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Starmer promised members more power over candidate selections – so of COURSE he’s taking it away

Starmer ‘seizes control’ of selection processes and marginalises members

Keir Starmer has moved to ‘seize control’ of the process for selecting Labour’s candidates and snatched away all choice from local members except which to pick out of the list of approved drones he and the Labour right present them with.

Of course he has. During the leadership campaign he promised to empower members and give them more control over selections. So of course he is taking it away instead.

In the leadership contest, Starmer published a list of promises of what he would do if elected. Number four was to make selections ‘more democratic’ and end NEC impositions:

Instead, Starmer has presented Labour’s national executive with a list of measures that will give parties no role in selecting which applicants are included on the ‘long list’ from which the shortlist for the selection vote will be created. So local members’ only choice in who represents them will be which approved right-wing drone from the list of approved right-wing drones it gets to be.

Previously, officers elected by local members would play a key role in longlisting. Now it will all be decided by the national party and their regional minions.

The announcement is another gob of phlegm in the face of Labour’s supposedly-sovereign conference of members and unions, which last September voted to give members more power in selections. Starmer decided he can ignore its binding decisions by – yes, seriously – claiming conference is only sovereign for the few days a year it’s actually in session.

In Keir Starmer’s diseased version of the Labour party, ‘more democratic’ means ‘the choice we decide you’re allowed to make’, while ‘ending NEC impositions’ means ‘we’ll impose all the options so you have to pick one we like’. And a campaign ‘promise’ means ‘whatever the hell I decide it means’, whether that’s on democracy, renationalisation, the NHS, inequality or any other stream of gibberish he thinks will gain him what he wants until he doesn’t need it any more.

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  1. Waits with bated breath to see how the sycophantic saddo Mr Heep is going to spin this broken promise and the autocratic overturning of a democratic conference decision only a few months ago?

    The floors your’s stevie boy. What logic twisting fantasies are we going to laugh at today?

    1. He’s building up a head of steam….Here he comes…..

      It’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. He bankrupted the party, he was an antisemite, Keith’s saved the party, blah blah blah…

    2. It’s Corbyn’s fault for not doing this, or that….

      Oh! Well now! , wee fella?! That’s exactly what you was gonna try to palm us off with (For the cunteenth time)

      Gonna have to come up with something else now, aren’t ya?

      1. No it wasn’t – No argument about it.

        ““This is a not a stitch-up, it’s a bloody tapestry,” local councillor Josie Potts has said about the longlist for John Mann‘s seat. Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council since 2012, has apparently been excluded – and there are reports that none of those included are members of Bassetlaw Labour.”

        mann’s seat….Where the good lord mann told people to vote toerag, and they did?

        None of them were Bassetlaw labour? leadbetter in batley wasn’t even a labour member ffs.

        Members on the Labour left in the constituency of Roberta Blackman-Woods are frustrated that Hannah Walter has been left off their longlist. The applicant was expected to be included as a BAME woman, teacher and community activist on the Labour left.

        Ann Rothery was meant to be included as a candidate for Liverpool city mayor as a BAME candidate, until keef personally stepped in, removed her, and replaced her with his mate from the CPS and some other smarmerite nobody.

        But at least fat jo mk2 qualifies as BAME, eh?

        They are just two (high-profile) examples I’ve given. I’m quite certain it’s not an exhaustive list.

      2. Apart from a lack of support there was/is nothing to prevent them from standing as either independents or joining one of the many ‘socialist’ parties that spring up from time to time and standing under their banner. If they have the personal support then there is no reason why they can’t win, we saw an example of this in a recent LA by-election when an ex Tory councillor who had resigned from the party stood as an independent and won.

      3. Labour List Wah hah hah hah! Couldn’t you find Owen Jones, Novara, Momentum, Jewdas or any of the Other Fake not so Left?
        What is wrong with you, you might as well Quote The Guardian or The SUN!

      4. nellyskelly – Don’t be silly, LabourList is sponsored by both Unite and the FBU and publishes articles from right across the Labour Party’s political spectrum. Members of the SCG are frequent contributors and Jeremy has written over 200 articles for them.

      5. Don’t be so silly, it makes not a blind bit of difference, who sponsors or writes for them, many prominent Socialist/Leftists have written for or in The Guardian, does that make The Guardian any Less Neoliberal TORY MSM?

      6. Yes, sadly one of his weak spots, to trust people who are totally untrustworthy Sly, Conniving and Backstabbing! As bad as weaknesses go it’s not the worst in Parliament in Recent times, especially considering he was up against unashamedly Professional Con Artists!

      7. Tricia – Yes 2019 when Jeremy was Labour’s party leader.

      8. ITs worse under Corbyn “says our resident big girls blouse” ..and he hit me teacher “blah blah blah….didums STevie boy Hall centrist Dad and now fascist boy 👦wonder…..heres pwooof the one woman right wing band Labour Listens”

      9. Joseph – So the best you could manage in response was more inane drivel

      1. Toffee – A minority political dogma, I think that’s Starmer & Right Labour et al’s Neo-Liberalism.
        Oh and 12.8m people voted for Left Wing Democratic Socialist ideas in 2017 when only 9.3m voted for Miliband & Reeves centrism plus 8.6m for Brown’s centrism too!

      2. Bazza – and only 2yrs later enough of the electorate had lost faith in Corbyn to take Johnson from no overall majority to an 80 seat majority.

        For goodness sake wake up, in 2019, for the first time ever, more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory than voted for Labour. In fact in 2019 more of the middle class (ABC1) voted for Labour than did the working class.

      3. baz2001 – and yet all you have to offer is playground insults

    3. So out of seventy comments in this thread at the time of writing, SteveH posted 27 of them – ie more than a THIRD! And THAT is about average for him! His job, as a paid full-time shill, is to annoy other posters and disrupt the thread. He knows that just about everyone who follows skwawkbox knows that he’s a paid shill, but he just continues with his ‘operation’ anyway, monitoring the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day, checking every single comment that gets posted the moment it’s posted, and posting an average of about 500 ‘comments’ a week himself.

