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Video: protester manhandled off stage as he tries to school Rees-Mogg on fascism

Extinction Rebellion protester tries to talk to ‘National Conservatism’ conference about the right’s extremism, but is dragged away as Jacob Rees-Mogg gesticulates

An Extinction Rebellion protester has been dragged off stage and out of the hall, to boos and jeers, after interrupting Tory MP in an attempt to talk to his audience of ‘National Conservatives’ – rings some kind of bell, that – on fascism and its dangers:

The Tories are attacking human rights and our rights to protest and they wage a never-ending legal and propaganda war on the rights of workers to take collective action – all things a certain ‘national socialist’ was also keen to suppress and ignore. Fascism is well on its way in the UK and there is currently no organised parliamentary opposition even interested in slowing it down, let alone preventing or reversing it.

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  1. The Tories are attacking human rights and our rights to protest and…’ there’s no convincing evidence that Sir Keir is DOING anything to contradict and resist it.

  2. ‘The Right Wing Barbarians a gesticulating.
    The Neo-Liberal lumpen Rees-Mug fools.
    Who steal our surplus labour.
    With their exploitative legal capitalist rules.
    Perhaps they have only TWO policies.
    Cheap Labour & To Stuff the Mouths of the Rich with Gold.
    Learn from modern socialist thinkers and the giant thinkers of old.’
    And Peace in Ukraine as Zelensky privatises resources including land (snapped up by US big business) as arms companies shares are up 30% (FT).
    Fight the Rich and powerful here in the UK and in Ukraine Peace Now! Solidarity!

    1. Bazza – I love your use of the phrase ‘steal our surplus labour’ (despite surplus labour describing a condition ONLY relevant to capialists and economists. and that it means nothing to the working class ourselves), and immediately saw a rodney-replacement. Sir Keir Surplus Starmer. It’s maybe a bit too subtle to be obviously condemnatory (but it made sense to me), so my mind immediately went to the obvious word in the phrase: ‘Steal’. Sir Keir Stealer Starmer., stealing Labour, the party, and stealing people’s minds and their abililty/appetite to think critically. Feels right.

      Re fascist Zelensky facilitating the billionaires’ corporates to steal farm-land in Ukraine, I found this to be informative. Plunder, plunder, plunder.

      1. We knew what he meant. I don’t think the commenters on Skawky need to be educated.

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