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Ex-Ukraine SS member saluted by Canadian parliament contributed to book about his nazi unit

Fist-pumped by Zelenskiy and a standing ovation from Canadian parliament – but Yaroslav Hunka’s record in nazi unit was no secret

Canadian Chief of Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre was among those applauding Hunka. Some 42,000 Canadian troops were killed and 55,000 injured fighting the nazis

Last week, as Skwawkbox covered, the Canadian parliament rose to give a prolonged standing ovation to Ukrainian born Yaroslav Hunka, who was invited alongside Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy – and received fist-pumps from Zelenskiy as MPs applauded him for fighting ‘for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War’.

Hunka had been a member of the Ukrainian 14th SS, fighting for Hitler against the Soviet Union – at that time an ally of the UK, US, Canada and other nations fighting to overcome Hitler. The media, where it reported Hunka’s past in any detail at all, mentioned only that he had fought in the ‘First Ukrainian’ division – the name the SS unit was given at the end of the war after surrender to the allies.

But Hunka’s SS past was far from secret. In fact, he contributed to a book about ‘The History of the Galician Division of the Waffen-SS’, providing details of his service:

The Galician Waffen-SS, commanded by fanatical nazi and murderer of Jews Fritz Freitag, was declared a criminal organisation during the Nuremberg Trials. The 14th Waffen-SS was found by both a 2003 Polish government commission and the Institute of History at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 2005 to have been responsible for the massacre of women and children in the village of Huta Pieniacka.

Western governments and media have long colluded in the whitewashing of widespread nazism in Ukraine, such as the notorious ‘Azov battalion’, as part of the propaganda war to drum up support for mass military and financial support. Now a Western parliament has given repeated standing ovations not only to the president of Ukraine who banned opposition parties and took control of Ukrainian media, but to the former SS soldier who went with him to meet MPs and senior military officers.

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  1. “Western governments and media have long colluded in the whitewashing of widespread nazism in Ukraine, such as the notorious ‘Azov battalion’, as part of the propaganda war to drum up support for mass military and financial support.”

    Thanks Skwawkbox for providing some balance in the face of wall-to-wall pro-NATO, Russophobic propaganda surrounding the Ukraine war.
    People in the UK and all across Europe have been cynically led up the garden path.
    Their economies have been ruined by the so-called Super-Sanctions.
    It was interesting to hear UK Defence Minister Shapps interviewed yesterday citing the Ukraine war as one of the reasons for the rethink of whether HS2 is affordable.
    Really ??
    Boris Johnson boasted about how his government had “led the way in supporting Ukraine.
    “We’ve been arming Ukraine for years” said Johnson.
    Really !!
    The real reasons for the Ukraine war continue to leak out – Despite the propaganda.

    1. Boris was recently in Ukraine, making nazi salutes. Dressed in black no less.

      “A true Galician” is the accompanying text…

      1. Can’t post image here but it has “false ” written across it, saying it’s been photoshopped

  2. The western media and politicians have absolutely no shame whatsoever in lying about this conflict which they deliberately provoked and have deliberately sought to prolong.

    They do not give a damn about the people of the Ukraine and are perfectly willing to sacrifice them in order to damage Russia.

  3. These Ukranian Nazis massacred 100,000 Jews and Poles during WW11 and then one of them receives a standing ovation in the Canadian parliament.
    The speaker says he didn’t know that Ukranians fighting against Russia were fighting FOR the Nazis. He is either completely stupid or a liar.
    I don’t think he is stupid or surrounded by a parliament made up of stupid people. I just don’t believe that every single MP who stood up and applauded this piece of dirt didn’t know exactly who/what he was and what they were doing. They have shamed their country.
    I also think it says a lot about Zelenskiy that he allowed this Nazi to be feted and applauded by the amoral Canadians. He clearly has no problem with Nazis or the fact that Ukranian Nazis engaged in the wholesale slaughter of Jews and others during WW11. The fact that the West is giving this man unconditional support is terrifying.

    1. Isn’t life full of shocks and surprise. What took them so long?

  4. I’m perplexed why people are surprised at this adulation for war criminal psychopaths. We have Blair knighted and now running Labour. Also after WW2 Britain over eight thousand Nazi SS soldiers were secretly brought to Britain and sent to other Countries. All the ‘useful’ ones were kept here the rest were sent to US, Canada and South America.

    And then the UK still supports the Nazis in Ukraine. We have a sordid history in this Nation of ours.

