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Starmer wishes England happy St George’s Day – with pictures of Glasgow

Useless and insulting in equal measure

Keir Starmer has managed to insult Scots again in his desperation to appeal to little-Englanders, by using images of the Scottish city of Glasgow in his St George’s Day video. Twitter user Michael Sharpe spotted the mismatch:

But this may be more than a mere blunder – Starmer appears to regard Scotland as an extension of England and has an awful record toward it, including deposing Scottish Labour’s elected leader and general secretary to please some millionaires and treating it as a branch office of the London party.

His front bench appears to be aligned, too – last week right-wing Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Kyle called SNP leader Humza Yousaf ‘Mohammed’ and called Scotland ‘Northern Ireland’.

Whether it is incompetence, contempt or both, Scottish voters are unlikely to be impressed.

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  1. Thick bastard. Couldn’t find his own arse with both hands and a map. And if he ever did he’d think it was wee steve h’s elbow.

    Probably believes there are roadsigns on the north side of Hemel Hempstead that read ‘Danger! Ere be monsters’

      1. Or to put things in context here

        Glasgow is NOT England.

        That’s the ONLY context that matters.

        What next? Greetings from Samarkand ffs?

      2. Toffee – In the unlikely event that this happens please let us know. 🥱

        Yes Glasgow is in Scotland which is surprise, surprise part of the UK, whereas Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan and isn’t.

      3. Samarkand – not in the UK? Nowt much gets past you, does it, genius? 🙄

      4. Yes, steveH, Glasgow is in Scotland.

        And that is the whole point.

        St George’s Day is not, and never has been in any way shape or form, a celebration of the UK. It is an English celebration. The symbolic “St George” being the patron Saint of England.

        Scotland, Wales and Ireland have their own Patron Saints Day celebrations on other set dates during the year.

        On St Andrews Day – Scotland – for example, no part or element of Scots society, including its political class, celebrates the day by posting pictures of Dublin or Cardiff or Milton Keynes. People put up flags associated with Scotland. They do not put up or wave the St George Cross flag which is England’s National flag, or the Union Flag.

        Similarly, on St George’s Day the tradition in England is to fly the St George Flag rather than the Union flag.

        Its not quantum mechanics. Either you are being genuinely stupid and ignorant here or you are being deliberately obtuse.

        Which is it lad?

      5. Yes, I watched the PPB-like snippet and concluded that it was EXACTLY the type of ppb/message that a status-quoist like Starmer could believe in. No mention of progressive values like deepening or extending democracy, just droning on about the Number 63 bus in Middlesborough usually arriving three minutes early and that a football company or summat called the “lionesses” did something or another since last St George’s Day.

        A non-inspiring time in the Labour party’s history.

        “Fuss about nowt”? Fuss about the absence of something worthwhile…

    1. Stammer could find his arse with both hands if someone kicked him up the arse. No one should put their foot up Stammer’s arse, it could give him brain damage.

      1. Bit late for the wee fella…so far up keefs’ arse he’s tickling his tonsils.

  2. I can understand Scottish voters being unimpressed, but as an English voter, so am I! Very unimpressed!!
    It takes a really, really rare breed of fuckwit to produce the stuff that Labour are putting out at the moment. It is matched by an apparent criminal ability to fail to understand the serious distinction between prejudice and racism.
    Not a healthy sign for a party led by a lawyer.

      1. Yes. That they could not be bothered to edit out the irrelevant material ( to the English St. George’s Day) makes it much worse.

      2. Ludus57 – (duration 2 mins 17 seconds)
        As I said above it is a video that makes a point of featuring communities and scenes from many different areas. Maybe these photos were put in intentionally, maybe it was an error. Who cares?
        Ask yourself what they have been talking about all day on the news programs, I’ll give you a clue it isn’t this. Phone in programs like LBC have talked about little else but Abbott’s f’-up all day.
        This silly nonsense is just another manufactured fuss about nowt.

      3. 246
        Thought you fuckers were the professionals, the adults in the room
        Still don’t know ‘what make Brexit work means, can you give us an example

      4. In what way, other than in the fevered imagination and faux outrage of your delusional head, can Abbott’s observations in the Observer letter be described as a F-up?

        Whilst JVL nails it.

        The reaction, including your own steveH, unarguably proves Abbots point about there being a hierarchy of racism operating across all parts of the Country, including in the Labour Party.