      Obviously the money must be good, AND he enjoys his malignant and malevolent work!

      1. Allan – It would be rude not to respond to others addressing there comments to me. Do you get paid for your WFM act. You claim to know a lot about ‘paid shills’, perhaps from your personal experience as one. Do you know the going rate?

      2. Spot on Allan Howard…..His arms must ache with all that polishing.

      3. Disregarding my above post and the shills asinine response to me and the one by Baz, he has NOW posted 34 comments out of 87 – ie 39% of the posts at the time of typing!

        I just had a quick look through and he was STILL posting (in this thread) after 11.30pm, more than EIGHT hours after he posted his first comment (in this thread)! And in the thread before this one he posted a comment at 1.47pm, which ALSO happened to be the FIRST comment posted in that thread!

        Must be his half-day off today!!

      4. Allan – I see you’ve got a new hobby, I hope you find it fulfilling..Do you find it less taxing than trying to put together a cogent argument.

    4. Today Labour’s NEC meeting approved the new guidance for PPC ‘long list’ selections

  2. The proposal is to formalise the institution of a ‘self perpetuating oligarchy.’ The slow process of slicing away members rights- often as in the case of BAME or feminine short lists, promoted as democratic advances- has now reached the point of making it easier for a socialist to join the Tory party, let alone the Greens, Nats or Liberals, than Labour.
    All are, indeed, Palestinians now. In fact it will be easier, under the Starmer Mandelson rules, for a Palestinian Arab to win election to the Knesset than it will be for a socialist to run for Labour.

    1. If that so called ‘socialist’ is going to dedicate their time to working against the Labour Party then why wouldn’t they?

      1. They’d still have to pay their dues though, wouldn’t they, wee man? 😏

      2. And…Where’s the money gone, genius? Where’s the money coming from, brains?

        Fuck me, but you’re as useful as javid’s comb.

      3. Toffee – Well there’s one thing for certain it won’t be from you. You haven’t contributed anything to the party for literally decades. You were there in the Blair years, where were you during the Corbyn years.
        Why are you still obsessing about a political party you left decades ago, can’t you find a new home where they agree with your politics?

      4. Now that’s grade A hypocrisy and double standards Mr Heep.

        There is not a peep from you about the mountain of evidence of vast numbers of the PLP, the Party bureaucracy, well paid numpties fleecing members money, grandees and other assorted wastes of space and oxygen thieves sycophants such as your self consistently suck up to who have spent the past five years undermining and working against the Labour Party.

        That neither features or bothers you

        You only bring that issue up selectively when it suits you.

        You are fraud and a hypocrite.

      5. Dave – Really has it really been 5yrs, doesn’t time pass quickly.
        If you look at my posts throughout this period you will note that I have consistently supported the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party throughout this period.

      6. SteveH
        The Internal report
        There is no Labour Party under Red Tories

      7. Doug – But who allowed this culture to develop by not replacing the current GenSec when he was elected leader.

      8. Toffee – Well there’s one thing for certain it won’t be from you. You haven’t contributed anything to the party for literally decades.


        Oh, that’s right – MY voice doesn’t matter, does it, brainiac? But DO go on…

        Why are you still obsessing about a political party you left decades ago, can’t you find a new home where they agree with your politics?

        Because I thoroughly disagree with and have a rodents like you infesting what was a party for the workers, and shithousing their way into hegemony.

        Why are you obsessing about a not-so faux tory, with openly tory values and ideology (who has reneged on each and every one of his pledges – including the one to OPPOSE tory brexit?)

        …Especially when you reside on the other side of the planet, and are in NO position to offer anything but financial succour to the parasites?


      9. Toffee – Because I want to see the Labour Party’s policy platform being enacted. Meanwhile you appear to be doing everything you can to undermine Labour and get the Tories elected for another term. You are the one who is intent sacrificing the welfare of millions on the alter of your minority political dogma

      10. Aww! Almost like Really!
        No! Wrong! “I want to see the Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM Labour Party’s policy platform being enacted” The UK Labour Party is not YOU and YOURS!

        If EVER! “Meanwhile you appear to be doing everything you can to undermine Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM Labour and get EITHER TORY SCUM PARTY the Tories elected for another term.”
        When faced by TWO TORY SCUM BASTARDS One has in his hands The TWO RUSTY NAILS, GE2017 and GE2019, that he and his Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM stuck in your eye with their 24/7 CONSTANT BARRAGE of SABOTAGE, BACKSTABBING, SMEARING, UNDERMINING, LYING etc, etc, etc, in his hands, which TORY SCUM BASTARD are you going to EJECT from their SEAT!

        Bring out the Violas!!! “You are intent sacrificing the welfare of millions on the alter of your minority political dogma”
        You seem to be running scared of these Minorities/minority political dogma!
        Your Party The Neo-Labour Party TORIES call us welfare and disabled cases The “Undeserving Poor”!
        Your Party says they will be Tougher than the Conservatives on those of us “Undeserving Poor” who need Welfare!
        Your Party says that they are not The Party for us Welfare and Disabled “Undeserving Poor” Cases!
        Your Party Says that Riots could sweep the streets if Immigration (talking about refugees) is not Curbed!
        Your Party says Bang up The “Undeserving Poor” for 10 years for “Benefit Fraud” bearing in mind most of the “Benefit Fraud” “Criminals” Died before their appeals, Died going back to Work, when the are NOT FIT FOR WORK!
        Your Party Says it is Inappropriate use of Party Funds for a CLP collected donations to Donate to 3 “Undeserving Poor” Charities and that YOUR Party says they will take legal action if the CLP did!
        YOUR TORY SCUM Party is far WORSE than even the current TORY SCUM Party Government for The “Undeserving Poor” Their Sacrificial Fire of the Needing “Undeserving Poor” can be seen from corner to corner!
        So Please FUCK OFF with your “Sincere Concerns” for us “Undeserving Poor” we have fought 43 Years of TORY HELL and we will fight 43 MORE, because where I drop my Crimson Standard there will be two hands to lift it High Again!
        Your Glory is a Fake one, a Connived, Sabotaged, Smeared, Lied, Stolen One, one thing is for sure a Fake Victory lasts as long as Fake Does!

