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‘MSM’ attack backfires as TSSA candidate Craven joins protesters to fight for jobs

Press briefed against left-wing TSSA general secretary Bonnie Craven’s supposed ‘doctored’ image – and the real images that show popular campaign

The Daily Mirror – now part of the same media group as the Express – has published an article about the ‘mystery’ of a supposedly ‘doctored’ photo of TSSA general secretary candidate Bonnie Craven, no doubt briefed by supporters of the left-wing union stalwart’s opponents.

The supposed controversy involves an image of Ms Craven holding a piece of paper with a TSSA logo on it that was adapted, when she was seeking nominations in the contest, from an image of her campaigning as a Labour party parliamentary candidate in the 2019 general election.

The creator of the image told Skwawkbox that the issue was a ‘manufactured’ controversy:

Bonnie’s campaign is a grassroots one. It’s not funded by anyone, she’s standing because TSSA members asked her to. I have some Photoshop skills so when she began her campaign to even get on the ballot and needed an image, I adapted the Labour one. It’s just the TSSA logo for illustration purposes, it’s not even trying to look like a real TSSA leaflet. This is an attempt to manufacture a controversy because her rivals’ supporters know her experience and track record are by far the strongest.

But it’s backfiring and getting Bonnie’s face out there and TSSA members are loving her campaign.

Unlike at the start of the campaign – and despite the union establishment siding shamelessly with a candidate with little or no relevant union experience – the popular Ms Craven has no need to use edited images now: images of her campaigning on issues important to members, surrounded by members, abound.

Unsurprisingly, her opponents and the ‘msm’ haven’t seen fit to publicise those, so here are a few:

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