#UKIP hiding identity of assailant – more video/stills, share to help us identify him

There has been huge outcry today after video footage emerged of bizarre, antisocial and threatening behaviour by a UKIP leafleter in Stoke.

UKIP has admitted knowing the identity of the man who, after posting a leaflet, urinated up the side of a 73-yr-old woman’s property and then tried to force his way into her house after she came out to remonstrate with him.

In an astonishingly disingenuous statement, a UKIP spokesperson said:

ukip admit.jpg

By stating his supposed age, the spokesperson has admitted that they know who the man is, but the statement makes no reference to his repeated attempts to force his way past the resident into her home – nor does the man appear, from video footage and stills, to be anything like 78 years old.

The SKWAWKBOX posted video footage earlier today, but additional footage and stills of the man have emerged that may be good enough to allow him to be identified. Below is all the CCTV footage currently available, along with captures showing his face from two different angles.

In this first clip, the man goes to urinate and then returns:

Next, as the elderly woman tells him off for his antisocial behaviour, he attempts to force his way in. This video now has sound and the woman’s fear and distress are unmistakable. Not only that, but watch how he runs up the side path and round to the front door. If he is 78, he is the fittest almost-80yo you’ll see. The fact he’s apologising while trying to push into her house doesn’t excuse the attempt or lessen her fear.

Here are two stills of the attacker:

Any responsible, decent human being would want a man capable terrifying an elderly woman off the streets and dealt with.

That UKIP is protecting him shows that it is a party of thugs unfit for a place in British politics – let alone to have its leader elected as a member of Parliament.

If you know who this man is, please contact this blog and I will make sure the relevant authorities are informed.

And if you’re a Stoke Central voter, make sure you send UKIP leader Paul Nuttall into the dustbin of history where he belongs, by humiliating him at the polling booth on Thursday.

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  1. 78 year old with hair dyed dark hair? More porkie pies from UKIP. The statement from UKIP says they informed the police. I find that hard to believe.

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