      11. nellyskelly – You must be pissed off with Jeremy for blowing 43yrs of hard work. What did he actually achieve?

      12. I am pissed off with Jeremy for many things, but “blowing 43yrs of hard work” No, that is not one of them! He did no such thing. You Neo-Labour TORY Hyena and Vulture FILTH who Sabotaged A UK Labour Party Government for 4y 3m non stop, well you’ll see how we repay with gratitude at the next GE.

      13. can’t you find a new home where they agree with your politics?

        I had one – A stately one – until the ersatz-tory squatters flooded in en masse and trashed the gaff because it want to their middle-class tastes.

        You’re completely knackered if you think I’m paying THEM any rent to reside in a shithole AND allow them to dictate terms to me.

      14. Toffee – You mean your views were in the minority and you couldn’t garner enough support to change that situation.

      15. SteveH20/01/2022 AT 4:55 PM
        Toffee – Because I want to see the Labour Party’s policy platform being enacted.

        NAME a SINGLE policy that doesn’t include any element of conservatism. you continually refuse to because there isn’t one. Had there been – you’d have told everyone long before now

        you appear to be doing everything you can to undermine Labour and get the Tories elected for another term.

        Weren’t me who was only to happy to see democracy shat on, and your alleged 70% tell 17.4 million people they’d be voting AGAIN on something that was already decided upon, thereby pissing off said 17.4m AND more… (Where was YOUR vote on the 2nd ref shithousery, mister OMOV? )

        You are the one who is intent sacrificing the welfare of millions on the alter of your minority political dogma

        Really? You’ve already done that, soft shite. (See above). Welfare is it? Nah, your lot don’t do welfare – unless – like their blue siblings – it’s their own.

      16. Toffee – But you were the one that was afraid of democracy, aren’t people allowed to change their minds in your version of ‘democracy’

      17. You were the one who was repeatedly told what would happen if you continued to piss people off by making them vote until YOU got the result YOU wanted.

        Where was YOUR vote on the 2nd ref, gobshite? You didn’t get one, despite being the loudest proponent of OMOV.

        But you were happy enough with the result of the shithousery despite NOT getting a say weren’t ya?


      18. Why on earth should any socialist still support Labour after what Keir has done to it? No party that identifies as “pro-business” can do anything socialists would support if it does get elected. None of his policies are to the left of Tony Blair, therefore none can be called Labour, let alone socialist.

        Also, why should any socialist still support Labour when Keir has made all socialists voiceless, powerless and irrelevant within it? Socialism can’t be created by a party that silences and purges socialists- and even you would have to admit that virtually none of Keir’s purge victims, especially the Jewish anti-Zionists, have done anything to deserve the way Keir’s treated them. Leftists are not evil, Steve, and Labour has no reason to exist if it has no leftists within it anymore, which is now almost certain to be the case after Rachel Reeves made the despicable insinuation that everyone who was purged and everyone who left in despair were antisemites.

        Do you have NO “too far” point, Steve? Do you personally disagree with the Tories at all? None of Keir’s policies do and none of the reactionaries he is allowing to be Labour candidates to. Centrists DON’T diverge from Toryism on anything these days.

        Labour can’t survive if its membership gets any smaller and its members are made any more powerless- and the voters were never demanding that Keir do nothing as leader but give the left a kicking. And that’s the left without scare quotes- you aren’t part of the left and you can’t BE part of the left, in any sense, and defend the way Keir treats socialists, or imply those he silences and punishes are unrepresentative of the lft.

        You also can’t assume that a party to the left of Labour wouldn’t have any popular support. The idea of that hasn’t really been tested yet.

      19. kenburch – “No party that identifies as “pro-business” can do anything socialists would support if it does get elected”

        Which just goes to show how embarrassingly out of touch with reality you are, Like the vast majority of voters in the UK I support a well regulated mixed market economy.

      20. You REALLY do have a severe comprehension deficit!
        You Really have to apply for the ‘Dumbest Room Full of TROLLS Award’, You will WIN HANDS DOWN! The BluebottleSteveH Self Appointed Guardians of Blue Keef and his Starmerstruppen, The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM!

      21. nellyskelly – Why would I care what you think, you’re an idiot.

      22. Yet you can’t help yourself, following me about and commenting like my own little Idiot Peeping Tom! You really must love me so dearly to follow me about and throw little 5 year old boy in love comments every so often!

      23. nelltskelly – You should be so lucky, your comment was addressed at me you numpty, it would have been rude not to respond.

      24. Yes my comment was indeed addressed at you, I can’t say that I feel Luckier for it, you are a Particularly Vile Specimen of Troll and that is why occasionally I enjoy toying with you, but for the most commenting to you is as repulsive as usual.

      25. nellyskelly – …..and yet here you are again. The question you should ask yourself is who is the one who is being played 🤔

      26. I know that already, my little Idiot Peeping-Tom BluebottleSteveH. Not just me either, you have quite the Reputation! What are you doing here anyway, working hard for BlueKeef? Soon to be BlueKeef with box in hand, complete with Thatcher Statuette, leaving via the back door!
        Your Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party is going nowhere but down all by it’s own hand!
        Of Course we’ll be there for added encouragement, but it seems very little is needed!

      27. And precisely what has that got to do with the issues raised Mr Heep?

        Proving my point once again. Not a peep out of you condemning the gerrymandering, the fraud, the misuse of members funds, the total absence of due process, the bullying of members and Party units, closing down discussion, constantly working against any approach to applying the values on the tin.