    1. Baz2001, I have no doubt that you are completely aware of the international histories hidden behind this shit. Stay behind, cough 1948, Wall St, winning, wow right back to death grey and the beers. Tidy but sordid, very dirty. Cheers.

  5. And we have a Tory Govt that makes it illegal for councils to take part in BDS campaigns which many believe is to protect Right Wing Israel.
    Hitler came to power in Germany because there were 1m disaffected WW1 German soldiers who blamed the SPD Govt for defeat when it was their Generals.
    Hitler got support mainly in rural areas and from the middle class who were frightened they would fall into poverty.
    And once Hitler murdered the Nazi Stasserites (who wanted land nationalisation which he didn’t support) big business poured in behind Hitler and funded his rallies etc eg Fords of Germany let the Nazis keep all their profits.
    So perhaps if the world had had an effective BDS campaign against the Nazi regime before & during the 2WW who knows what might have happened?
    Just see Marc D’Ermo on Ukraine in the September New Left Review’s ‘Sidecar’ blog which sums things up perfectly.
    Oh and Grey Anderson in the New Left Review points out the the US Ambassador to Moscow warned the US in Feb 2008 exactly what would happen if NATO encroached on Ukraine, so the USA knew 15 years ago!
    And of course the West like here turns a blind eye on Ukraine as when the US says jump they say how high?
    And the US is NOT an honest broker in the Middle East putting arms sales, oil & capitalist investment in the region first.
    The world needs an honest broker.
    Free Palestine.

  6. And we have a Tory Govt which bans councils from supporting BDS which some argue is really about protecting Right Wing Israel. Hitler got to power in Germany thanks to 1m disaffected WW1 German soldiers who blamed the SPD Govt for defeat when it was the German Generals.
    Hitler also got support in rural areas and from the middle class who feared falling into poverty. But when Hitler murdered the Nazi Strasserites (they wanted land nationalisation, he didn’t) then big business funding poured into Hitler eg Fords of Germany let them keep all their profits to fund their rallies etc (C5 Documentary).
    So perhaps if the world had had an effective BDS campaign against the Nazis history might have been different?
    See Marc D’Ermo on Ukraine in the latest New Left Review (September) ‘Sidecar’ blog which is very informative.
    And the US Moscow Ambassador warned the US in a cable in Feb 2008 what would happen if NATO encroached on Ukraine (Grey Anderson, New Left Review) so the USA knew 15 years ago!
    But as this case shows perhaps the West turns a blind eye on Ukraine as when the West says jump they say how high?
    And in the Middle East the US is NOT an honest broker putting oil, arms sales & capitalist interests in the region first.
    Free Palestine & Peace in the Region.
    Peace in Ukraine.

    1. It doesn’t makes the news jn the UK, but it does in Canada. The speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, apologised. The PM’s office is in mitigation mode, pointing they weren’t informed and that it was the speaker’s prerogative to invite guests in thr HoC. Two opposition parties, the New Democratic Party (left) and Bloc Québécois (Québec’s independence Party, left-ish). I get regular notifications from Radio-Canada about it (french language CBC) and it does the top of the page on the few outlets I checked (La Presse and Globe and Mail). In short, it’s a big scandal over there.

      1. Please check out this Jeffrey Sachs video (posted yesterday) and share far and wide and help get the truth out there to the millions (in the UK alone) who have been duped and deceived by the PTB and their propaganda machine, the MSM:

        PS I just posted this with a link to the video, but when my post finally appeared after several minutes, the link was gone!

      2. I watched a video, in which, Justin Trudeau tied himself in knots apologising.

        He started by apologising – for something – then segued into repeating Canada’s support for Ukraine, in the present conflict. All in a matter of seconds.

        The video did not show him in a good light, calling into question his credentials to be PM and the standard of education he received, growing up – particularly, his country’s recent history.

  7. Please check out this Jeffrey Sachs video (posted yesterday) and share far and wide and help get the truth out there to the millions (in the UK alone) who have been duped and deceived by the PTB and their propaganda machine, the MSM:

  8. It’s a scandal here.
    The bigger scandal is the UK capitalist press which bury any news that shows the NAZI nature of the Ukrainian government

  9. About 18 months ago The Manchester Evening News ran the following headline…
    “He fought Stalin… now this Ukrainian hero doesn’t know if his nephew has been killed in combat”
    The story stayed up for about half a week along with a picture of the elderly ‘UKrainian hero’.
    Finally MEN took the story down without comment when it was pointed out their ‘hero’ had fought for Hitler.
    But you can still google the headline and see how many sites and discussion board have reference this.

