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Exclusive: BBC removes anti-Zionist Jewish group header pic from Gaza protest article

No explanation given for switch

The BBC has removed a header image, from an article about next weekend’s London rally for peace and justice in Gaza, that showed a banner for the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN). IJAN is:

an international network of Jews who are uncompromisingly committed to struggles for human survival and emancipation, of which the liberation of the Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part. We are committed to the right of return for Palestinian refugees and to ending Israeli colonization of historic Palestine, which is reinforced by US economic and military power. We support full Palestinian self-determination and the right to resist occupation. We look to the Palestinian grassroots and Palestinian-led organizations as our primary points of reference in this struggle.

The group has chapters in the US, UK, Argentina, France, Spain and Canada and is representative of the large number of Jewish people worldwide who do not believe in Zionism (including one of the biggest groups of UK Jews, the Charedi, who are projected to be a majority within a decade or so), the political commitment to Israel that gives preferential treatment to Jewish people – which has rightly been condemned as apartheid, and who condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Right-wing pro-Israel groups have been trying to have Saturday’s march banned by spurious reference to the Armistice Day ceremony, which will not be affected by the Gaza protest.

At some point after its publication, the BBC then replaced the header image with a completely different scene with no banners of IJAN or other Jewish groups:

IJAN is not the only Jewish group to participate prominently in the protests, which have grown larger and more widespread each weekend. Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Jewish Voice for Labour – whose motto is ‘always with the oppressed, never the oppressor’, have been very visible at most if not all, including the huge marches last weekend in London and Manchester:

Similarly, US Jews have mounted huge protests for a ceasefire, including a sit-in at New York’s Grand Central Station.

The BBC did not explain the change of header image, but it appears that someone doesn’t want the public to be aware that many Jews are deeply opposed to the actions of Israel and its murderous apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinians.

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