‘Lift the siege of Gaza’ – live from Liverpool (video)

Watch tonight’s event, part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s European tour to raise awarenes of Gaza’s suffering children, in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and against Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza – and share widely:

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  1. How can anyone with one iota of decency in them, knowing that this sort of barbarism is going on, be a “Friend” of Israel? As a society we should be ashamed to elect a parliament the majority of whose members are “Friends” of a foreign country capable of such cruelty and inhumanity. Horrific.

  2. All of these scab MP’s that are LFI should be ashamed good on the palestinians who are standing up to these zionist fucking rats and fighting back us Irish know what it’s like to be occupied and murdered thousands of us sent to colonies to build empires as slaves

  3. Not entirely unrelated……

    Due to an article I came across when I was researching something on the Sun’s website earlier this evening, it then occurred to me to do a search (on the Sun’s website) re >hitler was a zionist livingstone< so as to determine how many times the Sun has dissembled this falsehood about Ken over the years (since the end of April, 2016). There were 44 results/articles that came up, and I checked out about half of them, and at least two-thirds of them stated that Ken Livingstone said Hitler was a Zionist, and some of the others said that he 'was suspended for comparing Zionists to Hitler'.

    In other words, in around thirty articles – practically all of them posted between 2016 and 2020 (and probably all of them in the print edition) – over a period of approximately five years, the Sun has repeated this falsehood in articles some thirty times, which works out at an average of six times a year.

    Anyway, I also came across the following article in which it says the following:

    Presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were left speechless by the 73-year-old’s comments, who doubled down on his controversial claims.

    Mr Livingstone, who resigned from Labour in May having been suspended for the previous two years over the comments, said: “I said that in the 1930s Hitler supported Zionism.

    “Not because he liked German Jews, but because he did a deal with the German Zionists.”

    He added: “There’s a complete difference. He did a deal.”

    And he once again tried to claim he never even said that Hitler was a Zionist, saying that no journalist had ever rung him to check the quotes.

    Yep, that's lying propagandist fascist shite for you. They really ARE the scum of the Earth!

      1. Daily Express, May 3rd, 2016:

        LISTEN: Ken Livingstone calls Hitler a Zionist – the full clip leading to suspension

        KEN Livingstone has caused outrage and chaos in Parliament after claiming Hitler was a Zionist as he defended suspended Labour MP Naz Shah.

        Needless to say – given that Ken said no such thing – if you listen to the clip you DON’T hear Ken calling Hitler a Zionist! The fascist scum at the Express thought it would be hilarious to gaslight their readers.

      2. PS I just went back to the list of 44 results/articles to check out a few more of them, and came across something I’ve never come across before – ie that in April 2017 someone reported Ken to the police:

        RED KEN ‘RACE HATE’ Ken Livingstone could face cop probe for inciting racial hatred despite Labour Hitler let-off

        A former party activist has made a complaint to cops, accusing the ex-London Mayor of inciting racial hatred against Jews

        KEN Livingstone could face a police probe into his Hitler outburst days after being let off by a Labour disciplinary panel.

        Andrew Lavery, 45, who quit Labour last year, made the complaint to Scotland Yard the day after Livingstone avoided expulsion from the party.

        He said: “Ken Livingstone is an absolute disgrace. Just because you used to be Mayor of London doesn’t mean you can go around stirring up hatred against an ethnic minority. I really hope they charge him.” Scotland Yard confirmed an investigation has begun.

        A Scotland Yard spokesperson later confirmed that Mr Livingstone has been arrested and charged with willfully referring to an historical fact.

      3. PSS Just checked, and the Sun was the only media/news outlet that reported the above story. Hmm……

    1. ………and Sir Keir Starmer often writes for ‘the Scum’. I wonder when he will join GB News and providce more ‘copy’ for his chum and mentor Rupert (The Truth) Murdoch.

      1. Gbnews. Daily exclusive. Your p.m speaks. That could fly for a couple of shows.

    1. … also to support Palestinians on the West Bank …
      you can tell Hyundai CE: Separate your brand from oppression

      “In the Amazon, Indigenous territories are excavated and destroyed for illegal gold … In the West Bank, Palestinian homes and schools are excavated and destroyed to build illegal settlements.
      One company’s equipment is used for both of these assaults: Hyundai CE. When its executives were told about the Amazon problem, they intervened. But they’ve done nothing about Palestine.”

      Add your name, and demand Hyundai CE stops letting its equipment be used to destroy lives.

    2. The IDF had to save face after their recent debacle in Jenin. No infantry alone this time. Planes, strafing, bombing refugees. Remember Benjy your dome ain’t iron not even bronze. The Shia know this to be true, witness it’s uselessness in S.A and Ukraine. Where do some people get their steel and dignity from?

    1. Thank you for this video PW. This Video demonstrates why the powerful pro Israel/ Zionist Lobby could never allow Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister and why they waged an orchestrated hate campaign against him ( aided and abetted by the PLP, Southside, the MSM and the BBC who it seems clear were either in the pockets of the Lobby or too scared to speak out in case they got the same treatment ).
      Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle who could neither be bought or bullied into silence about Israel’s human rights abuses of Palestinians so the pro Israel / Zionist Lobby set out to destroy him. They didn’t succeed and despite all their vilification lies and smears Jeremy is still standing and still advocating for Palestinians and oppressed people everywhere.
      Jeremy Corbyn is an honest decent fearless man. He is also a truly great statesman. Solidarity Jeremy.

