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Labour unable to scrape together enough members to even nominate candidates for local elections

Unable even to scrape two nominees together – and leaving almost 200 hundred seats uncontested in May’s council elections because it couldn’t find candidates willing to represent Starmer

The Labour party last week claimed it has a ‘paid-up’ membership of 382,000. Even if this were true, it would represent a massive fall in membership compared to the peak of around 600,000 under Jeremy Corbyn, but the evidence ‘on the ground’ suggests that it is pure fantasy – or more likely pure PR.

As left activist ‘Tory Fibs’ pointed out, Labour is not fielding a candidate in at least 185 wards in next month’s local elections because it can’t find candidates willing to stand – or to be identified with Labour’s Stalinist head, Keir Starmer:

While the number of wards uncontested by Labour is 185, many wards elect two or more councillors, so the number of candidates the party cannot put up to fight for the seats is considerably higher.

But it seems there is an even more fundamental reason for at least some such failures – and one that reflects even more brutally the diseased nature of what the so recently great party has become under Starmer and the other ‘red Tories’ allied with him.

Matt Smith responded to Tory Fibs’s tweet with his own situation – one that shows not only that Labour’s membership numbers in at least some areas are so dire that they can’t even find enough members to nominate a candidate to stand, but also that they don’t even know how few they really have, which is hardly surprising, given the regime’s war on members and their democracy.

Smith was approached by the local branch begging him to agree to nominate a candidate so Labour could get someone in the contest for the ward, because there were only two members left in that ward’s Labour branch – under Corbyn, typical branches had hundreds of members – but in reality there weren’t even two, because Smith had long ago resigned from the ‘toxic’ party and Labour is so chaotic it didn’t even know:

That meant it appears the branch chair was the last and only member left there – and the number of wards Labour is leaving unfought suggests there may be many more in such a parlous state.

And it is not just branches. Representatives in constituency parties that had over a thousand members – in some cases very far above a thousand – have told Skwawkbox that numbers have fallen to two or three hundred under Starmer’s dire and visionless regime.

In this context, it seems highly likely, even almost certain, that Labour is reporting numbers that exist only in the imagination, if even there, in order to mask how deeply unpopular the party has become. And the latest voter polling suggests that the phenomenon is widespread and not just limited to Labour members.

Starmer has killed Labour as anything but a sham of Tories in red rosettes – and the red version looks even more authoritarian and cowardly than the blue – to deprive voters of anything but the illusion of choice.

It’s time for change.

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