‘Stop Starmer’ on Saturday rally changes meeting point

‘Stop Starmer’/OCISA joint rally will campaign in Starmer’s constituency while he’s at Labour’s conference – but location has changed

Keir Starmer is despised in Liverpool by any Merseysider aware of the fact that he has repeatedly written for the hated Murdoch S*n – and has even partied with the rag’s owner. Local opinion of him was shown in fine style by Liverpool legend Audrey White.

Starmer is arrogant enough to still come to the city from this weekend for Labour’s annual conference – but while he blights Liverpool with his presence, activists from the new ‘Stop Starmer’ group, disgusted with his serial dishonesty and his war on members and their democracy will be out and about in his home constituency of Holborn and St Pancras.

But while the first announcement had Camden Town tube station as the rally point, the event has now moved to Mornington Crescent tube station:

The event is also being supported by OCISA, the group set up to find a candidate to fight Starmer in Holborn and St Pancras at the next parliamentary election. In a Facebook statement, OCISA’s Jim Breese covered the moral and constitutional importance of resisting the hard-right Labour regime:

OCISA is now Go. We are set up as a national organisation to make a national intervention in one constituency, Holborn St Pancras. We will be fighting Starmer, the Tories and all others in that constituency because all the other parties represent a continuation of the current neo-liberal downward spiral that traps us in austerity economics, injustice, privatisation, eco vandalism and endless war.

While I hope that all here know why this important, it does merit repeating; The executive in this country is formed based upon medieval principles of the monarch (who we oppose) inviting the leader of the majority party (who we oppose) to form the executive branch of government. The fourth estate (the press) now realise that the Tories are dead having mis-managed in coalition and on their own for over fifteen years. They now have an entirely unelected leader who is not even endorsed by the whole of his party. So they intend to foist Starmer on us as the natural successor to this shower of water company effluent. So, if as expected the Labour Party are the anointed choice, then the smooth transfer of power is assured and the charade of representative government can continue. Starmer has achieved this by purging any remnants of the hope that was created in 2017 that nearly toppled their inverted pyramid of power.

Our campaign can stop this. We can illustrate to the UK voters that it is a charade. By stopping Starmer we can interrupt this smooth transition of power and the continuation of a farce. If the Labour Party wins (and one seat will is highly unlikely to change the overall result of the election) then Labour will have to quickly appoint an unelected interim leader to kneel at the feet of the monarch and ask to form the executive of the government. This process will have no more legitimacy than the current usurper, Sunak, and the press will have to explain to the voters why they are in a mess. THIS IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT.

Our progress depends upon the voters in Holborn St Pancras and although we have willing volunteers from across the country who are spending time and money to help in our campaign, it is the citizens of HSP who will have to place their crosses in our candidate’s favour come election day. We still need help in this and we need experts at political campaigning preferably with links in HSP to help inform the voters of HSP that we are here to win for them as well. Starmer has made it clear that he has no interest in his voters and has hidden his constituency office from them. This negligence is something we can exploit WITH YOUR HELP.

We are acutely aware that there is impatience about this. You each have a role in suggesting names that you can refer to us. If you know them, talk to them and make them aware that we are looking. We offer them a war chest through our crowdfund and some existing expertise drawn from our many ex Labour Party campaigners, and we would ask you to approach your union colleagues or campaign buddies to tell these prospective candidates that we are a viable opposition in Holborn St Pancras. They must be socialist and they must have the skills to be able to deal with the challenge of leading us to a victory in HSP. We as the steering group are happy to help these conversations but you must also do your bit. As you also know, as members we will be electing our candidate (hopefully from a panel) through the website

As you are also aware we are out nearly every weekend in HSP surveying on the ground and gaining the trust of the voters so if you can help Eric Jarvis and Phil Davison in this, make yourself and your availability known. The aim is to form a committee in HSP of registered voters who can form a local constituency office from which we will eventually run our campaign.
With a view to the election being called in the spring or autumn of 2024, we continue raising money and awareness. We hope as winter draws in to begin to compile a list of names which we can put to a poll on
SO PLEASE invite people to join the FACEBOOK groups, there are very few groups with such a proactive plan behind them. please then register on the website. Cut and paste this post (even though it is long and possibly boring) and put it on your own page so your friends know where you stand. Please donate to our Crowdfunder or via PayPal on the website and do your own work to help us undermine the Starmer leadership and recruit possible candidates and go and campaign with our team. IT IS AS MUCH FOR YOU TO DO AS IT IS FOR US, so join in please.

Jim Breese 23/9/23
Website –

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