        Simply blaming the victims like the sycophantic coward you are.

        Clemens had it right:

        Never argue with a fraud. They will drag you down to their own level and use that base experience against you.

        Should have known never to expect a straight and honest answer from a corkscrew.

      28. Dave – The clue is in the words that I quoted from kenburch

      29. “Who allowed this to develop.”


        Blair. The whole systemically rotten and corrupt infrastructure was already in place well before Corbyn was elected leader.

        Any more dumb questions Grima Wormtongue?

      30. Dave – I refer you to what I actually said above rather than your edited version of what I said.
        “But who allowed this culture to develop by not replacing the current GenSec when he was elected leader.”

      31. 2 Parties of Polar Opposite Political Values and Factions:
        The UK Labour Party – Democratic Socialist = The PEOPLE NOT The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT!
        Neo-Labour Party PARASITE TORIES = Thatcherite Neoliberalism = Themselves and The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT!

        Blue Keef and his Starmerstruppen are not and can NEVER be UK Labour, They are Imposters and Saboteur TORY PARASITE FILTH! A FAKE VICTORY only ever lasts moments, Blue Keef and his Starmerstruppen are found out In or Out of the Red/Blue/Purple/Pink/Green Walls, and we “Trots, Outriders, Commies, Socialists, etc” are doing a Dazzling Job at Crushing EVERY last hope The BASTARDS who stuck two rusty nails in our eye GE17/19 ever had! Blue Keef & Co are going NOWHERE but the Back Door Box with Thatcher Statuette in hand!
        The only way The PEOPLE can create a Party of Strength that will Crush BOTH TORIES is to crush The Parasite TORY Party who Sabotaged, Lied, Smeared, Undermined, etc, etc a UK Labour Party Win right out of The PEOPLE’S grasp! That was another of Corbyn’s Faults giving TORY SCUM the time of Day trying to appeal to their better nature, but you TORY SCUM have no better Nature, just Pure and Utter FILTH and Jeremy should have from the word go September 2015 Crushed and Replaced that entire 80% of Neo-Labour Party TORY FILTH!
        To Reiterate again Jeremy Corbyn had his Faults like any other Man, but as Faults go having most of your faults based on your Trust in Other People are by no means anywhere near the faults of any other men MOST CERTAINLY NOT THOSE OF Nasty Blue Keef The Fuhrer!

      32. PS Did you forget to answer my Question?
        Did you Support and Canvas for The UK Labour Party and Leader September 2015 to December 2019?
        NOT VOTED FOR and NOT Support and Sabotage FOR YOUR Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, Support and Canvassing FOR The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?

      33. nellyskelly – I’m not answerable to you or any other idiot. If you want to know what I said then read my comments at the time, I’ve got far better things to do.

      34. Yes I think that will generate a COMMUNAL DITTO, right back at you!
        I assume that your reluctance to answer is your admittance to Guilt?
        I can not imagine anything more Idiotic than to Sabotage the Party that would/could have brought change for The PEOPLE, ended 43 Years of TORY HELL and prevented the Current This TORY SCUM or THAT TORY SCUM = NON CHOICE! AND then goes out and VOTES FOR that Party, what did you expect that all the people you alienated were just going to vote UK Labour Party, like you! ONE TRUE IDIOT ON THIS BLOG AND THAT WOULD BE YOU BlueSteveH The Self Appointed Guardian of The Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Turds!

      35. PS is everyone but you an idiot?
        If you answer Yes BlueSteveH then I must tell you that I am very concerned about your mental health and would sincerely suggest you see your GP for a Mental Health Assessment referral ASAP!

      36. nellyskelly – No. Fortunately not everyone is as dumb as you are.

      37. Oh boy now he is parroting his own mind!
        I am sure that you think everyone you speak to is an Idiot or Dumb, or a Numpty, etcI guess it could be the style of The Macho Man PE Teacher who belittles little kids to boost his own ego that got stuck, go an seek Psychiatric Help. you sure do need it!

    2. The slightly faster process of Voters slicing the legs from under The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM for sticking Two Rusty Nails in our Eye GE2017 and GE2019 is taking off like wild fire, I spent a bit of time on Twitter today and it seems to be the general consensus clean out the Neo-Labour Party TORY TRASH get as many Democratic Socialist MPs, Exiled and PAL Candidates in seats and then the REAL Fun begins!

      1. nellyskelly – Maybe it is in your minority bubble but out in the real world a different perspective is in the majority.

        Here’s the latest analysis from Survation.

        MRP analysis on voting behaviour and standards previously conducted on behalf of 38 Degrees puts political context upon Christian Wakeford’s defection in Bury South.

        Our most recent MRP update indicated Labour’s vote share estimate in Bury South is 52% (+9 since GE 2019) with the party enjoying a 16 point lead* over the Conservatives on 35% (-8).
        The majority of Christian Wakeford’s Bury South constituents have a negative view of the standards and principles upheld by the Conservative Government.
        The North West as a region rates the Government the lowest of any English region in terms of upholding Nolan principles and standards.
        Labour leads the Conservatives in the North West by 22 points LAB 53% (+6), CON 30% (-8) LD 6% (-1) GRE 5% (+2) AP 6% (-) (Changes vs 2019 GE)

        Data in the research derived from 9,602 interviews conducted online by Survation and analysed by Professor Chris Hanretty of Royal Holloway, University of London.
        Survation are continuously tracking political attitudes on behalf of 38 Degrees, and in conjunction with Professor Chris Hanretty of Royal Holloway, University of London, produce estimates of opinion down to region and constituency level.
        Given yesterday’s defection of Conservative Bury South MP Christian Wakeford we would like to highlight that we do have a reliable indication of current political thinking in the Bury South constituency and the North West of England.
        Professor Chris Hanretty and Survation’s 2019 MRP model predicted 94.3% of Westminster seats, the most accurate forecast using the technique ever conducted.

