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Train drivers call strikes for first and last days of Tory conference

Union makes point in perfect style

Image: S Walker

Rail drivers in the Aslef union have called further strike days for 30 Sep and 4 October – which happen to be the first and final day of the Conservative party conference, inconveniencing the Tory ministers and die-hards who will be trying to get to the Manchester venue.

An elegant way to make a point that the government has been refusing to hear.

Now really, there should be similar action for the red Tory conference in Liverpool the following week, as Starmer’s hollow party is no more friendly to the working class and their needs than the Tories – but that would inconvenience the left-wingers also making their way to Liverpool for the many parallel events that will show up the Starmer show for the bizarre-but-still-drab damp squib it will be, so just as well the trains should be running.

As the government whined about ‘political’ strike action, Aslef’s Mick Whelan said:

Our members have not, now, had a pay rise for four years – since 2019 – and that’s not right when prices have soared in that time. Train drivers, perfectly reasonably, want to be able to buy now what they could buy four years ago.

We last saw the secretary of state for Transport in December. We last saw Huw Merriman, the rail minister, in January. And we last saw the train companies in April. Since then, nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not a letter, not an email, not a text message, not a phone call, not a WhatsApp. Not a word!

So where is Mark Harper? He holds the purse strings. The train companies have told us. They say they cannot act without his say-so. He’s the puppet master controlling the companies. But he’s hiding. What’s the man afraid of? We think it’s time Harper stepped up to the mark.

Solidarity with all rail workers.

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    1. Fazakerley East by-election:
      A total of 856 ballots were cast on a turnout of 20.3%. Initially 39 people were turned away from casting a vote owing to a lack of correct photo ID.
      Returning officer Andrew Lewis confirmed that of those, 19 subsequently returned to a polling station. A total of four ballots were spoiled.

      Debbie Cooke, Labour – 350
      Jean Martin, Liverpool Community Independents – 258
      Kayleigh Halpin, Liberal Democrats – 148
      Katie Burgess, Conservatives – 12

      1. So, that is 20 people who did not vote because of ID requirements.
        And, of course, that does not include any that simply did not turn up at all for that reason.

        This is an absolute scandal.

      2. Where I went to school 350+258+148+12 added up to 768 not 856.

        Which leaves two possible options:

        a) There were 88 spoiled papers – ie Non Of The Above


        b) Someone has failed their basic arithmetic test.

  1. I think that strikes at the start and end of Starmers Labour Conference should be seriously considered. Skwawkbox says this would inconvenience the Left who will be there to attend parrallel events. There won’t be many left wingers attending the conference to be inconvenienced – Starmers purge of the Left has seen to that. Regarding the parrallel events – these could be rearranged for another place or time.
    It is about time the Unions stood up to Starmer. He is no better than most Tories and in fact I prefer some of them – the ones who stick to their word – to him.

    1. I quite like that thinking, smartboy.

      As if keef’s gonna listen to the left – however many are able to show at the conference . He’s already pissed on just about every union and had a couple of unions walk out on him the other week.

      Then watch king rat and the rest of the nest go whining to the likes of gb news, murdoch and the other media gobshites – to who he’ll sell stalls and grant special invites to once again.

      Keef is NOT on the workers side. But he’ll take their affiliation moolah. Don’t give him the steam off your piss …not even if you can piss concentrated nitric acid.

      1. Yes Toffee the Unions need to take a stand and show this Trilateral committee stooge that if he continues to withhold support from workers then they won’t support him – financially or otherwise. Starmer would get the message if a rail strike was called on the first and last days of the “Labour” party Conference.More importantly so would everybody else.


    Hackney,15 September 2023
    Philip Glanville has today resigned as Mayor of Hackney.
    Interim Chief Executive of Hackney Council, Dawn Carter-McDonald, said: “Today I have accepted the resignation of the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville.
    “The Mayor’s last day of office will be Friday 22 September 2023. I want to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Mayor for his seven years of service as Mayor and the 17 years he has given to the borough and its residents as an elected politician.

    You can read his resignation letter here.

  3. Socialism needs fair representation on ‘MSM’ not just narrow cast ‘social media’.

      1. Trade Unions are one avenue, what are the other 4?

      2. Steve – my thumb hit the 5 by mistake. It should have said “True Steve, but the chances of it happening are zilch.” Whoops.

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