RMT calls on supporters to ‘mobilise massive response’ tomorrow to rail ticket office closure plan (video)

Campaign to include live-stream 5 July

The RMT rail union has asked its supporters to help ‘mobilise a massive response’ to the Tories’ plan to close all rail ticket offices. A union press release explains:

Over the last year the RMT has been campaigning against the DfT managed train companies’ plans for wholesale ticket office closures.

We need to mobilise a massive response to the public consultations to oppose the closures so that Transport Focus and London Travelwatch reject their proposals.

What you can do now: 

  • Email to request campaign postcards and materials for when the consultations go live. Please advise which TOC/s you want materials for.
  • Sign and share our petition and write to your MP
  • Get the word out that this is coming! Speak to colleagues, friends, family and your local community. Reach out to local disabled peoples’ organisations, rail user groups and local politicians. 
  • Join the livestream for members with the General Secretary Mick Lynch and Assistant General Secretary John Leach to hear about how you can take part in the campaign to oppose ticket office closures. This is taking place at 6pm on Wednesday 5th July on RMT’s TwitterFacebook and YouTube.
Bookmark this video link on YouTube to save Wednesday’s event

Ticket offices and station staff are absolutely crucial to the many travellers who struggle to manage online bookings or need advice on their best travel options – and for the security of women, children, disabled people and others who need assistance during their journey. The planned closure of ticket offices – which RMT members have been fighting for a year, shamefully without the support of the Labour party regime, for the sake of passengers – will leave many smaller stations unstaffed, posing undeniable risks to those travelling at night or in other quiet periods, as well as leaving travellers potentially stranded or lost.

In June last year, Merseyside rail worker Karl told Skwawkbox what the government is really doing – and what the closure of all ticket offices would mean to passengers:

Absolute solidarity with rail workers in their fight against yet another Tory race to degrade services and cut jobs to pad corporate profits.

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    1. Thanks Toffee. It shows that the public appreciates an honest politician even when they didn’t necessarily voted for him.

      1. ‘………….an honest politician’, now there’s a phrase you don’t hear too often.

    2. Toffee – Are you having a laugh. StatsForLefties are being more than a little disingenuous in publishing this because they have only presented one side of the data from a net approval index question. If you check the original data on the YouGov site you will see that Jeremy is disliked by 48%.

      1. It’s there in black and white.

        Corbyn liked by 30
        Keef by less than 30 (and decreasing)

        Now desist with your whinging, nonce enabling nonce excuser

      2. Toffee – “It’s all there in black and white”

        I know, I’m not disputing that but it is also there in black and white that Corbyn is also the most disliked amongst the current politicians in the list (Tony Blair is also disliked by 48%)

      3. Using the same argument you ised for Brexit.

        The one that 17.4 million only translated to 30-odd% of the vote so more voted against it.

        What a desperate snivelling shitehawk you are.

      4. Toffee – I’m simply pointing out that whilst 30% say they like Corbyn in the same question of the same YouGov poll 48% say they dislike Corbyn which gives Jeremy a net approval index of minus eighteen.
        If you have an issue dealing with the facts then that is your problem.😘

        ps – ref your Brexit accusation, you’re making stuff up again. You are more than welcome to try and prove otherwise.

  1. Solidarity with the RMT. Thanks Skwawkbox for posting the links to sign the petition, write to our MPs and ask for materials.
    I believe the clousure of ticket offices is shortsighted as some members of the public will be put off from using the Railways over safety concerns.
    Lower use of the Railways will result in lower income and in order to maintain the same level of profits to pay the shareholders, it would lead to higher fares and more staff cuts.
    Of course I don’t expect Starmer to do anything about it, since he is against nationalising the Railways.

      1. Toffee – Don’t be silly, there is no mention of not nationalisation the railways in either of your links.

      2. WHAT was the pledge, you complete fucking RETARD.

        Public services should be in public hands, not making profits for shareholders. Support common ownership of rail, mail, energy and water; end outsourcing in our NHS, local government and justice system

        But of course there’s ONLY you and keef on the entire fucking planet who are sticking to the line (that common ownership DOESN’T mean renationalisation) like shit to a blanket

        A fucking case-in-point for every eugenicist there ever was AND will be. Had Darwin known of you he’d have hanged himself.

        Just fuck off, you totally irredeemable knobhead.

    1. Toffee – “Oh…I’m being silly again aren’t I? – The NHS isn’t the railways, is it??

      Probably, but as I can’t access your Twitter link I can’t say for certain.

      1. Toffee – Is that it, is that really your big gotcha?🙄

      2. If you want it to be…

        However, I look at it as yet a further example** of keef shithousery duplicity and outright cowardice; abetted and approved of by none other than yourself.

        A gutless invertebrate that not only excuses harm to children when committed by his idol, but who hasn’t got the stones to even question the modus of his idol – who professes and promises one thing one week, then about-turns the next.

        Nonce case.

        **As if further examples were required to those who subject themselves to reading your degenerate ramblings.

  2. Save ticket offices.
    Our guards on trains.
    Save current levels of track maintenance.

  3. Story in today’s Guardian:

    “UK ready to drop £11.6 billion pledge for climate fund”

    Is there any connection between this and Labour’s recent downgrading of its plans to tackle the problem of global warming? Well, it is quite possible that the recent announcement from Labour has given the Conservatives the confidence to do this.

    1. Yes. Starmer’s labor is taking its lead from the parasites and leeches known as “the elite”.
      It’s evidently not their priority.
      With Starmer, we’ll get what we’re given/allowed. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. I think they will get rid of ticket offices and guards until their is a major accident they only think of profit before people it wont be long before they want us to climb on top of trains like they do in India for profit where hundreds died and were injured and i’m pretty sure the train drivers will be to blame if there is a major accident

  5. Never forget that the Govt spends more on the rail network now than it did when it was publicly owned.

    Also don’t forget Starmer pledged to nationalise it when he was running for leader, and recently refused to believe he actually said that he would, because now he says that Labour won’t re-nationalise the Rail Network, or indeed any other public utility.

    Labour lies.

    1. Toffee…..Ignore the The Chief Turd Polisher. Little boys should be seen and not heard. He has nothing to say of any consequence.

      1. baz2001 “He has nothing to say of any consequence.”

        ……..and yet here you are🤔

  6. Wee steve h has NO qualms WHATSOEVER about “policies” that harm children.

    Indeed, he continually acquiesces and is reticent in confronting the issue(s) head-on.

    …Going as far as to excuse the actions of smarmer and his own (keef’s) views when backed into a corner

    That is all that people need know about him. As complicit and despicable as any nonce case.

    Excusing, enabling, emboldening, and empowering egregiousness, everywhere.

    1. Toffee, One wonders why he ‘escaped’ the UK. What was he running from I wonder? He seems to get agitated when we bring up Starmer’s history as a paedo protector extraordinaire.

      1. Seems I’m not the only one with that train of thought, then😙🎵

        As for the railways, it’s quite easy – bin HS2. The biggest, most grotesque vanity project there’s ever been should NEVER have gone ahead.

        If the network was supposedly crying out for it why didn’t the private rail companies fund it?

        In the age of video conferencing, what bleedin good is getting to the shithole capital 20 minutes quicker for business meetings?

        If the Germans (or was it the Chinese?) Were quoting a couple of£bn for a line between Rio & Lima (?) – or some trans-south American railway of a length of 2k+ miles over far more difficult terrain – then how the fook has a line of LESS THAN 250 miles cost over FIFTY TIMES MORE?

        A load of shite from start to finish.

        …WHEN they finish (And at final cost)

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