How 1st week’s campaigns of Corbyn/May compare – and what they tell us

Very short post this, but a very important one. It’s a simply list of the campaign schedules of the Labour and Tory leaders in the first week since the General Election was called, showing what they did, where they went and what kind of event it was:

campaign comparison

If you want a Prime Minister who’s dynamic, loves people, knows how to get on with them and puts a shift in, vote Labour.

corbyn croydon

If you want one who’s vain, shiftless, elitist, antisocial and scared of pensioners mowing their lawn – not to mention being willing to kill people by the millions and impoverish even our children, vote Tory.

may school


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8 responses to “How 1st week’s campaigns of Corbyn/May compare – and what they tell us

  1. The Tories say it is inhumane for people to be used as human shields by terrorists, and they are quite right to do so.

    Yet they are quite happy to use the British public as human shields when it comes to nuclear weapons.

    States which possess nuclear weapons do not increase the security of the population, they degrade the security of the public and make it vulnerable to attack by weapons of mass destruction.

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