        MRP derived current voting Intention in Bury South, changes vs GE 2019 – 16 point* Labour Lead
        Current Bury South Estimate … 35
        GE 2019 Actual … 43.8
        % change … -8

        Current Bury South Estimate … 52
        GE 2019 Actual … 43
        % change … +9

        *Rounded figures imply a 17 point Labour lead.

      2. “My Minority Bubble” according to TORIES, the MSM and Billionaire Pollsters who have no idea of great surprise awaiting all you TORIES!
        Can’t be arsed to read any of your TORY Tripe, we “Minority Bubble” are not in that, we will wait and see when Blue Keef and Co walks the walk of Shame with Box in hand The Morning After!

      3. nellyskelly – …and yet according to Skwawkbox Survation is the most accurate polling organisation in the country

      4. nellyskelly – Thanks for admitting that you speak for a small minority of 1.

      5. ‘A Teacher he Said! Oh Boy!’ Well, I am not Zombified MSM Sheeple Like You, my opinions do not come out of The SUN/Guardian!

      6. Your 70% spoke for themselves, dick-head.

        Not only did they alienate 17.4m leave voters, the alienated floating voters and plenty of those who accepted the referendum result despite voting to remain.

        But, of course, being the presumptuous pricks you and your lot are, you knew better. You thought you spoke for the minority AND those who didn’t vote in the referendum when you just did not.

        And now you blame everyone else for the toerag govt YOU enabled, and the smarmerite so-called ‘opposition’ YOU voted for.

        Fuck off and die screaming.

      7. Nelly – Chill your beans, squire. I have no reason at all to berate a fellow traveller ✌️

  3. First, he takes a leaf of Petain with the “Family, Country, Work” now he has taken a leaf from Franco’s Spain. During Franco’s regime we elected Cllrs to serve in the Local Authorities and representative to Parliament too.
    However, all the candidates were “independent” since all political parties were illegal and all the independent candidates have to be vetoed.
    The only way to become a candidate was to belong to the “Movement” that was a combination of Falange and Opus Dei.
    We need to be aware that voting for most Labour candidates nowadays is tantamount to vote for fascists.

    1. Maria Vazquez
      Attach it ad nauseam to every SteveH post
      Let it follow him around this site until the day we wipe the slate clean and launch the Socialist Party

      1. Doug – I thought you’d tried that already and eventually decided that ignoring me was a better solution. I guess that hasn’t worked out quite as well as you hoped either.

      2. Except Dougal was replying to Maria V and NOT you.

        Narcissistic bellend.

      3. Toffee – …and yet the one desperate to get noticed and constantly fretting about whether anyone is taking any notice of you.

      4. Says the helmet – who, by his own admission – goes out of his way to annoy people, and finds it ‘entertaining’.

        Try AGAIN, dullard.

    2. Maria – But that isn’t the case here, anyone can set up a political party

      1. SteveH I am not talking about the UK but rather about what your darling Starmer has done to the Labour Party. After over 30 years of membership, I found nauseating the stench of fascism reaching my nostrils from what has become the Labour Party under Starmer.
        I don’t intend to vote Labour while Starmer still its leader. unless the Labour candidate is a democratic socialist. Every day that passes Starmer appears to be more incline towards National Socialism.

      2. Maria – Hoe did you manage to cope right through the Blair years. Are there any of Labour’s current policies that you don’t agree with and why.

    3. Hull Maria. That post was brilliant. In a nutshell you have exposed this entire Labour Party scam. It’s intentions are beyond the pale. The results of this cults ambitions would all but chain the working class. Teacher’s, the upper working class using food banks. Those who are still members, should think on. To do so and call yourselves Socialist is a contradiction. It’s unjustifiable. Leave! Thank you Maria.

    4. Good points Maria.
      And a paper by Starmer’s Trilateral Commission points out their aims, they want a docile working class in every country.
      Starmer as someone in my union said is their man, he is the Establishment (see Oliver Eagleton, on Starmer, Novara Media 2/3/21) and it could be suggested that Right Wing Labour are happy to keep them docile?
      Just vote for us every 5 years, don’t worry your heads about politics, leave it to us ‘great men and women of history’ (without an original idea in our heads?) and we’ll toss you a few scraps!
      But we Socialists want the fecking table!
      Meanwhile a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party would try to politicise the masses to empower them to transform society WITH diverse working people!
      If you feel low, remember despite Right Wing Labour sabotage, 12.8m people in the UK voted for Left Wing Democratic Socialist policies in 2017, these citizens are still there!

  4. It feels somewhat understated to even call Starmer a dictator, he revels in the title, as he thinks that because Johnson is on the ropes as a party clown, his austere facade will make him look more presidential.

    What I do feel though is that he is more dangerous than the clown himself, as if people do vote for him, it will be the end of the Labour Party, and become an even more draconian country than we have seen so far.

    It even feels like the Wiemar republic before the advent of fascism.

    1. Thanks, Rotz, it’s good to read posts from people who really get it. Best wishes.

    2. Ever wondered what happened to Germany in the 20s and 30s? Very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad. How did that happen? Beware of opportunist leaders exploiting Mass Formation Psychosis.

      Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

      1. timfrom –
        It’s shocking to see so many leftwingers lured to the far right by conspiracy theories
        It’s not just anti-vax beliefs that have been spreading through these movements. On an almost daily basis I see conspiracy theories travelling smoothly from right to left. I hear right-on people mouthing the claims of white supremacists, apparently in total ignorance of their origins. I encounter hippies who once sought to build communities sharing the memes of extreme individualism. Something has gone badly wrong in parts of the alternative scene.

