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Unite hid that it had cancelled film and book event to please so-called Campaign Against Antisemitism

Right-wing pressure group ‘charity’ gives away that Graham and co cancelled event involving film and book exposing weaponisation of antisemitism complaints because of it

As Skwawkbox reported earlier, an email uncovered by Electronic Intifada (EI) has confirmed months of Skwawkbox’s investigative reporting – that the leadership of Unite was directly involved in the union’s ban on showing the film ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’, which exposes the use of spurious ‘antisemitism’ claims to attack Jeremy Corbyn and the left, as well as the Labour right’s gross abuses of process and democracy, and even banned branch donations to support the film.

The new email showed Unite’s assistant general secretary saying that she was acting on boss Sharon Graham’s say-so in contacting Unite’s ‘Community’ branch in Bristol to order the cancellation of an event involving both the showing of the film and a discussion of Asa Winstanley’s exhaustively-researched book titled Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn.

By sending that email, the union’s management had put its fingerprints directly onto the manoeuvres to block the film – shredding the fiction spun by Graham loyalists that she was not personally involved.

As EI reported, Cartmail and Graham had declined to say who had contacted them to complain about the book launch – but now the so-called ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ (CAA), a right-wing, pro-Israel pressure group with charitable status despite its political activities, has given the game away by boasting of its influence in the guise of ‘thanking’ Graham and co for giving in to its demands:

CAA has so far been allowed by the Charity Commission (CC) to keep its charitable status despite complaints about the obvious political nature of its demands that ‘Corbyn must go’ when Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour party, though the CC has opened a regulatory compliance case against the pressure group.

One of the directors of the group infamously boasted, after the 2019 general election, that ‘we’ had ‘slaughtered’ Corbyn, in a Facebook video quickly deleted but still widely available:

And even such hard-right Labour figures as Margaret Hodge has accused the CAA – long after Corbyn’s ‘slaughtering’, of course – complained that CAA ‘uses antisemitism as a front’ for political attacks, after the group turned its fire on someone she likes, the awful Keir Starmer, despite Hodge having been a patron of the group when it suited her. CAA also demanded, unsuccessfully, that broadcast regulator Ofcom censure Channel 4 for daring to interview Palestinians about attacks on their human rights and freedom of expression.

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research has described the CAA’s behaviour as ‘irresponsible’ and in 2016, more than one hundred leading British Jews wrote to the Guardian to distance themselves from the ‘pro-Israel lobby group’, while the following year some 250 UK academics wrote an open letter in the Independent accusing CAA of:

outrageous interferences with free expression, and… direct attacks on academic freedom.

Unite members are likely to agree with the eminent academics – and to be rightly disgusted with their union’s management for colluding in the attacks on freedom of speech and thought.

The premise of Winstanley’s book – so thoroughly evidenced as to be incontrovertible – that accusations of antisemitism were weaponised by Corbyn’s opponents to attack him and the left has also been confirmed by the findings of the (reluctantly) Starmer-commissioned Forde Report and by a number of forensic documentaries, including of course, ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’.

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  1. Surprised to see you’re allowing comments on this skwawky.

    Careful now!!

    1. Jewish policy research link is broken. Just get “that page doesn’t exist “

  2. Anonymous complaints by one political organisation (aka the charity CAA) given as evidence by EHRC tells you everything you need to know about the ‘independence’ of the EHRC.

  3. The CAA is a front for the IOF/Knesset and controlled directly from the zionazi embassy in London. See: The Conservative Friends of Israel; Labour Friends of Israel & Lib Dem Friends of Israel for a lengthy list of second generation immigrant and nationals who lobby on behalf of IOF in both Houses.

  4. Antisemitism is a vile form of racism and resulted in the persecution of Jews over the years culminating in a massive crime against humanity – the Holocaust
    Therefore to create a false narrative of wholesale antisemitism in UK and set out to destroy the lives and careers of innocent people who take exception to Israel’s anti Arab racism is a disgusting and cynical act designed to silence support for Palestinians who are living and dying in a ghetto (Gaza) . They are blown up and shot and are frequently denied access to basic necessities such as clean water, shelter and medical care. This is uncivilised behaviour and in many cases constitutes a crime against humanity
    If the world had cared about or taken any notice of the way Jews were mistreated in Germany from 1933 onwards and done something about it maybe the Holocaust may not have happened. We’ll never know but we have to ensure that the wholesale slaughter (and worse) never happens again to Jews or anyone else. We can do this by standing up for the rights of oppressed people everywhere and imposing sanctions on their oppressors .
    However pro Israel fanatics and lobbyists allege that defending the human rights including the right to life of ALL people including Palestinians is somehow antisemitism- Jew hatred. This is absurd and debases the experiences of Jews who suffered during and before the Nazi era.
    Many Holocaust survivors or the descendants of Holocaust survivors deplore Israel’s human rights abuses of Palestinians and they ( more so than Non Jews) have been denounced as antisemites as a result. This has caused many of them great hurt and distress and highlights the depth to which the fanatics and lobbyists are prepared to sink. They are shameless in their pursuit of Israeli supremacy and the subjugation of Palestinians and carry out atrocities safe in the knowledge that they can rely on the USA to veto sanctions the UN security Council proposes to take against them.
    I genuinely pity the Palestinians.They suffer greatly and its becoming clear that the campaign to silence support for them has been successful as many people are now too scared to speak out for fear of reprisals. The Fanatics and Lobbyists really have stitched it all up.

  5. Censorship is very common and not just in this country.

    Back in 2003, a campaign by various supporters of President Lyndon Johnson forced the History Channel to apologise for its final episode of the ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’ and to agree not to show it again. I do not recall it being shown in this country.

    One of the people who wanted it banned from the screens was Gerald Ford who served on the Warren Commission and who falsified the JFK autopsy report so that a rear exit wound now became a rear entrance wound.

    Here is the programme for those who wish to see it. I would emphasise that the programme only covers some of the evidence of Vice President Johnson’s central role in the assassination of President Kennedy. Various books cover other evidence.

    Under President Johnson, US policy shifted to a very much more pro-Israel position than had previously been the case.

  6. Thank you for that, Frank.

    I was somewhat surprised that my comment was immediately followed by one from someone called Dallas.

    The assassination took place in Dallas because the man ultimately in charge of the Dallas Police Department was Johnson ally Mayor Earle Cabell (killing a president was not a federal crime back then).

    Cabell’s brother was General Charles Cabell who was deputy director of the CIA until JFK removed him following the Bay of Pigs.

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