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Tories ‘spending twice as much on private health companies as on GPs’

Doctors point out damage done to NHS by privatisation that both Tories and Labour want to increase

Doctors have pointed out analysis of the UK’s NHS spending – and that the UK government is spending twice as much on privatise health providers as on the entire system of general practitioners. NHS consultant medic Dr Dan Goyal’s Twitter post of the analysis has been shared thousands of times:

In the thread Goyal quoted, GP Dr Steve Taylor draws his figures from the official Department of Health and Social Care spending statistics for 2020/21. The extent of the enrichment of corporations from NHS budgets that has gone on for well over a decade under the Tories is staggering, as analyst account @ToryFibs has pointed out – but he also notes correctly that the Starmer regime plans to pour even more public money into corporate and billionaire bank accounts:

Starmer and his health spokesman Wes Streeting have both accepted large donations from private health interests, while many politicians on both sides of the houses of Commons and Lords have major investments in private health providers.

The UK is being betrayed – and the betrayal wears a red rosette as often as blue.

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  1. No surprise there! All part of the Tory/ Labour plan:

    ‘That’s the standard technique of privatisation –
    Make sure things don’t work,
    People get angry,
    You hand it over to private capital.’
    Noam Chomsky.

    Wicked! How many MPs have shares in private companies?

    1. Judy Thurlow, Wicked indeed that Starmer and Streeting, to name but two Labour MP’s, get slush money from Private Health Investors.

  2. I’m sure Kid Starver, Less Eating and others will be determined to do more for private business than the Tories.

  3. ‘Tip of Iceberg’
    Dr Dan Goyal would be the first to admit that identifying NHS spending on the private sector is not straightforward. The Numbers he cites are ‘cautious’ and incomplete. The real (total) spend on private healthcare by HMG with ‘public’ money is much higher amount than how much of NHS budget(s) end-up in corporate bank accounts. It is this ‘fuzzy’ public-spending on private healthcare that new NewLabor will certainly increase.

    Moreover, Streeting’s Labor will commit hundreds of £millions more to health security (UKHSA), to mandatory identity cards, compulsory vaccination and – in time – CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Labor’s motivation here is promote a centrist ‘rigged’ economy in which central Government regulates and controls everything.

    So, Labor would not simply continue and increase the (tories’) stealth privatisation of the NHS, it would also continue the centralisation of health and care planning, removing or reducing democratic control from the equation.

    FWIW and in support of Dan Goyal/Tory Fibs, even the King’s Fund report that: “The Department of Health and Social Care’s accounts also show that NHS providers spent £1.5 billion on services from non-NHS organisations in 2019/20….If spending on primary care services – including GPs, pharmacy, optical and dental services – is included, some have estimated that approximately 25 per cent of (total) NHS spending goes on the private sector.”

    Wait until 2020/21 figures are commented on by ONS. We will see that the alleged pandemic augmented this figure even further. A future Starmer/Reeves/Streeting Labour Government would not reverse or repair this trend. Their corporate backers would never allow it.

  4. Labour will destroy the @NHS as quick as the Tories.

    My wife is about to undergo a double knee op privately simply because the waiting time on the @NHS is over 5 years. She’s lucky her sister left her some money last year otherwise she would be soon in a wheelchair.

    Corbyn told the Great British Public what would happen a few years ago, and nobody listened.

  5. Apparently the NHS is going to be much ,much better under Labour, this despite Reeves promising no more money and a continuation of the Tories fiscal and monetary policies.

    Labour think playing it safe will win it for them. Far more likely, the polls become close in the campaign if they can’t differentiate the party in TV debates. You could have a 2010 TV debate Clegg like surge, if a party does differentiate itself on fiscal policy.

    The only vaguely progressive policy Labour have got left after all the brazen U-turns ,is the plan to strip independent schools of their charitable status. And mark these words they’ll U-turn on that, soon. Just watch.

  6. Agree that one of Starmer’s tasks is to sugar-coat the dissolution of the NHS. Pragmatically, given how embedded the private sector already is, analysis of where and how to replace what has been taken over is a matter of urgency. I don’t think you could wake up into a socialist dawn and stop private provision with a click of the fingers but you can have steps in place to reverse the encroachment.

    1. I understand the hopelessness that causes a person to say that Tim, but The National Health Service Act, 1946, happened and affected a bigger change than we’d need to repair the NHS.

      Of course, the NHS Act of 1946 was a product of its time, and to 21st century eyes, that time is a “foreign country”.

      The socialist dawn of the type you mention is not impossible, just not likely, inevitable, easy or likely – but neither was a free at the point of use NHS in 1946.

      Commitment, passion and democratic control can make it possible again.

  7. Starvernomics feeds the Kleptocracy, but more importantly they need him as leader of the Labour party to finish off the NHS
    Blue Tories can only exploit and extract, undermine and run into ground the staff and infrastructure
    This will in turn destroy the Labour party, he will then make millions just like the war criminal
    Job done

      1. An unusually scattergun piece from Alastair Crooke. He is normally more focussed. Perhaps that is why he lets some phrases get through which coukld have been more precise [e.g. He uses the term “the left” when he is talking about the core of the political class in the US. He would have been better to have said “the faux left” because these are people invested in “culture wars” rather than in class politics].
        Incidentally, It is becoming increasingly apparent that the greatest cheerleader for, and promoter of, war in Ukraine is the UK political class and the UK media [much more than in the US, or even the EU]. It made me think about where the current manifestation of anti-Russia rhetoric and actions started. I think that it came with the “Skripal affair” when UK representatives told the US Congress that three boys who had been given, by the Skipals, slices of bread to feed the ducks, and that the boys had ended up in hospital with novichok poisoning. Needless to say, this was utterly false. This resulted in the US expelling a number of Russian diplomats and imposing a raft of sanctions on Russia; something that the US would clearly have not done had they known the truth. If/when the situation in Ukraine turns into a debacle, Will we see fingers in Washington, Brussels and Kiev pointing at the UK?

      2. qwertboi – I think that you are wrong.
        It should be “certainly not”.

  8. Is Labour up to the job?

    1 -Labour FoI research showed that Approx 121,000 people died last year while waiting for NHS treatment (40K of them waiting more than 18 weeks). This is more than for twice as many as in any previous year.

    2 -This happened because of three main things:
    a – Deliberate under-funding;
    b – severe curtailment of already underfunded health services caused by an alleged-pandemic;
    c – stealth privatisation of health services facilitated by Tony Blair’s ‘market forces’ and the tories’ 2012 Health and Social Care Act which empowers them

    3 -Labour predictably states “Only Labour can rescue the NHS from this crisis and restore it to good health. We will train the staff needed to treat patients on time again and reform the service to make it fit for the future.”

    Retired consultant paediatrician and co-chairman of Keep Our NHS Public, Dr Tony O’Sullivan, begs to differ:

    “The NHS is in growing danger from deliberate underfunding, the growing tentacles of privatisation and regressive legislation. Keir Starmer and Labour must commit unequivocally to funding the restoration of our NHS, to ending the outsourcing of healthcare to private-sector companies and to reinstating the NHS as a wholly publicly funded, provided and managed service. If they do not, they will be contributing to its demise.”

    Is Streeting, Starmer and Reeves’ Labour up to that task?

    Probably not.

  9. As long as an MP holds shares worth less than £70,000 then he/she is not required to declare it.
    So, how many MPS are profiting, for example, from private healthcare or from the war in the Ukraine?

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