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Wirral, Banbury, Hastings: Labour colludes with Tories and hard right to freeze out popular Greens

Yet more disgrace as Labour right continues to corrupt shell of party

Labour has colluded with the Tories – and even a far-right Reform UK councillor – to grab power and freeze out popular Green councillors in at least three different local authorities this week.

Shamefully, Labour in Wirral on Merseyside – where right-winger Paul Stuart, who helped smear Wallasey Labour members in the borough to protect Angela Eagle, had already bribed Tories with senior positions to get himself installed as the new council leader – again teamed up with their soulmates in blue rosettes to prevent the thirteen Green councillors from getting committee chairships, despite the party winning 22% of the vote in the borough and .

Green councillor Jo Bird, who smashed Labour’s attempts to defeat her in her ward this month, told Skwawkbox:

This is about democracy, fairness, power and honesty. Over 80,000 people who live in Wirral voted for 66 local councillors in democratic elections just two weeks ago. 41% voted Labour, 22% voted Green, double the LibDem vote. Following usual practices, from Wirral Council’s 6 important decision-making policy committees and 5 regulatory committees, including Constitution & Standards committee the Greens should be chairing 2 of the 11 committees.

Labour’s manoeuvres at the Council meeting were unfair, disproportionate and disrespectful to Wirral voters. Labour and Conservatives supported each other in an unholy alliance. Voters want honesty and fairness from their elected politicians, not this kind of dirty backroom dealing.

What you get with Labour is not what’s on the tin. Their election leaflets claimed that if you peel back a Green you get a Conservative underneath, yet what you are seeing is that if you vote Labour, you get a Labour-Conservative coalition.

Watch Bird’s full speech to the council here.

Labour also colluded with Tories to grab power in Banbury in Oxfordshire – again to freeze out the Greens, whose relative performance in the recent local elections far outstripped Labour’s vote-share standstill, where the Green group leader on the council echoed Jo Bird’s ‘vote Labour, get Tory’:

And in the Sussex borough of Hastings, Labour teamed up with the hard right, in the form of a former Tory councillor who now represents Reform UK, to grab the council’s senior positions despite its poor electoral performance leading to a minority position on the council – and even with the right-winger’s support, Labour still needed the Labour mayor’s casting vote to scrape through in some votes

Green leader Julia Hilton said:

[Council leader Paul] Barnett talked about how all 32 councillors should be working together and yet they’ve just acted to remove all the chairs and vice-chairs and in fact to not really care about the opinions or skills of the non-Labour members of this council. So we’ve gone back to the old ways of working within your Labour cabal.

It seems a pretty short-sighted move to abandon all committees to shared working because now you feel you can rely on the support of a councillor who sits as a member of the Reform party… and the casting vote of the mayor.

Such collusions, like Labour’s failure to gain vote-share in the local elections despite the collapse of the Tories, are a sign of the rot and red-Toryism of Starmer’s party. But of course, even without such examples it’s clear that voting Labour means getting Tory – Starmer has boasted that ‘his’ party are the ‘real Conservatives’. The only question is what colour rosette they’ll be wearing.

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  1. Think Right Wing Labour are frightened of the young Left and Left of all ages backing the Greens (perhaps in protest until a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party comes along) at their expense. They crush you and then the Lightweights think you’ll vote for them for crumbs.

    1. The utter depravity of Starmer is epitomised by the way they treated Jo Bird.

  2. Labour’s right don’t have a guiding political ideology, or philosophical beliefs. For them politics is solely about denying the left power and influence by any means necessary.
    These unpopular, empty policy cupboard shysters, by rights, should have no place in UK political life. And be it not for a sympathetic right-wing media, who view them as a bulwark against a left they fear, they wouldn’t have.

    1. That’s what 29 years of Blair and Brown’s ‘third way’ Atlanticism, CIA-backing and now Starmer’s trilateralism has done to right-wing Labour. They’re bereft of any idea other than hating the left. It’s their be-all, their end-all, their only-thought. This suits their Washingotn neocons probably can’t believe their lucky. Brain-dead Labour will obey their orders all the better.

      1. You sense MPs like Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips, to name but two in the PLP, don’t really care whether Labour win or lose, just as long as they retain their seats on the gravy train. Nandy has trouble explaining in interviews precisely what Labour are for beyond resorting to platitudinous guff, with her frequently suggesting right-wing voters must be heard more. In reality, she’s just pushing further capitulation to the Tories.
        And Jess Phillips could barely contain her glee as 2019’s general election results came in.There are dozens like them, sitting in seats that could be occupied by genuine left-wingers that the party was established by, and for. People who don’t want to be a Tory tribute act and want to make elections a meaningful route to real change.