      2. Zombified MSM Sheeple will lap up any bit of dog shit dished up for them!

        What is Far Right about having concerns that a Vaccine in Development is sold as a Vaccine?
        What is Far Right about having Grave Concerns that 80% Covid Deaths in November 2021 were Fully Vaccinated and Boosted People (Government Figures)!?
        What is Far Right about having Concerns that The “Vaccinated” are getting Infected by SARS, Spread SARS and die of SARS!?
        What is Far Right about Questioning why NOBODY is being tested for Immunity against on a Regular Basis, is that not a Major Factor in A Vaccine Under Development!?
        I have a feeling that I know why Immunity is not tested! It is not tested because the Vaccine is ineffective and a waste of Public Money, which is also why Big Pharma is clinging onto OUR Patent and also why Europe is Locked into Big Pharma’s Underdeveloped Vaccine in Development!
        Give me a VACCINE that is Fully Tested and proves to be Safe, proves to be Effective at at least 90% and I would hesitantly take it!

      3. nellyskelly – Then you can’t say you weren’t warned

      4. Left-wingers haven’t been lured anywhere and “conspiracy theories” are NOT the sole preserve of the right wing. The idea that they are has only arisen in the last few years (since Trump was elected), promoted mindlessly by ignorant liberal fuckwits like yourself. Back to the Guardian with you!

      5. Timfrom – Germany – the stupid capitalist West imposed too heavy reparations on Germany & put French troops in the Ruhr, a million demobilised soldiers blamed the Right Wing SPD Govt for defeat in WW1 when it was the generals, the capitalists feared the Communists, the Communists did what the USSR told them and were useless, the rural areas and middle class flocked to the Nazis as they feared falling into poverty, the capitalists only flocked to Hitler when he had slaughtered the Strasserites who though virulent racists and anti-Semites had notions of the nationalisation of land etc.
        (Nationalisation is not specifically socialist, democratic public ownership with communities having a say is!)
        It was the capitalists who funded Hitler’s rallies and flew the barbarian around in a plane oh and the Anti-Semite Henry Ford gave all the profits of Fords Germany to the Nazis!
        The problem in the UK is Labour never really tried to politicise the masses, their bourgeois politicians (apart from a number of Lefties) wanted top down power for themselves as paternalists.
        We as left wing democratic socialists want to politicise the masses to empower citizens, to transform society WITH.

      6. It seems to me that the Versailles treaty and its consequent demolition of the German economy did a number on the German psyche similar to that done on the world’s psyche by the scamdemic. Created mass hysteria & anxiety and a fertile ground for charlatans posing as saviours via the “othering” of minorities, making the unvaccinated the new Jews! The only difference being there is nowhere today like the US was in the 30s & 40s for them to flee to. Happily, it now looks as though the forces of the WEF are in retreat. At least for now…

  5. As the default fallback choice in what is basically a two-party system, this uninspiring, unpleasant RW Labour outfit stand to gain as the Tories’ support slides. Which in turn will be read and presented as an endorsement of the binning of the 10 Pledges and of all the appalling treatment dished out to members by the likes of Starmer & Evans.

    Too many are ready to let their dislike of Johnson force them into electing New Labour 2.0. It’s perfectly possible to be against both big parties. Voting Labour in May will be seen as a thumbs up endorsement to the party’s direction of travel. The Left should use their votes wisely not just capitulate to the inevitability of New Labour 2.0.

    1. Andy – …. and not voting Labour will result and in another Tory government and endorse their policies. Which of Labour’s current policies are you so opposed to that you’d rather see the Tories in office.

      1. Whereas voting labour will result in no change.

      2. I’ll ask AGAIN…

        Which smarmerite policy is completely autonomous and distanced entirely to the point of being at the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum from conservatism.

        There’s millions of people don’t even know a smarmerite labour policy (if he indeed, has one)

        So before you get an answer, try asking the question you’ve been asked infinitely more times and over a far longer period.

        But you’re incapable, as well as incompetent and incomprehensible. Just like keef.

      3. Toffee – Here is a list of Labour’s current policies, there are plenty to choose from. I don’t have any real problems with any of them. Which of these policies do you disapprove of so much that you’d prefer to perpetuate the Tories in power rather than have it enacted by Labour. Is there a reason that your list of conditions seems to be getting longer & longer..

      4. Toffee – “Which smarmerite policy is completely autonomous and distanced entirely to the point of being at the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum from conservatism.

        Oh for goodness sake grow a pair,don’t you have any faith in yourself and your ability to present a cogent argument.?

        I have invited you and others to point out which of Labour’s policies are (as you keep claiming) RW Tory policies and to date the only thing notable about your responses is your inability to step up. As you obviously hadn’t bothered to find out what Labour’s policies actually are before spouting your inane vitriol I was kind enough to provide you with a long list of Labour’s current policies as well as giving a link to Labour’s new Green Paper on Employment Law (have you read it yet?)
        Unsurprisingly instead of producing a reasoned argument to support your repeated assertions all you seem to capable of doing by way of a response is pathetic attempts at distraction with childish playground expletives and making up ever more ridiculous stuff that we both know you can’t substantiate. Now you appear to be trying a new wheeze by attaching ever longer conditions to your demands. Well I simply don’t accept the premiss of your conditions.
        If you want to provide a detailed critique of particular policies then please feel free to do so but I’m not going indulge your ego by playing your games so if that is all you’ve got to offer then you might as well piss off back down your 🐰🕳️ and play with yourself.
        Don’t you even have enough faith in your own convictions to clearly voice them (or is the real point here that you’ve been caught out just mouthing off to pump up your own limp hubris about something you know SFA about).

      5. SteveH-

        Hopefully Labour MPs get the message before a GE.. that’s the whole point.

        Starmer’s real agenda is now clear: an unprincipled swing to the right to hoover up as many Tory votes as possible. And as for the left? Well, they don’t count, they’ve nowhere else to go.

        And should they win Starmer intends to lead a economically/socially centre-right govt. His pitch to voters is simply ‘managerial competence’, over Johnson ,although his claim to that looks distinctly sketchy given the mess he’s making of the Labour party management and finance.

