Explosive statement from Wallasey vice-Chair to NEC highlights further abuse

Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) vice-Chair Paul Davies is the subject of a disciplinary investigation by Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for defending his local members from discredited but highly-publicised and apparently politically-driven allegations.


In exasperation at the lack of detail about what, exactly, he is under investigation for and the one-sidedness of situation, Mr Davies has reluctantly taken the step of writing to the NEC with a statement of his analysis of the situation – and releasing it for publication.

The full statement, which is 19 pages long, is available at the end of this article. Some key excerpts are below – including explosive information confirming a second proven-false allegation against Davies on top of the one already detailed on this blog, and again seemingly ignored as a factor by the NEC’s ‘Disputes Panel’.

Regardless of the fact that there are anonymous people making mainly unspecific allegations which allegedly occurred on unspecified dates, at places unknown and with no documentary evidence to support these allegations, the allegations have been believed by Labour Officials and reported to the NEC as fact. Unchallenged by the Labour Party they have of course been believed and widely covered by the Press.

Regardless of the documentary evidence provided by officers of the CLP to counter the false accusations, the Labour Disciplinary machine ploughs on as if such evidence had never been provided and  then accuses those who defend themselves against false accusations as making the situation worse.

It is a situation akin to a person wrongly convicted to life imprisonment who is not allowed parole unless they admit they were guilty. They rightfully proclaim their innocence but as a result their punishment is worse! Their alternative is to say nothing and by implication admit their guilt.

Regardless of the fact that I have already proved beyond doubt that 2 false accusations have been made against me in the past this is has neither been acknowledged nor acted upon by the Labour Party officers.

I have been told by e mail that I am to be investigated because;

It is alleged that your conduct over a significant period of time are in breach of Rule 2.I.8: “No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the Party.”

Despite two requests I have not been told what actions of mine have led to this allegation, when they took place or  who has made the accusations. Nevertheless I am expected to defend myself.

  • There is no record of any complaint regarding Wallasey CLP or any member of it until after Angela Eagle announced her leadership bid..
  • ..No amount of sympathy for the abuse Angela Eagle suffered by e mail or phone messages from persons unknown justifies the false description of the Wallasey CLP as portrayed in the press by a small number of politically motivated members who did not get their own way at the AGM or during the Leadership election.
  • Despite assertions made at various times (by the same people who are making the general accusations against the CLP) I have never been a member of the Greens or a member, follower, reader etc. of Militant or Socialist Organiser (or any other such group). Nor was I ever expelled from the Labour Party.
  • At no time was I contacted by Labour Party Officials and asked not to give press interviews or speak publicly or modify my behaviour.

Davies directs two questions at Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol and the NEC. The bold italics emphasis is his:

  1. If you were at a meeting at which you witnessed homophobic behaviour or intimidation would you stay silent and do nothing about it? I doubt it. What on earth makes you think that I and over 40 other Labour Party members would stay silent in that situation? What sort of people do you think we are?


  1. If you and your fellow Local Party members or indeed the NEC were wrongly accused in the national press and TV of allowing homophobia, threats and  intimidation to go unchallenged would you stay silent and do nothing about it? I doubt it.

Why should I stay silent when false accusations are made against me and my fellow Party members?

He then goes on to detail both the accusations made against him that have already been proven to be false and to outline an allegation against his MP’s office of breaching the Data Protection Act, which is a serious matter:

Proven False Accusations

I will start my submission by detailing the two specific allegations that have been made against me in the past in the hope that someone in the Labour Party might come to the conclusion that this might explain  the current accusations.

Unauthorised use of Labour Party data 1

I will deal with the background to this later but the accusation was laid out in a letter to me from John Stolliday Head of Constitutional Unit dated 18/2/16.   Unfortunately I cannot lay my hands on his letter but this will be on record in Labour HQ under reference A414096

The accusation was that I had called an unauthorised meeting of Labour Party members in New Brighton, made unauthorised use of Labour Party data and unauthorised use of the Labour Party logo. I was told (before I had even been asked if the allegation was true) that I was on a final warning.

The meeting referred to had in fact been called by me (as campaign co-ordinator) on the instruction of  the New Brighton Branch in the build up to our Council Election campaign. It was attended by one of our sitting  Councillors Pat Hackett and our, successful, candidate last year Tony Jones. (our other sitting Councillor Christine Spriggs was on other Labour Party business and unable to attend)

I wrote to John Stolliday explaining this  and so did the Chair of the branch appendix 1&1a. Not having any response I then sent a polite  reminder. To date neither the chair nor I have received an acknowledgement that the accusation was false.

This accusation was easy to disprove as I knew exactly what it referred to. To this date I do not know who made the false accusation and wonder if that person is also one of my accusers this time around. No doubt the Investigating Officer can check this out and no doubt I will never be informed of the outcome.

Unauthorised use of Labour Party data 2

This accusation  was  in a letter to me from Katherine Buckingham dated 2/8/16  appendix 2.

I was accused of using Labour Party data, without authorisation, to distribute leaflets publicising a Public Meeting called by Wirral TUC.

