Exclusive: NEC member talks of damage caused by Labour right #powergrab (#Wallasey)


An email by a member of the Labour NEC (National Executive Committee) has come to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX – and it sheds a bleak light on the damage wrought by the power-grab executed by the Labour ‘hard right’ at last year’s annual Conference, in which they both broke the party’s rules and acted unlawfully in order to force two additional, unelected members onto the NEC.

The email concerns the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) and its extension last week until March – even though the NEC’s own report had stipulated it would be lifted this month.

The NEC member will not be named here, but is known to this author (although the email was not sent to me).

The email shows:

  • the deep damage to party democracy caused by the unlawful and contemptible NEC gerrymander
  • that a majority of lawful NEC members appear to have wanted to lift Wallasey’s ludicrous suspension
  • that one NEC member was threatened for ‘daring’ to circulate a report created by the Wallasey CLP ‘exec’ refuting the nonsensical allegations against their members
  • that the right-wing NEC members are perfectly happy to behave in a manner that clearly has nothing to do with unity or ‘taking it to the Tories’

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

The new NEC is worse than the old one because 2 people who should have been voting with us voted to put the right wing leaders of Scotland and Wales onto the NEC, so we can’t now win any votes.

There was a report on Wallasey at the Disputes last week, but we couldn’t win the vote to “unsuspend”. A report is coming back in March, but if it’s as bad as the January one it may not get us much further on.

The Right on the NEC were very angry that we were daring to stand up for Wallasey members, and XXXXX was threatened that he shouldn’t be allowed into the meeting because he had circulated the report by the Wallasey officers! So you see what we’re up against.

This information reveals the dire state of affairs created by Labour right-wingers who routinely accuse Corbyn and his supporters of not prioritising electability, of caring most about control of the party and of intimidating behaviour.

It’s clear that they’re looking in the mirror while they write their script and then reading them out aimed at real Labour members and supporters.

There is no alternative but to remove them, through whatever means necessary. The country needs a Labour party unhindered by people who are, beyond question, unworthy of it, because they are concerned for their careers and influence far more than for the wellbeing of the UK’s people.

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  1. Further confirms my point that the NEC is 13 left, 10 mixed voting and 12 right in its composition. The NEC tends to vote more left on policy and more right on organisation. It’s unlikely that will change over the next few years as this email above clearly recognises. As a result one may see change through the cumulative impact of NEC election results over a 5-10 year period and that requires ongoing patient campaigning.

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