        Labour’s TV political advert last night was full of vacuous waffle about simply trusting them to make things better’ Labour would tackle the cost of living crisis he said. Not with ‘minor tweak’ policies like cutting VAT on energy bills – “a sticking plaster solution” as people have already dubbed it. He looks more and more like a political snake-oil salesman.

      6. Labour’s current policies are no longer distinguishable from Boris’ current policies. No party can be “probusiness” AND to the left of the Tories, and nothing to the right of the 2017 policies is different than Toryism. It’s back to austerity, back to Blair’s wars, any notion of real change has been abandoned and any vision of a peaceful, egalitarian democratic socialist future is now apparently seen as antisemitism.

        No semblance of progressivism, let alone radicalism, survives within Starmer’s Labour.

        You know it, SteveH- and for some twisted reason, you celebrate the fact that Labour is now a party of the Authoritarian Nationalist Right.

        As John Lennon put it, “the dream is over”.

        None of Keir’s nastiness was ever needed, SteveH. The voters were not deman

      7. Don’t project your own woeful failures and shortcomings onto other people.

        Makes you look even more the prick you’ve continually and irrevocably proved yourself to be.

      8. SteveH, I rather vote a right winger than a fascist. The problem with your darling Starmer is that he doesn’t have policies he makes them as he goes along.
        But so far he isn’t keeping to the pledges that he made while running for the leadership, hasn’t he? What of the 2017 manifesto is he keeping? What about resisting Brexit and staying as part of the EU? Where has his commitment to the EU went?

      9. Maria – Are you sure you know what a fascist is
        You’ve only yourself to blame for your self confessed ignorance about Labour’s current policy platform. The information is readily available.
        Do you mean the manifesto that in 2019 had so many of Labour’s working class voters running to vote Tory that Johnson went from no overall majority to an 80 seat majority
        It has obviously escaped your notice but we left the EU over 2yrs ago, most people have resigned themselves to this fact and moved on. Why are you still obsessing about it.

      10. Mr SH demonstrates a complete lack of critical thinking and political analysis.
        Neo-Liberal capitalism in the UK has economic
        hegemony and now with Starmer on board it has the full deck of cards, political hegemony too.
        The danger to democracy is they are all the same, the same peas in the Pro Neo-Liberal capitalist pod, and we witness the potential death of genuine choice.
        Starmer’s Trilateral Commission had a paper arguing that they (the rich and powerful) wanted a docile working class but we are better than that, and unions are active all year round not just at elections. we need to hold on to the fact that despite political sabotage against Corbyn (by some Right Wing members of staff and Right Wing Labour MPs) 12.8m citizens voted for left wing democratic socialist policies, they are still out there brothers!
        SH out of his depth on here?

    2. It will be an interesting GE outcome, if nothing else, Rebels everywhere, but the most Foolish thing People can do is to Worship The Brand Name “Labour”! Thatcher/Blair’s Neoliberal TORY SCUM Neo-Labour Party has a a Firm Grip on ‘The Brand Name’, we will only end up with another 43 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL! What we really need to do is to VOTE OUT ALL Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM MPs and prevent as many Candidates to take seats, We need to vote out as Many Thatcherite TORY SCUM MPs and prevent as many Candidates to take seats and VOTE IN EVERY Democratic Socialist MP, Candidate and Exile. Hopefully by then PAL will have several seats covered with Candidates, I am personally quite excited by this because I did not expect this kind of move until after the GE, these are all experienced Democratic Socialist MPs, Candidates and Exiles and no doubt in close contact with several CLPs, etc and several more Parties/Groups to join! Even if it doesn’t do much at this GE, which I can’t see myself as The NON-CHOICE of THIS TORY SCUM vs THAT TORY SCUM who stuck two Rusty Nails in The PEOPLE’S EYE GE2017 & GE2019, with their 24/7 Sabotage, Smearing, Lying, Backstabbing, etc Leaves not much Convincing to vote for something new and fresh!

      1. nellyskelly – Will anybody notice. If this article is anything to go by the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ can’t even get enough of their supporters to turn up at Branch meetings to make OMOV viable

      2. Oops my comment above – brothers and sisters!
        To err is human.

      3. Bazza – Did they, do you have a link so we can all read it.

  6. Please, everyone, forget SH. He is clearly driven by an abiding hatred of Jeremy Corbyn, and of all socialists. This comes after (he tells us) he voted for Mr Corbyn twice.
    I am reminded of those Communists, Trotskyists etc.who were very vocal in the 1960s and appeared decades later as right wing neoliberals. In many ways they are worse than the ones who have been RW all their lives.
    Sure. Starmers move, reported here, is disgusting. What else would we expect from him?
    What’s the old saying? – Don’t get angry. Get even.

      1. Successes? For starters Corbyn’s had 41 more than keef.

        So let’s hear you regale us all with yarns of cuboid-head’s so-called ‘successes’ then?

        Or are you gonna shit out of that one, too? (Yes)

        Oh don’t bother…you’ll revert to your shithouse excuse of the 80 seat majority YOU gave them.

      2. Oh, did I fail to mention Corbyn more than doubled the membership during his tenure and left them with 430k members and a healthy 13.5m in the coffers??🤔

        Successes, you ask? 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

      3. Toffee – You forgot to mention Corbyn’s other legacy.
        The negative cash flow that started when the membership numbers went below 500k and Corbyn and Formby failed to address the fact that Labour was losing money because of the sharp decline in membership numbers.

        published 23/07/2019
        “Labour’s membership has dipped below half a million after tens of thousands quit the party, PoliticsHome can reveal.
        Official figures put the total at just under 485,000 – down from a peak of 564,000 at the end of 2017.
        That includes around 35,000 supporters whose subscriptions are in arrears, meaning the party now has around 450,000 fully paid-up members.
        The 14% drop in membership comes against a backdrop of dissatisfaction by many in the party at Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and anti-semitism.
        A senior Labour MP said the party’s budget was based on an assumption that the number of paying members would not fall below 500,000……..

