@PaulNuttallukip – this is an LFC season-card. Can we see yours? #WalterNutty

It seems Paul Nuttall just can’t help himself. If he sees an opportunity for short-term approval by claiming something, the question of whether it’s true doesn’t seem to enter his head for a moment – nor, apparently, the consequences of lying and being found out.

He’s certainly had an education in that regard this week, with the exposure of his fake Hillsborough claims – the latest link in a chain of events that began with the SKWAWKBOX – his failed attempt to blame an aide and the BBC for the false claims and then being shamed for collaborating with Nigel Farage in an attempt to deflect blame for his lies onto the families of those who died in the Hillsborough tragedy.

Nothing will make you persona non grata on Merseyside than insulting or trying to exploit the people who have fought for almost three decades to clear the names of their loved ones and to win justice for them.

The latest apparent fiction to emerge related to Liverpool Football club is Nuttall’s claim that he is a ‘lifelong Liverpool supporter and season ticket holder‘ in an article on his website. Mr Nuttall has taken his site offline, but it’s still cached on Google and (currently at least) mirrored on the UKIP North West website:

nuttall sth.png

Searches on Google for “Paul Nuttall” and any combination of Liverpool FC, LFC, Liverpool shirt etc yield not a single picture of Mr Nuttall at a Liverpool match, wearing a Liverpool shirt, scarf, badge – or anything related to the football club.

Given Nuttall’s love for publicity and the ‘everyman’ value of genuinely following a football club, it’s almost unimaginable that there would be not a single picture online of him showing his ‘lifelong support’.

But this blog would like to get to the bottom of the issue, so here are four questions that could put the matter to bed definitively:

  • Paul Nuttall: if you are indeed a season card holder (LFC doesn’t use ticket books any more), please provide a picture of your card along with a bank or credit-card entry showing when you paid for it. You can of course delete your account and seat numbers for security but the images will be checked for signs of tampering with the name etc. If you can provide such genuine evidence that you hold a season ticket and have done so since before your truthfulness was questioned, this blog will show it.

    In case you’re not sure, here’s what a season-card looks like, courtesy of the LFC website:

  • If you work for Liverpool Football Club and have access to season-card holder lists, please contact this author – a direct message to @skwawkbox on Twitter or a message via the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page would be best. Your details will be kept completely confidential.
  • If you are a regular attendee at Liverpool games and have seen Mr Nuttall sitting regularly in the same seat, please do likewise.
  • If you have any other information that will indicate whether Mr Nuttall has a season card or not, again, please do likewise.

This blog does not expect any evidence to be forthcoming that Mr Nuttall’s claim is genuine. More likely, it’s just another Walter Mitty moment – one that will, no doubt, be blamed on an aide or intern. Again.

Or a Walter Nutty moment. At the rate things are going, Paul Nuttall deserves to be a by-word for fantasy in his own right.

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