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Breaking: Starmer bars successful Tyne mayor Driscoll from standing

Party gives no explanation as ugly reality of Starmer’s Labour on show again

Populat left-wing Tyneside mayor Jamie Driscoll

Jamie Driscoll, the popular left-winger who as incumbent Tyneside mayor would be a shoo-in for re-election, has been barred from standing by Keir Starmer’s Labour.

Driscoll tweeted the news minutes ago, along with his pride in his achievements, and added that the party has not even bothered to give him a reason, though his solidarity with oppressed Palestinians is likely to have been a factor in the perverse shell that Labour has become under Starmer:

This will no doubt be the cue for abundant briefing by Starmer’s drones disparaging and smearing Driscoll, as has been seen in multiple other cases of such cowardly control-freakery by the Labour right.

Meanwhile, local members have again been blocked from a meaningful say in who represents them.

Solidarity with Mayor Driscoll – and let’s hope that he stands and wins as an independent against a party that has become thoroughly unfit for the name Labour.

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  1. Just, what I was thinking. Stand as an Independent!

    Plenty of unaffiliated Unions around to help fund his campaign. PCS, for one. The Union he was supporting, earlier, today.

    This Independent thing, might be a way forward. It seems to be gathering pace.

  2. The more that I observe what is going on, the more than I agree with Smartboy that Starmer isn’t interesting in winning the next General Election.
    His first priority appears to be, to ride the Labour Party of any vestige of socialism.

    1. Reply to Maria V
      Starmer’s other priority is to turn Labour into an extreme pro Israel party which will categorise any sort of support for Palestinian human rights as “antisemitism” .
      Labour under Starmer is a lost cause.

      1. I agree,Smartboy that is his second priority.
        However, while I believe Starmer will be successful in riding the LP of socialist and defending Israel’s anti Palestinian policies. I believe too, that give it 50 years unless Israel changes course, Israel will stop to exist.
        I am looking forward to see if the BRICS managed to put forward a single currency to challenge the dominance of the $, £ and €. If they manage the decline of the Western powers is going to go down fast.
        I am afraid that India, China and South Africa have very little interest in Zionism. South African Jews as far as I know tend to be anti-Zionist. Hence, the Israeli lobby would have little influence.
        Only some of Brasil and Russia Jewish community appears to be sympathetic towards Zionism. Still, the level of influence Israel would be able to exert on the BRICS would be somehow limited.
        Russia have more interests to protect among the wider Muslim world that with Israel. Russia has less than 200K Russian Jews while it has over 2000K Muslim, so over 10 times more.

    2. I do not agree. There is a lot more money to be made by someone who has held office rather than just being in opposition.

      I hope he stands as an independent. He might do reasonably well even if he does not actually win.

    1. JillAzzouz, Also the Party of corruption, sex pests, racism and lying. How much worse can it get?

    1. Tony, I am not basing my comment that unless Israel policy changes course, it would disappear in 50 years in anything Ahmadinejad had said.
      Rather in having a passing interest in ancient history. I see a parallel between what when on, at Roman Palestine in the 1st Century AD and right now.
      I am comparing the 1st Century AD Zelots refusing to have a statue of the Roman emperor on the Temple courtyard, to present day government of Israel insisting in pursuing “Great Israel” by increasingly building Israeli settlements in Palestinian occupaid territory, disregarding in the process international law.
      We know how it ended in 70 AD with Titus entering Jerusalem, destroying the second temple and slaving the remaining Jews still living in Palestine and scattering them as slaves to all the provinces of the Roman Empire.
      Then in living memory I witnessed how the South African apartheid regime crashed under the pressure of BDS.
      This is why Israel fears BDS, because when BDS gains support across the world it is game over. Should the BRICS manage to create a single currency to rival the $,£,€ the Global South would be able to engage in BDS against Israel without fear. They would not longer need to buy our currencies to trade.

  3. Where’s the resident nonce excuser and his democratic pearls of wisdom?

    Twas only the other day he said:

    SteveH25/05/2023 AT 11:07 PM
    If there is a contest for the seat then Birkenhead’s Labour Party constituency members will get to decide who they want to represent them. it’s democracy, what’s not to like?**

    Well now!! Here’s a contest for the mayoralty of Tyneside, where the incumbent has been barred from standing for sod-all…Except doing what he was elected to do.

    (Personally don’t agree with these elected mayors but I disagree far more with the sycophantic shithouse smarmerite sect who sanction this sort of antidemocratic shite)

    **Will they? Or will mick whitley find out that something innocuous he might or might not have done three, five or even as long as ten years ago be a reason for the authoritarian smarmerites to disqualify him and shoehorn in crying arse mcgovern as the sole candidate without any CLP involvement whatsoever?

    1. Ere prick…That driscoll didn’t call keef SIR keef.

      Guess he deserves his disqualification then eh?

      1. Toffee -A simple ‘thank you’ for posting the link would have sufficed. 😘

      2. Because you persistently refuse point-blank to answer anyone’s questions, you’re not getting one. How’s that grab ya?

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