        We really need PR.

      2. Guardian: Politics should be taught in primary schools, Alastair Campbell says – Former spin doctor tells Hay festival politics lessons for young children could be called ‘arguing’ or ‘big issues’

        The elephant in the room is our dumbed-down FPTP voting system. Most people live in constituencies that never change party allegiance, MPs are parachuted in from party HQ, so thinking deeply about politics and choices is utterly pointless.

        If Campbell were honest, he’d acknowledge the quickest way to a better informed electorate and more engaging debate, is via the introduction proportional representation. Under which all votes count, choices are meaningful and debates do matter.

      3. You had your opportunity to ‘trigger’ and replace sitting Labour MPs, what happened?

  3. New new Labour not even pretending anymore. Are they the lesser of two evils? I’m increasingly unsure.

    1. Look comrades this is hard but Steven is right. Opportunities existed but we lacked something, nerve, steel, and fortitude. Too much Damon Runyon. Nicely Nicely. They’re going to rip your throat out, kid. Werewolves of South Side. Greens ain’t going to save us. They’re not Socialists but dig away I hope like we did with Scotland and now the perverts in Wales. They are doing what they want in Liverpool, with JVL, good comrades are out in the cold, homeless and shivering. Our role should begin as independent. Education? We can start with Winstanley and go on to Sylvia. We, unlike the rats, have a lot to be proud of. There’s a start. It will take time and patience and exquisite patience. We have those qualities in abundance, surplus in fact. Cheers all, I am getting my Lions shirt out of the cupboard again.

  4. You had your opportunity to ‘trigger’ and replace sitting Labour MPs, what happened?

    Well, let’s just take Merseyside as an example, shall we?

    A certain few (then) sitting mps – all female, and all anti-corbyn/left – who were all under serious threat of deselection, concocted a load of horseshite.

    Two of them shrieked antisemitic victimisation, with absolutely fuck-all to back it up. Oh, the mainstream media did everything in their arsenal to maintain the bullshit (and still do) but even under the most microscopic amount of objective scrutiny, their spurious (understatement) “claims” do not stack up

    Hence their resignations; both jumping before they were pushed, in order to prevent the conducive media having to prove that little bit deeper into their lies.

    The third lied about Corbyn supporters hurling bricks through windows and allowed others to weaponise it’s homosexuality – getting both long-standing members and activists, as well as the CLP suspended – in order to avoid deselection.

    And not a fucking shred of that stands up to the remotest of scrutiny. And yet the MSM still maintain the load of absolute bollocks that all three are “victims”

    So that’s what happened when the left supposedly had opportunity to trigger – and that’s in just one county.

    You were saying….??

    1. In our Constituency the CLP successfully and without a tinge of regret passed a no confidence motion against the sitting MP who opted to form their own Party a few months later.

      What contribution did you make in the Newbury Constituency steveH?

      1. Dave – Non whatsoever, I have no connection with Newbury, how about you?

        Are you some sort of local hero in Newbury?

      2. Non (sic) whatsoever, I have no connection with Newbury.

        You have no connection in to UK politics, having severed your ties by virtue of frigging off to the Caribbean – supposedly.

        What is the purpose of you coming on here and telling us who remain what way we should vote?

      3. The two most common words in the English language…..

        …..steveH zilch.

    1. A fake or rigged democracy is certainly a joke.

      There is nothing wrong with democracy per se. As a concept it’s better than all the other alternatives. The problem is, some are willing to undermine elections and corrupt processes, because they simply refuse to be beaten in a fair contest.

      The weakness of the political left, is in being too trusting (Starmer ‘s 10 Pledges); not understanding the sheer viciousness and sociopathy driving many on the right, those who infiltrate left -wing organisations. Look at the low turnout in union elections, it allows the right – who are well organised and interested in getting their people in – to win, gaining disproportionate right-wing representation in leadership roles.

      1. In a British context even the unfair two-party system could work better if things were as intended, with the party of capital vs the party of Labour, vying for power. But liberal centrists have infiltrated and stolen the Labour party, with the aid of a sympathetic RW press.

        Change UK’s abortive launch to a fanfare of publicity shows how much support they’d muster going it alone. These usurpers are making FPTP even more starkly unfit for purpose.

      2. Andy – Is there a reason why ‘the left’ have failed to make any consistent progress?
        If you had the numbers there would obviously be nothing to stop you and your comrades from taking advantage of the low turnouts.

