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Labour tries to scapegoat ex-CLP chair with ‘life-changing’ disability for Uxbridge flop

David Williams left blind in one eye and suffering trauma and anxiety after a vicious 2021 attack in his home. Contemptible Labour is trying to pin its disastrous loss in Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election on him

Labour’s appalling conduct under the authoritarian and blame-shifting Keir Starmer regime has continued with a series of apparently-briefed attempts to pin the blame for its woeful defeat in Thursday’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election on former constituency party chair David Williams.

Williams resigned from his position and the party last week in disgust at the way Labour had behaved during the election campaign – and he responded to the subsequent attempts to scapegoat him with a link to an article, posted on Twitter:

The article revealed that Williams was the victim of a horrific attack in 2021 by his mentally ill former son-in-law – an attack that left him permanently blind in one eye after the attacker tried to gouge out his eyes and then strangle him with a skipping rope. In his victim impact statement to the court, Williams explained that the attack ad the ‘life-changing’ injuries had left him suffering anxiety and nightmares – and that despite being ‘politically active’,

My days of door knocking and meeting people on the doorsteps are now behind me.

Now Labour is trying to deflect blame from the abysmal and spineless Keir Starmer and the lacklustre right-wing candidate Starmer’s party rigged into the selection by claiming a man disabled in a vicious attack did not do enough door-knocking. Only one word springs to mind for the people who would do such a thing, but Skwawkbox will allow readers to fill in the blank for themselves.

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  1. Par for the course from the rodentiae.

    As I keep saying: “Lower than whaleshit”.

  2. First of all it was claimed by Starmers Labour that losing in Uxbridge was the fault of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ plans, then it was David Williams fault because he supported Jeremy Corbyn ( naturally they had to bring Jeremy’s name into it somewhere) and now its David’s fault because because he is disabled and wasn’t able to knock on enough doors.
    Has it not occurred to anybody in the PLP or Southside that the main reason Starmers Labour lost in Uxbridge was because of Starmer, with his unqualified Zionism, his open contempt for democracy, his vicious purges, his toleration of BAME racism and Islamophobia , his two facedness and the fact that his word means nothing.
    The people of Uxbridge- a London seat with a sizable number of politically aware voters along with groups of voters that Starmer has alienated – clearly know what Labour under Starmer has become, they don’t like it and so they either stayed at home or voted Tory. Can’t say as I blame them.

    1. As clearly indicated by Labour coming so close to securing the seat. 🙄
      How did the left’s candidates do?😏

      1. As clearly indicated by Labour coming so close to securing the seat.

        Remind us, gobshite – just how many votes was Corbyn short of becoming prime minister, hmm?

        How many seats has keef gained from how many by elections, hmm?

        It’s not as many as he hasn’t so no matter what your opinion polls say, the rest of us can point to results leaving you without a fucking leg to stand on. 👍😏

  3. There are no depths this Labour Party leadership won’t plummet; no positive action or hope for the future they won’t avoid; no promise they won’t break.Tory Lite and unambitious towards improving working peoples’ lives…
    I abhor their treachery and will vote tactically to destroy them.

  4. The article finishes by saying that ‘Only one word springs to mind for the people who would do such a thing’. I can think of several words, none of them complimentary!

  5. It comes as no surprise the appalling behaviour of Starmer, Mandelson and their cronies. How dare they do this to
    David Williams a staunch Socialist and who’d been Labour to
    his core for many years. In fact when the seat was called Uxbridge he was candidate in the 1997 General Election and came within 724 votes from taking it from the then Tory MP Michael Shearsby.

    Then Shearsby died a couple of months later and thus a by Election was held. Blair and his cronies blocked David Williams from being Labour candidate and imposed on Uxbridge CLP
    Andrew Slaughter (now MP for Hammersmith) as Labour PPC
    the Tories ended up holding the seat!.

    And now as a result of interference by Starmer, Mandelson and their cronies first of all in the rigging of the selection process imposing Danny Beales as candidate despite the fact Connor
    Liberty had won 6 of the 7 Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
    branch nominations the same thing has happened again.The
    Blairite throwbacks never bloody learn do they are they just
    thick or something.

    I don’t blame David Williams for resigning from the chair of the
    CLP there and quitting the Labour Party too over the way that
    Starmer and Mandelson run the show I’ll never vote Labour while Starmer and Mandelson are in charge of it instead I’ll continue to do my bit to help build The New Independent Labour Party an authentic Democratic Socialist alternative to Starmer and Mandelson led neoliberal New Labour MK2.

    1. Thank you for that background info. Another fine and honourable person smeared and traduced.

  6. Know who I blame?

    The wee gobshite…And twats like him, supposedly from far-flung shores; telling those who live here what’s best for them and how we’re getting it all wrong and how right he is.

    Notice he hasn’t much to say about keef FAILING to take the seat that the bookies had down as 1/25 to win. The seat that the cretinous de piffle previously occupied.

    But nevermind that – what about those opinion polls, eh?

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