All charges dropped v #Wallasey CLP. When will it be reinstated – and false accusers punished?

News has emerged today that all allegations against Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) have ‘collapsed’ because of their complete lack of substance and the failure to follow party procedures, such as reporting alleged homophobia to the police, even though this was demanded by Labour rules and by the CLP executive.


The NEC (National Executive Committee) investigation has closed – without any charges being brought against any individual for supposed homophobia or intimidation. And none will .

Labour Briefing have published a statement (and their own statement, which is at the end of this article) from Kathy Runswick, the CLP chair:


Ms Runswick’s statement is a model of diplomacy and reconciliation.

But the SKWAWKBOX has covered the events surrounding these spurious allegations for many months now and the mere ‘collapse’ of charges does not close the matter.

The allegations were dishonestly made and cynically exploited. Proven false accusations were made by certain individuals.

The allegations of homophobia and intimidation were spuriously made for political purposes – and treated as fact by key people at Labour HQ without any evidence or credibility.

And the identity of those who did the above is known to Party officials.

Not only that, but an NEC disciplinary into CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies is still continuing – for fighting the very allegations that have now ‘collapsed’ without foundation.

So, crucial questions remain open:

  • when will the CLP’s suspension – which is now clearly seen to be absolutely without foundation – be lifted?
  • when will those proven to have made false accusations be sanctioned – and for that matter, referred to police?
  • when will those who made baseless accusations of homophobia and intimidation face investigation by the Party?
  • when will the nonsensical disciplinary against Paul Davies – for simply defending his CLP colleagues against accusations now known to be spurious – be dropped? Why hasn’t it already been dropped?
  • what action will be taken against Wallasey’s MP and councillors who promoted the false narrative against innocent members?
  • what action will be taken against Party officials who propagated the smear and the unjust suspension?
  • when will a formal media statement be released by the Party exonerating the CLP and apologising for the unjust suspension and the aspersions cast upon members’ character?
  • When will a formal inquiry into this fiasco be initiated and the results published to all members?

The NEC’s case against Wallasey may now be closed, but until these questions are answered satisfactorily and those responsible for this months-long travesty are brought to book, the matter is not.

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    1. They needed the time to damage the party beyond salvage. This is the perverse behaviour of the NEC and PLP. If you watched Newsnight on Monday 13th Feb, It was sickening to hear people say that the only thing labour is known for is infighting. The lady interviewed said that UKIP was saying all the right things. Labour have not got the message across thanks to the behaviour of the anti democratic right. The club seems to have achieved the killing of the party. I hope those responsible are taken to task and expelled. We all know who they are.

  1. The corruption is so blatant that there have to be serious questions asked about the entire NEC and subcommittees etc that suspended this CLP and have carried out witch hunts against members. To leave the remedial action with them goes against everything the members and the labour party stands for.

    The main actors in this tragedy now need to be cleared out.

  2. Will we have through the Hillsborough route to get the truth out or will we see those who made false accusations do the right thing for the good of the party?

  3. Totally agree with the above comments. Our CLP (Weaver Vale) has been asking questions about why all members are not treated the same. The NEC and McNiicol are trying to hide behind groups which have nothing to do with traditional Labour values, saying they are nothing to do with the Labour party. These groups operate within the party and (most) are exclusively Labour party members. The fact that they are also individual Labour members who can be disciplined seems to have passed by the NEC and McNicol. I think if we uncover enough turds, we’ll find Tom Watson behind most, if not all of this.

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