damaging to her credibility.

It’s up to us to make sure they are fatally damaging – to her credibility and her campaign..

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  1. Theresa May clearly can’t cope with the pressure of campaigning and head to head debates.

    As she isn’t up to the job it has been left to members of the Tory cabinet to campaign on her behalf, and they are just as bad if not worse than May.

    The completely unhinged defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has been going around threatening to carry out pre-emptive first strike nuclear attacks on other countries, and Boris Johnson wants to unilaterally bomb countries without the agreement of either the British parliament or the UN.

    The Conservative Party is a menace to the security of the country.

  2. One thing I’ll say about Corbyn; he is a good campaigner. I’m not keen on May or Corbyn tbh. But of the two, I definitely prefer the Labour leader.

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