If that letter had been all I had received then I would have had great difficulty disproving it as there was no date or location  as to when and where the alleged activity took place. I certainly was not made aware of who had made the allegation. As it turned out it would have been 3 members’ word against mine and I presume they would have been believed.

Fortunately for me my accusers had copied in various Labour Party Officers including Iain McNicol, Jeremy Corbyn and the Chair and Secretary of the CLP.  They also released their letter to  the Liverpool Echo and various other media outlets. The CLP officers  sent me a copy and asked to explain my actions.

Just before I received the copy of the letter from the CLP officers, an Echo Reporter contacted me to ask about the allegation as somebody had also contacted them by phone and this phone call was the first I had heard about this allegation.

I asked him the date I was supposed to have undertaken this leafleting and the time. He knew the date and got back to me, after speaking to my (at that time) anonymous accuser, regarding the time.

I was able to prove to him and provide evidence to the Labour Party that I was in London on the weekend in question and therefore could not have been leafleting in Wallasey.

I wrote to both Katherine Buckingham appendix 2a and  Iain McNicol  appendix 2b regarding this but to date I have had no response.

The Echo did not run the story but the author of the letter false accuser member (identity withheld) was reported on line www.politicshome.com 1st August 2016 (before I had even had a chance to respond) making the same accusations. I do not know if it was also reported elsewhere. I feel that in the absence of any response or assistance from the Labour Party I am entitled to defend myself publicly.

So two specific false allegations have been made against me which had no supporting evidence and which I could easily disprove. The approach from Labour Party Officials in both instances is an interesting switch from the presumption of innocence until proven guilty as it would appear that I am guilty until I can prove my innocence and even then this was not good enough for the Labour Party officers and I got no support whatsoever or any acknowledgment that the accusations had been disproved.

I also submitted a complaint regarding Angela Eagle apparently misusing Party data when she e mailed all members seeking support for Owen Smith but got no response. Several other members also submitted similar complaints but got no response.

There was a telephone banking of members in Wallasey by persons unknown saying they were ringing on behalf of Wallasey Labour Party and seeking support for Angela for Leader. Several members complained about and when the CLP Secretary raised it with the Labour Party she was told that these sorts of things happen.

Some members logged the number of the phone used to ring them. When I rang the one of the numbers I got the answer machine of Member of Angela’s staff (identity withheld in this version)  in Angela Eagles office, the other number had been disconnected.

To keep this article from becoming unwieldy, I will refer those who wish to read the document in full to the download link below. But Davies addresses the false allegations against his CLP of homophobia and intimidation while highlighting the double-standard being applied by the Disputes Panel (DP) toward the behaviour of accusers whose accusations appear full of holes while their own behaviour is fully on record.

In addition, the fact that two accusations against Davies have been indisputably proven to be false raises grave concerns about the credibility of all the accusations against the CLP – even if they weren’t already full of gaping holes.

And the fact that the NEC and DP have seen fit to completely disregard that fact – and still referenced the claim in their report as if it had not been irrefutably disproven – raises serious questions about the integrity of the process and of those involved in instigating it and pursuing it.

In the opinion of this blog – and surely of many members in Wallasey and elsewhere – the NEC is investigating the wrong people and it certainly should be others and not Mr Davies who is facing possible expulsion as a result of this risible, misdirected investigation, and Wallasey CLP should be reinstated immediately with a full and unreserved apology from those responsible.

This farce brings the Labour Party into disrepute and those behind it must face the proper consequences, up to and including their permanent removal from the party and any roles they hold.

Response in full: for-circulation-disciiplinary-hearing-2

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  1. Question Time is in Wallasey next week – hope some of the CLP will be there, this needs drawing National attention to.

  2. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    Outrageous. But I still feel that given a level-headed approach, the facts and the non-facts will all emerge in time. I hope Paul Davies goes through legal channels and brings charges against Linda Keogh who is the person identified both on my blog and on the Politics Home website as the person who tried to FRAME him and potentially have him expelled from the party.

  3. It’s disgusting. i some times wonder why am i paying to be in “part of a party” that doesn’t care about their members, An will do anything to discredit them if they are “Corbyn” supporters. But i do so to support “Jeremy”.

  4. I find it totally unacceptable that anyone is being persecuted in such a damaging and unprofessional and uncaring way.
    I remain a Labour Party member in order to support Jeremy Corbyn – that is the Labour Party I and thousands of others want.
    A stupid amount of damage is being done to the Party by people in the Party who don’t seem to have the intelligence to understand that they are wrecking Labour… and guaranteeing Tory rule for a long time to come, if they don’t support their Leader and if they keep on pressing the self-destruct button.

    1. The people you refer to have every intention of wrecking the party rather than allow Jeremy to be leader. A list of the offending MPs and NEC members who are the destructors of the party needs to be published and their CLPs should be exposed as anti labour. We may not win the next election now but they should have the whip withdrawn and expelled. I hope the Wallasey CLP is lively at BBCQT next week. we should make sure the people know that the right of the party is undemocratic and will ignore any result that does not suit them.
      Good luck to wallasey CLP. I just wish Jeremy would get tough with these dissenters. Some things you have to be strong on.

