Video: Canadian parliament gives standing ovation to 98yo former SS soldier for ‘fighting Russia’

How far through the looking-glass have we come?

The Canadian parliament rose this week to give a standing ovation to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy – and to 98-year-old Ukrainian-born Canadian Yaroslav Hunka, who ‘fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War’:

Associated Press reported, beneath an image of Zelenskiy giving a fist-pump to Hunka alongside Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, that Mr Hunka had ‘fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II’:

However, the ‘First Ukrainian Divison’ only came into existence after surrendering to the allies at the end of the Second World War. During the war, it was in fact the 14th Waffen SS Division, a volunteer unit that collaborated with and fought for Hitler, before being renamed as the ‘First Ukrainian Division’ after the surrendering:

Hunka ‘fought against Russia’ when the Soviet Union was an ally of the UK, US, Canada and other nations against the nazis, yet he received an unthinking – or uncaring – hero’s reception and fist pumps from a Ukrainian president who is supported by neo-nazis who idolise nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, whose followers massacred tens of thousands of Jewish and Polish civilians.

So deep down the rabbit hole have our governments and media gone in their eagerness for propaganda that a parliament can rise to salute a former SS member – and the media report that he ‘fought against Russia during the war’ without asking the obvious question about who he was fighting for and ignore completely the revelation of reality.

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  1. These pillocks are busy re-writing history.

    When it comes to the 11th of November, will they have the cheek to attend Remembrance Services, at their local War Memorials?

    Whichever country they’re in – be it the UK, Canada, Australia, the US, France, wherever – I think the WWII veterans – those that are left – should turn their backs, on them, simply, to remind them what they’re there for, and why.

    As for the politicians themselves – ignoramuses, to a man, and woman.

    1. One last thing :

      ‘fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War’

      Neglecting to mention the Russians – the Soviet Union – were – our – Allies during WWII, and suffered massive hardship during the Nazi invasion of their country – not to mention the deaths of 20 million Soviet citizens.

      What were those politicians – on all sides – thinking with that ovation and oration of that man?

      Whoever sanctioned it, needs to resign ASAP.

      1. Reply to George Peel
        Agree 100% but would say that all those who gave a Ukranian Nazi a standing ovation should resign- totally disgusting- but I’m still waiting for the BOD. the Chief Rabbi the CAA etc to call for this- their silence in this matter is shameful.

      2. Whilst I have specific reasons to have little time for this individual, as an individual, the points he makes in this video are objectively sound:

      3. 20 millio, so the numbers are dropping. Still quite an horrific number. Strange things numbers! Malleable,who is gonna take a recount?№

    2. Given the very obvious official acceptance of the unveiling of a flag containing neo-nazi symbolism at a TUC fringe meeting by a factional group which purports to be of the “left” (The misnamed Alliance for Workers Liberty) it would not be surprising to see similar such symbols being an integral part of November 11 this year.

      1. Dave – Which flag would that be, can you post a link which pictures of this “flag containing neo-nazi symbolism”

      2. Dave – If only we were all as clever as you have somehow managed to convince yourself that you are.😏

        If comments had been allowed on the article (I wonder why they weren’t allowed?) that you have linked to I would have posted the following comment
        Shock and Horror, a miners union banner that depicts a coal cutter.

        Ukraine Solidarity Campaign
        23 Feb
        It’s come to our attention some idiots are circulating nonsense regarding the flag of the NGPU miners’ union at our rally on Tuesday. The flag in question does not in fact feature a sun dial or any other Nazi symbolism. That’s a coal cutter – as this is the mineworkers’ union.

        Please feel free to scroll down this twitter thread and watch the contributions from the likes of Ian Lavery and Nadia Whittome.

      3. What specific reasons do you have for your little time’ for George?

      4. What reasons specifically do you have for not giving George time?

      5. AWL, one of Starmers first feeding ground. Are they on the index? Aren’t Trts flexible?

      6. Steve Richards,

        It was a very long time ago and I don’t intend to go into details except to say it involved my first ever “senior moment”.

        And whilst I cannot recall a single argument he has made on the wide theme of Western Imperialism and hegemony etc etc with which I could objectively dispute and disagree with the circumstances were such that only two rational options were and are available.

        One of which involves the unproven ability to read minds. A concept I have never subscribed to.

        Given some of the known activities some of us were experiencing and had experienced previously during that period – which only a select and limited number of actors of a particular type are capable of carrying out – the only other logical conclusion in the absence of any further credible evidence pointing to a third alternative suggests the term ‘asset’ may not be inappropriate.

