Dear #Stoke, #Copeland, this man hates Labour and your democratic decision #Blair

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Dear Stoke Central and Copeland voters,

Today, this man decided it would be a good time to make a speech – covered to excess by the BBC and other media – calling for resistance to Brexit and insulting the intelligence of people who voted to leave the EU.

It is no coincidence that he did so less than a week before two crucial by-elections in two constituencies that both voted by a large majority to leave the EU. Your constituencies.

If you are not a close follower of politics, it might seem odd to you that a former Labour leader would make a speech likely to damage the electoral prospects of the Labour party, just before you go to the polls.

It should be odd. But it isn’t.

Tony Blair hates Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. He hates the idea that Labour could do well under a leader that is the antithesis – the absolute opposite – of everything Tony Blair stood for.

How do we know? He said so – in 2015, just before Corbyn was elected to the Labour leadership with a bigger mandate than Tony Blair ever had:

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Right out of his own mouth, he confessed that he would rather lose elections than allow a left-leaning leader to win.

Tony Blair is watching his ‘legacy’ crumble as the Labour party – bigger than it ever was under him – has turned against everything he stood for and the kind of politics he practised.

He’s an unpleasant footnote in Labour’s history – one that a lot of people think should be on trial for war crimes.

And he called Corbyn a ‘dangerous experiment’!

dangerous experiment.jpg

It’s not hard to work out what’s going on.

He’s jealous.

And he doesn’t care if you feel insulted and ignored by him – as long as you also blame Jeremy Corbyn for it.


But Corbyn has never insulted you. He has never insulted your intelligence. He has never belittled your responsibility or your democratic choice.

If you voted leave, you need to know – because the media won’t tell you – that Corbyn has always respected your intelligence to choose how you vote and the democratic decision to leave the EU. He ‘whipped’ his MPs to vote for the bill to trigger ‘Article 50’ to leave the EU because of his respect for that decision.

If you voted remain, you need to know – because the media won’t tell you – that Corbyn has always respected your intelligence. He knows you may be bruised by the result of the referendum – but he believes you’re mature and intelligent enough to understand that he had to respect the result and not to fall for the propaganda that portrays his respect for democracy and your intelligence as weakness.

Tony Blair is the opposite of Jeremy Corbyn – in integrity, in authenticity and in his commitment to democracy and to the wellbeing of everyone in the UK, whichever way you voted.

And Mr Blair can’t stand the fact that you might prefer the opposite of him – and he’s more than ready to damage Labour and damage you to try to prevent it.

So, next week when the ballots open – please show Tony Blair that the opposite of him is exactly what you prefer, by casting your votes for a Labour Party that, under Jeremy Corbyn, respects your vote, respects your intelligence, cares for your NHS, cares for your rights, cares for decency in the society we all live in.

And respects democracy.

You won’t regret it – but you can be sure that Tony will.

(And don’t forget, the alternative is a man who lied on his candidacy papers, lied about the Hillsborough disaster – and then smeared the victims’ families to try to get off the hook”)

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  1. This nice short article is one of the best. So clear, so succinct and so bloody spot on. Thank you so very much. John

  2. Interesting point. Even the Americans have pointed out the complete bias of the BBC. Blairs speech was as insulting as the Irish being told to go back and vote again but come up with the right answer. Why are people like Tony Blair still allowed to be members of the party?

  3. Lol going on about the bias of the BBC, all I’ve been hearing is stuff about Nuttall, The PM, Trump and all the other right wing nut jobs.

    It’s about time pro remain voices were aired.

    Oh and going on about insulting the intelligence of the people. Stop insulting the intelligence of the 48% too and whilst your at it we’re not in patriotic for wanting the remain in the EU. Patriotism isn’t born out making a single decision about a specific thing. It is about showing vigorous support for one’s country and that is exactly what is remainers are doing.

    1. If you can find anywhere I’ve called anyone unpatriotic for wanting to remain in the EU, you’re entitled to make that comment, otherwise you’re barking up the wrong tree. I voted remain – but there’s nothing to be gained by refighting lost battles and refusing to deal with what’s in front of us. ‘Vigorous support’ for a lost cause is futile when you don’t have the votes to win and you just flush yourself down the toilet for the future by trying.

      1. It’s funny that some people fly the confederation flag, which was the losing side. This post seems tardy but it’s on my path of research at present. Cheers.

  4. In Copeland there are no Labour posters up plenty of Conservatives. Don’t know what Labour is up to think they want to loose Copeland

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