  4. I just checked the video clip out on youtube, and it’s been up just four hours (at the time of writing) and has 27k views and 676 comments, just about ALL of them praising JC for speaking out against this legislation

    1. Just checked again, and it’s now 29k views and 713 comments (just twelve minutes after I initially checked).

      But what I forgot to say is that when I did a search yesterday, hardly any of the MSM mentioned the seventy groups and organisations (that Jeremy mentions) who have voiced their opposition to the Bill.

    2. Allan Howard,

      Just falling a line of thought ‘inspired’ by a comment on the previous thread linking to a so called ‘alternative’ view from Labour List.

      Does this mean:

      A. That the now independent MP for Islington North has been ‘trapped’ in some obscure way by the Blue Tories as a result of taking a principled position?

      B. That taking a principled position on this or any other issue is considered by the self-appointed political elite class occupying the so called Opposition as something to be frowned upon?

      We await with bated breath the verdict of the dishonourable denizen of Hermitage Barracks.

      1. Dave – I don’t know, but I’m guessing that you think you do.
        Why don’t you enlighten us?

      2. Yet another dog returning to its vomit moment.

        Seeing it was your comment steveH you get precedence on answering the questions posed.

        Oh! Hang on. You don’t ever do answering questions put to you by others do you stevie boy – because you have no answers other than to run away like all cowards who are faced down by the grown ups.

        Meanwhile, on the subject of the fascist apartheid state and its sponsors:

  5. On the terrible situation in Jenin, the guardian published this blinkered nonsense by Simon Tisdall: Netanyahu’s attack on Jenin shows weakness. The Palestinians are weak too – and therein lies the danger.

    In his article, Tisdall completely ignores the fact that one side is literally thousands of times militarily more powerful and richer than the other, therefore the onus and international demands should fall on them to act in a civilised, reasonable manner.

    Last night on BBC 2’s Newsnight, they gave an Israeli spokeswomen the opportunity to attempt to justify the illegal occupation and the settlers violent actions across the West Bank. Imagine them giving Russia the same opportunity to justify occupying Ukraine. One occupation good – another bad? Then we wonder why the British are always cast play evil characters in films.

    1. SteveH

      I saw it.

      First time they’ve mentioned the vicious factionalism and purge that’s underway. The BBC, like the guardian, have been protecting the vile Starmer and his the RW faction from scrutiny.

      John McDonnell made a very good point, contrasting the hope and enthusiasm of ’97, to the grim despair, fear and the promise of a joyless victory that’s around the party now. Some say Starmer will be better in power, he won’t, they never are. Drunk on power they become FAR, FAR worse, as Blair proved.

      If members and MPs are too afraid to speak let alone debate policy, then that isn’t a political party, it’s like belonging to a vicious cult. Starmer is a fucking hideous individual imo, that much is already the shared view on here. But he’s empowered the likes of Akehurst to seemingly be judge and jury as to who can remain a member. Aside from who the hell is voting Akehurst onto the NEC? A man who has appeared at ‘Israel First’ rallies and is seemingly obsessed with that country – complete madness.

      If you look at the reply tweets denouncing McDonnell’s Newsnight appearance , they’re typically from bot accounts – i.e. accounts that consist of retweets and little else. The vile LP machine can’t handle criticism.

      Finally, if the Tories dump Sunak you can still well imagine there being a hung parliament.

      1. … and a way with words: ‘joyless victory’ is my favourite. A joyless, dangerous victory. Razor-sharp post Andy

      2. SteveH

        I asked before, what you thought of Starmer ignoring the conference vote for proportional representation? You claimed on this very site, as a democrat he’d be duty bound by such a vote. Only one union opposes: the GMB, led by unlikeable RW Starmer fanboy Gary Smith.

        Believe me, the left doesn’t enjoy bashing Labour, it’s v. frustrating having to. Under a PR system the left would promote a new party and its policies, putting forward a positive agenda for change, rather than concentrating on Labour.
        Starmer is opposed to PR because he and the careerists in the PLP know full well were there a viable alternative party for the progressive left, they couldn’t simply rely on the left voting for them as the least worst option.. The UK appears to be in a political death spiral with both parties promising more of the same.

      3. qwertboi, SteveH

        Newsnight interviewed Josh Simons who spoke in defence of Starmer.

        In 2016, Simons claimed he was he was told to remove a Hebrew greeting from Jeremy Corbyn’s Passover message – in case it made him sound “Zionist” – Labour strongly denied the claim.

        Pretty obvious who caused most of Corbyn’s problems, They were terrified he’d recognise Palestine as PM. In expresing his desire to prevent Corbyn becoming PM, ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo said to a Jewish audience : “once it happens it’s too late..”… i.e. recognition. Unfortunately British politics is being shaped by the needs of Israel and the powerful lobby in this country.

  6. BBC did not broadcast or reference Andy McDonald’s speech on Israeli violence in Jenine.

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