  2. Contemperaneous reports show that Ukranian Nazis behaved like depraved animals during the war particularly in relation to their treatment of Jews. The biggest single atrocity perpetrated against Jews during the war took place in Babi Yar a ravine just outside the capital when just under 34000 Jews were massacred in 2 days.
    For a member of the Ukranian SS to be given a heros welcome by the Canadian government is disgusting and illustrates just how without principle and decency governments of the west are – Britain USA and Canada harboured Nazi war criminals for years and Nazi gold still remains in the vaults of Zurich.Plundered art work is in display in collections around the world
    I am shocked that the very vocal pro Israel Lobby groups – Campaign Against Antisemitism, Friends of Israel,Jewish Labour Movement etc and individuals such as the president of the BOD ,the Chief Rabbi and of course “our very own Zionist without qualification” Keir Starmer are silent about this very real and totally disgraceful display of antisemitism by the Canadians given the viciousness of their response to alleged “antisemitism” of Socialists and antiZionists in Britain.

    1. Smart boy, err, you know. Things to do, places to go, stories to plant, people’s lives to upend. Busy, busy.

  3. I’m not really shocked at all.
    We should all learn from this.
    Make sure we all draw the correct conclusions.

  4. Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons – which gave a standing ovation to a member of Hitlers SS – belatedly apologises on behalf its Parliament for openly and publicly pissing on the War dead of Canada:

    “WASHINGTON, September 25 – RIA Novosti. Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons Anthony Rota apologized for inviting an elderly Ukrainian soldier from the SS Galicia division to parliament and honouring him during Vladimir Zelensky’s visit. A certain Yaroslav Hunka, introduced by the speaker as a veteran of the fight against the Russians during World War II, received a standing ovation on Friday during a ceremonial meeting of parliament on the occasion of the visit of Vladimir Zelensky. The American Associated Press published a photo with the caption “Zelensky and (Canadian Prime Minister Justin – ed.) Trudeau greet Yaroslav Hunk, who was present in parliament, who served in the First Ukrainian Division during the Second World War.” Hunka, as it turned out, was a member of the 14th Volunteer Division “Galicia” of the SS troops, which not only fought against the Red Army, but was also noted for atrocities against Jews, Poles, Belarusians and Slovaks. “I later became aware of additional information that made me regret the decision… I would first like to offer my deepest apologies to the Jewish communities of Canada and around the world. I accept full responsibility for my actions,” Rota said. He insists that he personally made the decision to invite Hunka to parliament, and no one, including members of the Ukrainian delegation, knew who they would honor.”

    1. Thank you, for that, Dave.

      Lax procedures and protocols, in the Canadian Parliament, make them look amateurish.

      It, also, makes Canadian politicians look amateurish, who – as far as I could see – stood to a man and woman, during that ovation.

      It would be expected that, at least, one of them would sit on their hands. None did.

      Shameful! I hope Canadian WWII veterans register a protest.

    2. Thanks for this Dave Hansell. I am full agreement with the comment contained in the link in respect of the Speaker’s alleged ignorance of the SS man’s past
      “Oh, Please!
      Yes, ass-hole, you “didn’t know”. In related news, I am Pope. ”
      Everyone with even the most basic knowledge of the second world war knows that the Russians fought alongside the West to defeat Hitler so if you were fighting Russia you were fighting for the Nazis.
      However I am still waiting for a response – ANY response- from Starmer BOD, the Chief Rabbi, the CAA the LFI etc in respect of this act of unsurpassed antisemitism by the Canadian parliament – a standing ovation for an SS piece of dirt who supported Hilter in his determination to kill every Jew in Europe.
      Where are the organised protests outside the UK parliament and Canadian government buildings highlighting the threat Canada poses to Jews and where are the calls to cease trading with Canada , boycott Canadian goods etc etc.
      Their failure to utter one word of condemnation about the Canadian government ‘s vile antisemitism speaks volumes about these people and organisations and the motivation behind their attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and others . It exposes once and for all their disgusting hypocrisy and demonstrates that their outrage/ fear about the alleged “antisemitism”in the Labour party under Jeremy’s leadership was politically motivated.

      1. Smartboy, this disgusting episode and its ripple effects has left me incoherent. Thank you for saying that which I could not. Cheers.

  5. This Nazi-rehabilitation nonsense must stop. Just what is Putin waiting for? Take Odessa & Kiev and FINISH THE FUCKING JOB!
    I hope Canada’s next general election comes soon & kicks this handsome devil back down below where he belongs.
    And I agree with Steve Richards. Galloway is a Mensch!

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