        Though I would go further in that there exists a demonstrable and artificially manufactured hierarchy of oppression which much of the younger ‘woke’ element of the faux ‘left (sic) have fallen for hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times. Indeed, many of that ilk, whether they realise it or not, are actively engaged as shills for “The man.”

        Just simply from a common sense perspective the Black experience of Racism, as Abbott argues, is very different from the white experience of Racism.

        I challenge you or anyone else, including the fakes like Starmer and the rest of his rag tag entourage who run the LP right now, to go out into the High street of any city or mall or other place where people congregate in number and try the following exercise;

        Pick out from the crowd those you percieve are from the Jewish Community, the Traveller Community, The Polish Community, the Armenian Community or any other White Community.

        Then do the same for those you perceive are from one of the many Black Communities.

        £100 says you would be close to 100% on identifying those from the Black Community whereas you would struggle to reach at best a third of that with those from the other White Communities.

        And that’s one of Abbot’s key points. Identification plays a major part in whether, how often and how much someone experiences racism.

        The reaction to this objective reality is cast iron proof of Abbott’s argument. And says a great deal more in terms of F-ing up about those displaying that reaction.

        So as well as being an incompetent numpty, steveH, you, along with others of like mind on this matter – including those who have suspended Abbott – are also a closet racist in supporting that hierarchy or racism.

      5. Indeed, Dave.

        A Jew of Ethiopian descent would be pigeon-holed into the black category rather than the Jewish category, most likely unanimously.

        And that would be the case if categorised by blacks AND Jews.

      6. An example of the type of racism Abbott speaks about can be applied to what happened to Sammy Davis jr throughout his life.

        Jim Crow practices applied to him in Vegas NOT because of his Jewishness….

  3. Cant wait for Frankie Boyle’s take on this – the latest in a series of clusterfucks

    1. Toffee
      On another matter can you tell us why Anthony Gordon always looks like someone has shit in his custard

      1. Cos he’s a rat. And nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

      2. And if he plays on Thursday night, he’s well worth a punt…

        …To get sent off.

  4. Nothing from Starmer is genuine. His whole leadership is like some puppeteered act, with hidden establishment hands pulling his strings.

    We are expected to believe this once passionate die-hard Remainer, turned born again ERG Brexiter? Nothing about him is genuine. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tells the people everywhere he visits he’s always supported their local football / rugby team, just to ingratiate himself.

    His and Reeves obsession with economic growth over all else, the hopelessly ambitious pledge(?) to outperform the G&, reveals they believe the worth of a nation is measured purely by some arbitrary cold financial metric, UK PLC. There is much a reform minded Labour govt could change that would improve the UK democratically and constitutionally, things that cost very little.

  5. “Happy St. George’s Day”?
    Hardly anyone in England knows when it is, let alone cares about it.

    1. Didn’t you know, goldbach, that Saint George has been promoted to patron saint of the UK?

      And if (some) Glaswegians weren’t aware, then they certainly are now, eh, wee man?

      1. No, no.
        The patron saint of the UK is, surely, St. Volodymyr.

      2. Whereas the Patron Saint of the Caribbean (allegedly) is apparently Saint Keith.

    2. The kippers care and that is what Headroom is after. Pity, a lot are thinking working-class voters.

  6. Labour is still going down in the Poll of Polls. Lab is now showing 44% to the Tories 30% Thats an 8% swing back to the Tories since late October. Another 5% (by September at this rate) and Lab will be in “no over all majority” land come a General Election. The Tories can’t win it but they will go for damage limitation which means one term or less of Labour who are too stupid to grasp the PR nettle.

    1. 246
      14% Labour lead is a hung parliament according to Sir John Curtice
      Oh dear, it’s all Neil Kinnock from here, will the last person in Red Tory Towers please switch off the lights

  7. He can’t stop lying, or is he just really dim?

    On Abbott Starmer said today:

    “That doesn’t take away from the fact that I condemn the words she used and we must never accept the argument that there’s some sort of hierarchy of racism.”

    The ‘hierarchy of racism’ observation was a criticism made by Martin Forde KC, in his report on the way Labour HQ was treating allegations of antisemitism more seriously than allegations of say, Islamophobia and racism against black people.

    Labour HQ was at that time staffed by Starmer’s RW friends. Weird how Starmer twists this after failing to address Forde’s criticism, now applies it inappropriately to Abbott’s words. What a moron Starmer is.

    1. Andy, Starmer’s an avowed Zionist. What else would you expect him to say? A bought and paid for Zionist stooge doing his masters bidding.

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