#UKIP, is this your ‘harmless old weak-bladder man’? No wonder you hid him. #Stoke

The SKWAWKBOX yesterday publicised the incident in Stoke, in which a UKIP leafleter urinated on a woman’s house and then tried to force his way into the house when she came out to remonstrate with him. You can see the footage of the incident in yesterday’s article, but here is a still of the man in question:


Police wish to talk to him in connection with the incident, in which a 73yo woman was reportedly injured.

UKIP has admitted that it knows the identity of the man but is refusing to name him (which must, in and of itself, be a criminal act given that police are looking for him) but claim he is 78 years old and has prostate problems, which can cause an urgent need to urinate and was simply ‘caught short’:


UKIP’s statement, as you can see, completely ignores the fact – recorded on video – that the man tried to force his way past the woman and into her house in spite of her distressed objections. It also belies the fact that the man was capable of sprinting along a path and up a set of stairs to reach the woman before she could close her door, as the CCTV footage showed.

The SKWAWKBOX can reveal that, according to a large number of sources who contacted Far Right Watch independently, the man in question is Ben Crowshaw/Croshaw – and far from being the harmless, weak-bladdered old man that UKIP have tried to portray him as.

Mr Crowshaw is, in fact, said to be a former BNP activist from Nottingham BNP, the racist British National Party – a far-right, most would say neo-nazi group with associations with violence. This information will now be passed to the family of the victim, so that police can investigate.

If the man in the video is indeed a former BNP member, the victim did exactly the right thing in refusing the man permission to enter her home.

And UKIP has a lot of reasons for wishing to hide his identity and the fact that he was campaigning for the party in Stoke.

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  1. Well done to The Skwawkbox for continually bringing to light that which others wished remained hidden. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Thomas. Or ‘Pavlov’s Apologist’, as I think of you. Who’d have guessed you’d come up with ‘Joe’, eh? And who’d believe it, based on your track record?

  2. The UKIP statement twice refers to the canvasser as ‘A Party Member;. This is odd given that Farage boasted on The Andrew Marr Show (20 January 2013) that “Ukip is the only UK party to explicitly ban BNP members from joining”. Are ex-BNP members now welcome within UKIP? Has UKIP’s vetting process broken down? So many questions….

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