      1. I applied online two weeks ago to be in the Question Time audience. I was honest, making my political preferences plain and providing a link to my blog, but so far have received … nothing. Not even an acknowledgment. Several local friends have had the same experience. So I won’t be surprised if we end up with a charade, a manipulated offering, where the subject of Wallasey CLP’s six month suspension may not even arise, unless somebody on the panel steps out of line and brings it up.

  5. The Labour Friends of Israel as exposed by Aljazeera are just the tip of a massive Israeli lobby in the UK determined to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn because of his criticisms of Israel. They have allies in all of the media especially the BBC. One of the few people, not naturally a Labour supporter, who has had the courage to speak out against them is Peter Oborne. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/peter-oborne-james-jones/pro-israel-lobby-in-britain-full-text

    It is now perfectly obvious that the LFI have teamed up with the Blairites in Labour, often one and the same, to inflict maximum damage to those on the left of the Party who have decided enough is enough and want the real Labour Party back again. Paul Davies is the latest member in their sights to be ostracised.

    They will use any excuse to remove anyone in their way. Their ruthless methods have been honed during their long grip on the Party where they have schooled themselves in utilising the rules to obtain their objectives. When the rules needed ‘adjusting’ they have done it. Their most recent ploy is to hurl the insult ‘anti-Semitism’ at their detractors, some of whom, like Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein are actually Jewish! but because they have criticised Zionism, they have been targeted and suspended.

    When it comes to assessing the merits or otherwise of Zionism, there can be no more authentic voice than that of Miko Peled, a Jewish Israeli and ex Captain in the IDF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVBlNiD1XdI

    It is now up to the members, especially those longstanding members who have watched helplessly over the years as the Labour Party has become a tool of the right, to get involved and use their knowledge of Labour Party rules to restore democracy. New members will without doubt, support them.

    1. And against Linda Keogh, the Wallasey member who has been shown to have lied when attempting to frame Paul Davies with bogus allegations. The question now rears its head: “Was Linda one of Angela Eagle’s much-heralded 17 ‘whistleblowers’, or has her proven dishonesty caused her to be quietly dropped from the ‘team’?”

      1. I hope people who have applied for audience tickets and not heard anything complain to the programs producers. I would also complain to the BBC head office and complain of political bias. they are a little sensitive to these charges. Point out that you will go to the press. The BBC and David Dimbleby need to called to account. don’t let this go quietly. Hilary Benn has been invited as a guest speaker at the Adelaide suite in Accrington on Feb 3rd to fundraise. I just wish I could get enough objectors to protest outside the place. Just a Thought. Chris Reid

      2. BBC Question Time is a travesty – pretending to be an open forum for discussion, when all the time it is the producers who carefully control the agenda by the questioners they pick and the panelists they choose. Let’s not forget that one of their producers was exposed recently as a far right sympathiser, trying to rig the balance of the studio audience. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/bbc-question-time-producer-britain-first_uk_5846dfabe4b019db8c11add0

        Chomsky’s view of how people are influenced is very relevant, especially when it comes to the BBC: ‘allow vigorous political debate but only within a narrow section of the spectrum’. How many times do we see on other channels such as RT and Algezeera, experts from different disciplines who we have never even seen before on the BBC?

        Also bear in mind that it is Mentorn who make QT for the BBC and any programme they produce always has a preponderance of right wing views, it’s no accident.

      3. Don’t let it go Jack, make a big fuss and complain to anyone who will listen. The BBC has to be seen to be neutral.

      4. Watched QT tonight from Wallasey.
        Apart from Rebecca Long Bailey, every panel member was either hard right or soft right, most of the questions had a right wing bias and the disgraced far right sympathising ‘audience producer’ Alison Pedley is still in post as shown on the credits. The BBC is a disgrace for broadcasting such one sided garbage.

      5. The response of the audience was depressing, It seems as though the right wing of the party have completed their hatchet job on Jeremy. I watched PMQs and he was poor and walked into every trap the Tories laid, I do believe the right wing of the party should be taken down quickly. The man in the audience said the party was finished as it was, The stout defence by Rebecca she was ill informed of the real facts that could have shot down the patronising comments made by the panellist’s. The party has to get itself sorted out and quick if it is not too late already. Jeremy Corbyn has to swing the axe even if it means just having the bare bones of a cabinet. The CLPs need to deselect MPs who failed to support the democratic will of the people, including Diane Abbot. It can’t be any coincidence that on the program that followed with Andrew Neil was good old Degsy trying to say Jeremy should not have voted to trigger article 50. Harriet Harman was a little more measured and Michael Portillo said he was the best leader the party could possibly have, (sneering) But I do feel it is make or break for the labour party. We either have a party for the masses of working people or one for the greedy and selfish. A decision has to be made soon.

    2. If legal action were to be pursued, I would be happy to join in if there was a crowd sourced donations campaign to cover legal fees.

      1. Me too.
        For too long the Watsons and McNicols have been allowed to use/abuse the Party for their own ends.

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