  10. Remember Churchill arguing that Franco was a fine man but backing him might be against UK interests? The history of the powerful siding with dictators is long and vile. Whatever serves the rich and powerful.

    1. ………….. and yet rather weirdly several people on these pages who profess to be on ‘the left’ and to be ‘democratic socialists’ support “Vladimir Putin [who according to Brendan Ogle] is not a communist. Vladimir Putin is not even a leftist. Vladimir Putin is a fascist imperialist.”

      1. Reply to Steve H
        Everyone is entitled to hold an opinion and opinions can differ on particular issues within a political grouping even though there is agreement on the fundamentals

  11. Update: seems that as the scandal in Canada growing (government ministers calling for the speaker of the House to step down), it finally filters down to the UK press…

    1. Reply to Ben Lapointe
      Still not a lot of coverage Ben. The BBC has really played this down along with the MSM . Now if Jeremy Corbyn had passed the Nazi on the street or if he had been on the same train,bus or plane as him it would have been headline news and he would have been accused of associating with the SS. The BBC would have probably run a Panaroma Special on it
      Well thats the so called free British press and the allegedly impartial state broadcaster for you!
      Seriously the deplorable lack of coverage of this appalling scandal clearly demonstrates how little these and other anti Corbyn groups care about the massacres of Jews Poles and others carried out by Ukranian Nazis during WW11

    2. Ben, didn’t those swine give it the glad hand. Still what was good for Benji is good enough for Vlad- the impaler one, Steveh freedom lover.

    1. reply to Steve H
      Rota took his time -he should have been out right away .Of course Trudeau and the Canadian Defence Secretary and the rest of the Canadian cabinet were on their feet applauding this piece of dirt too so I suppose that explains why they did not demand Rota’s resignation.
      Also Zelenskiy , a Jew himself,applauded the SS man whose unit massacred Jews, Poles and others during the Nazi’s murderous rampage in Ukraine.
      Zelenskiy is a total disgrace too as are the “antisemite hunters” in the UK who have remained silent about this truly shameful scandal . It appears that they couldn’t care less about the real antisemitism demonstrated by the Canadian parliament because they are unable to exploit it for political ends.

      1. Smartboy, I think that someone’s head has just exploded. Or another pipeline.

    2. Rota’s resignation solves nothing simply because this incident is not an isolated one.

      Canada and its political elite have a history of welcoming and harbouring Ukrainian Nazis.

      Here’s a report from 1997 about the Simon Wiesenthal Center charging the Canadian Government, with British complicity, with admitting more than 2,000 members of a notorious Ukrainian Waffen-SS division in 1950:

      That same year, 60 Minutes released a special, “Canada’s Dark Secret,” revealing that some 1000 Nazi SS veterans from Baltic states had been granted citizenship by Canada after the war. Irving Abella, a Canadian historian, told 60 Minutes that the easiest way to get into the country “was by showing the SS tattoo. This proved that you were an anti-Communist.”

      Among those members of the SS was one Michael Chomiak, the grandfather of Canada’s second-most-powerful official, Chrystia Freeland.

      Freedland has through her career as a journalist and Canadian diplomat advanced her grandfather’s legacy of anti-Russian agitation, while repeatedly exalting wartime Nazi collaborators during public events.

      This is in stark contrast to the way the Canadian Government treated refugees from the Jewish Community as enemy aliens after World War Two.

      Moreover, the impression being given of Speaker Rota’s resignation is that no one knew of this individuals past. An inconceivable claim given the standard security vetting procedures of institutions such as the Canadian House of Commons.

      Now these are all verifiable facts regardless of who utters them. To deflect from those facts the way the Canadian PM did in his apology by seamlessly conflating those facts as some kind of ‘propaganda’ reveals just how far down the rabbit hole some people are in pushing false narratives to hide the truth.

    1. Dave, They had better tread cautiously. The past can be a dark forbidding place for everyone.

    2. ……that Ashton-Cirillo was merely advertising this Ukrainian hitlist run on their behalf by the CIA in Langley:

      That link, by the way is an archive from a while back and no doubt will have been updated to most likely by now include everyone on the planet with the temerity to go off piste with the Nazi Official Narrative.

      I wonder if Billy no mates has thought of dobbin us all in yet?

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