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Exclusive: Turner condemns Tories who voted for sewage dumping. One sits with him on front bench

Labour MP apparently fails to spot that Tory defector Christian Wakeford, who was welcomed with open arms by party boss Keir Starmer and rapidly put on the front bench, is one of the MPs named and shamed for voting to let privatised water companies dum shit in our waterways and coastal seas

Labour front-bencher Karl Turner has put out a social media post rightly lambasting Tory MPs who voted to ‘pump human turds into our rivers and seas’, and included a link to a list of shame naming all those Tories who voted for sewage dumping to continue rather than force privatised water companies to fix their systems instead of paying out billions to shareholders.

However, a click on the link quickly reveals what Turner seems not to have noticed: one of those Tories sits alongside him on Keir Starmer’s front bench – Conservative defector Christian Wakeford.

Not only was Wakeford welcomed with open arms by Keir Starmer – and rapidly given a front bench post – but Starmer’s organisational thugs then blocked Labour members from being able to vote on whether they want him standing for Labour at the next general election, when every other constituency party around the country was told to hold a selection vote whether they wanted to or not, forcing them to keep the literal red Tory around.

Of course, this is only one of the many, many, many ways in which what masquerades as an opposition under Starmer is functionally indistinguishable from the blue Tories on the opposite bench. From allowing undercover cops and their agents to commit crimes with impunity, to restricting the human, civil and democratic rights of UK citizens, to allowing torture and war crimes to go unpunished, to their lust for war and the death of foreign people and their enthusiasm for Israeli apartheid, there’s barely a cigarette paper between the two Tory versions – and sometimes Starmer’s set are to the right of the Tories.

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  1. Interesting turn of events. My understanding is that Bambos Charalambous is a firm supporter of the Palestinian cause.
    I wonder if this has anything to do with his suspension from the PLP?

  2. How many times do read on other comment pages that no one has a clue what policies Red Tories have on anything
    Where’s 246 types of Constructive Ambiguity when you don’t need him

  3. Where’s 246 types of Constructive Ambiguity when you don’t need him

    Probably being briefed on how to respond with the usual tired arl bingo card answer shite like

    Credible alternative
    Corbyn lost seats
    Have you seen this opinion poll
    The left
    …And many, many more

    Boring ,clueless twunt – just like his idols.

    Still won’t say why he voted keef – who was elected on continuity Corbyn.

    ‘best of a bad bunch’ he used to claim. So “bad” that he idolises the torier-than-tory slimeball.

      1. Toffee – …and yet surprise, surprise here you are again? 😲🤔

      2. I was (originally) replying to Doug, not you. Talking about you – not TO you.

        Not very bright, are ya?

      3. Toffee – As I said above – It’s gratifying to see that I am occupying your thoughts.

      4. And as I said above – you couldn’t occupy a vacuum.

        Now sod off.

  4. Methinks Uncle Festa and Dorries are in bed together with the resignations and bye-elections
    What will the Ersatz Tory Starmer have to offer

  5. Keir Starmer gets paid for his job of Leader of the Opposition. It beats me how he has the nerve to accept the money.

  6. From the Guardian:

    In an email to supporters, Keir Starmer writes:

    [Boris Johnson] believed himself to be above the law. He treated the British public with contempt, partying while the nation grieved.

    Labour now has an opportunity to deliver a historic victory. One that will send a real message about the sort of country we want to see, where decency and respect in our politics matters.

    Rishi Sunak knows this moment is critical and will throw everything at it. We cannot let the Tories outspend us. They cannot have that advantage.

    Victory in this contest is a vital step towards the next Labour government.

    What hypocrisy! Quite apart from the begging-bowl, which wouldn’t have been necessary before the great exodus of members, Starmer’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    1. I genuinely do not know who has less integrity out of Johnson and Starmer. I absolutely loathe both of them.

      1. Can’t stand Johnson’s or Trump’s politics, but it’s clear both are being ‘fitted up’ to disqualify them from politics by centrist ‘status quo’ defending opponents in both big parties. Opponents who only know how to fight dirty using lawfare and overscrupulous pedantic enforcement of rules. Harriet Harman is a sanctimonious old c*w who should’ve been removed by term limits a decade ago. She’s been in politics as long as anyone cazn remem ber and achieved sweet FA.

        Selectively enforced rules that don’t apply to others; every US president has taken official papers incl. Clinton, Obama and recently Biden – classified-marked documents were found recently during a planned search of Joe Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

        And ‘partygate’ is a non-story hyped to oblivion by Labour and the BBC. The cabinet secretary is meant to enforce conduct rules, and he was at the wildest party at No.10 and no one is calling for him to resign. Why?

        Not one journalist has done their basic duty by asking Starmer if he was initially given a fine that he and the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) had overturned, regarding the beer and curry gathering.

        Remarkable how many Tory MPs are sympathetic to a Labour govt now Starmer and Reeves are running it. It’s literally Tory A team vs Tory B team in our no choice fake democracy, a true uniparty system.

  7. BoJo should join New New Labour, he’s perfect for them. A right-winger who’s always lying, what more could they want.

    1. Got all the attributes…liar, racist, sleazy, freeloader, narcissist etc.

      …But he’s just not tory enough.

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