      3. I think it’s a mixture of apathy and naivety about the scale of the right’s desire and attempts to infiltrate and change the whole ethos and direction of the Labour party and trade unions. The UK establishment which is heavily weighted in favour of conservatism, have sought to dim Labour’s reforming flame.

        It all sounds a bit far-fetched, tin-foil, a bit conspiratorial, but no one can deny New Labour, Blair,and now Starmer and right-wing union official officials like Coyne are all very real. The left need to mobilise and turnout, the consensus among Labour members is that Starmer would be rejected if he ran now, even many still intending to vote Labour are bitterly disappointed and feel they were conned.

      4. Wasn’t getting the vote out one of our specialities? Just two thousand more and we would have crossed the line.

  5. Those Councillors in these Local authorities will have been instructed to carry out those decisions in a meeting in which senior managerial oversees from Central Office were supervising the Labour Group via zoom.

    Just as was the case in Sheffield.

    Don’t you just love the black shirt version of “democracy.” You can just feel little stevieboy wetting his self in delight.

    1. …… and if things don’t go your way then in your view it must be either a fix or a conspiracy. You’re a joke.

      1. I’m merely relaying what local Councillors affected are passing on – most of whom are on the political right of the Party steveH.

        Which adds to the already substantial evidence provided by a long litany of recorded events from the witch hunts on members through to the suspension of CLP’s, the undemocratic imposition of non-local candidates, and the collusion with Tories at local levels.

        If you wish to believe that such people are ‘conspiracy’ theorists I suggest you take the matter up with them.

        Similarly, if you wish to believe that Skwakwbox and others similarly impacted by this – from Jo Bird to leaders and deputy leaders of large City Councils forced to resign – are lying at least have the balls to say so up front rather than cowering behind innuendo.

        Failing that a long period of silence on your part would be in order should you wish to retain any remaining self-respect as you are clearly incapable of putting up by providing anything of substance to back up your increasingly ridiculous ravings.

        Right now its really sad to witness the total absence of self-awareness of a bag of wind mouthing off empty platitudes and rhetoric who makes Shakespeare’s character Parolles look like the model of virtue.

      2. …… and if things don’t go your way then in your view it must be either a fix or a conspiracy.

        And councillors, CLP officers, and the common membership are spewing the party in droves for WHAT reason, soft shite?

      3. Not at all. When have I ever claimed that? We ( the socialists ) were out manoeuvred, made unhealthy alliances, believed the wrong people and, unbelievably found out that the ruling class media were not our chums. Some still find this to be surprising. A party of 600,000 members could not gather their forces to ensure national exposure of the Labour Files. Our lefty leaders could not envisage a day without the Guardian. That anti-Socialist pile of lipstick Bolsheviks. There’s more but my dog needs to express herself.

  6. I remember visiting Jo Bird in her flat ‘over the water’, offering support when she was a Labour Party Councillor who had been receiving death threats because she was the wrong sort of Jew.

    1. Steve, that’s horrible. What sort of people do things like that and, I guess, are rewarded. That’s not hard, tough politics. It’s intimidating and violent. That’s their game out in the open. Cowardly shits.

  7. Democracy
    Least worst
    Need a period of benevolent dictatorship to deal with corruption at every level
    Set a few examples so message gets through quickly
    Up with this we will not put
    Then it’s all anout ‘Never again ‘

    1. An irrelevant dead cat on the table post will be arriving in…………..

      ……..wait for it! wait for it!

  8. …That you’ll answer a question?

    …That you’ll address the issue of the original post?

    …That it won’t be all about you?

    I’m simply/merely….

    See MY post…

    Thanks for confirming MY…

    When it’s NOT about how great keefs’ meant to be, it’s about you. When it’s NOT about keef, or you, it’s about Corbyn.

    When it’s NOT about any of those three it’s about your overt friendliness towards nonces.

    And that’s why you’re universally despised.

    So….When can we expect the unfunny, shit and too-often-used-to-be-anything-but-homicidal-thought-inducing ‘I love you too’ riposte, complete with the “blows kiss” emoji, you turgid, torpid twunt??.

    1. MY insecurities is it?

      From the beaut that checks the email new posts box because YOU have to have the last word on every fucking thing.

      This latest post if yours being a prime example. Four threads down on the main page and you’re still checking to see if anyone replied to your last post.

      You godawful, nonce-friendly sadsack.

      1. Yes indeed, here I am AGAIN…preventing you from having the last word, you nonce-friendly gobshite.


      2. Toffee – Wow❗….. how heroic of you,,,,,,,,¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  9. Bollocks. I’ll have the last word. Hands up all those who thought that it was just the BBC that was nonce infested.

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