        …………”It’s the biggest annual fall in our history – admittedly from a huge base – and it will only get worse.”
        Glen O’Hara, Professor of Contemporary History at Oxford Brookes University, said: “The decline in official membership is very big – 14% or so in just 18 months……

      4. I once said you were a NOKIA 3600 on a Wall in Malaysia, Nigeria, Tel Aviv, I reckon that I was wrong. You’re a Hand Full of Equally Sad TROLLS operating as BlueSteveH attempting to drag down @SkwawkBox and attempting to Shut Down any Conversation on this Forum! ESPECIALLY against YOUR Fuhrer Blue Keef and The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM! @goldbach is Right, starve this Troll Family of Oxygen! We don’t need their constant Gaslighting!

      5. nellyskelly – ….and yet here you are again demonstrating how wrong you are. .

      6. nellyskelly – Here’s a couple of gold stars for effort ⭐⭐

    1. Goldbach, exactly! Neo-cons,Neo-demons, all ex-Trots. Check thoroughly, I have no intent to decieve. Visceral hatred of Russia, China, Cuba. The cold War never ended, neither did the Russian Coup/Revolution. Don’t worry Wall Street and the city did well. Gaddafi and the WRP, yeah, right. Yes even unto the holy Orwell. I know, Spain, Wigan the Beeb. We’re the left to form a new party is it beyond belief that; the media attack it for being extreme L/W, Headroom states it is totally anti-semitic, Lammy and Nandy accuse new party of racism. Shake and pour. It isn’t the called the struggle for nothing. Octopus anyone?

    2. Goldbach. He gets paid to do a job, and that Starmer Turd can never be polished. As you say ignore the Tosser.

      1. baz2001- I don’t compel others to respond, it is entirely their choice. Strangely though if I don’t post comments others appear to miss them (as illustrated at the start of these comments) .

  7. SteveH, you wrote ‘If you look at my posts throughout this period you will note that I have consistently supported the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party throughout this period.’
    So you support anyone if any political persuasion, anyone from a socialist to a right wing pink tory with anti-semite, authoritarian, antidemocratic tendencies (probably the wrong word). Have you got no values and principles????

      1. You ask:
        “Which policies do you oppose?”

        you then qualify it with “because they are RW and Tory”.

        I will list those that I dislike – but will not qualify them.
        Th reason why I dislike them is because they are
        (1) Undemocratic
        (2) Racist
        or both.

        I dislike the fact that we cannot discuss what we want
        to discuss at LP meetings – a policy which has left
        members seething .. as it is completely undemocratic
        and against EHRC guidelines. It also treats us like
        children as if we cannot be trusted to disagree without
        being unpleasant. .. possibly ..

        The next thing I dislike is the purging of Jewish members from the
        Labour Party. The current LP do not recognise diversity – and as a
        Roman Catholic with both recusant and Irish connections –
        I feel sympathy with others who have also been discriminated
        against. . Not only that but until very recently (1969)***
        Roman Catholics were treated asv non citizens in
        Northern Ireland – via jobs and manipulation of votes. The fact
        that those Jewish groups being purged are also left wingers is
        of course a coincidence ..🥴 The irony of course is that to
        only give the Jewish community one voice is – for gentiles –
        an anti-semitic trope. If you really want this spelled out –
        watch the “Socialist Telly” youtube recording of a discussion
        involving Diana Neslen, Jonathan Rosenhesd which
        took place on January 10th I think?

        Next – ihe LP is purging members for flimsy reasons –
        that they “liked” a post or sillier that they contributed to a
        Marxist magazine. Even Private Eyes has cottoned on to
        this .. for as they remark the object of the contribution was to
        persuade people to join the Labour Party.

        The above is enough reason to be disgusted at Stsrmer – but in
        addition to this he has abandoned everything he promised
        in his campaign to be Labour leader. I cannot be bothered
        to go through all the promises he has reneged on – these
        have been listed time and time again.

        Read JVL – you will find lots of discussion there.

        *** Of course discrimination went on long after 1969 – but
        this was the start of its correction which unfortunately led
        to violence.

      2. HFM – If you had followed my link you would have appreciated that I was discussing Labour Party Policy (as in the stuff that goes in a manifesto) not internal party rules.

      3. “I support the Labour Party and its policies”

        It’s possibly wiser to like the policies as they cost nothing. Looking back in anger at failed promises, lies and disapproved wars should temper your enthusiasm – gullible brownshirts would think twice.

      4. charming64 – Are you referring to the ME war that Keir Starmer very clearly opposed.

      5. Did you support UK Labour Party Policies and Manifestos 2015 to 2020?
        Did you Canvas and Support The Party and Leader 2015 to 2020, when The PEOPLE had a CHOICE in 2017/2019 unlike the NON-CHOICE of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY vs Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY!?
        If so any Proof of your devout support for Party and Leader as you say you are so committed to ‘The Party’! We keep hearing that you “voted” UK Labour Party, but how did you Support and Canvas!? Show us some of your Labour Love for Corbyn and Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?

      6. Did you Support and Canvas for The UK Labour Party and Leader September 2015 to December 2019?
        NOT VOTED FOR and NOT Support and Sabotage FOR YOUR Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, Support and Canvassing FOR The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?

  8. Yes when I left Labour ten seconds after the Neo-Liberal Lump of Wood became Labour Leader, I warned then what was likely to happen and sadly have been correct.
    Right Wing Labour crushes Left resolutions to the NEC, ignores Annual Conference, has omitted Left Wing Councillors from local panels, and now they have the power to decide parliamentary shortlists and could at a stroke omit the remaining small number of Left Wing Socialist Labour MPs.
    This is perhaps the last Red Line of the brave socialists hanging on in Labour as many of them say: “By their fingertips.”
    Perhaps Right Wing Labour see themselves as the political adults in the room (without an original political idea in their heads?) and see Labour members as political children who should be seen (leafleting and canvassing) but definitely not heard.
    And the decent and brave Left still in Labour are paying the Labour Right for their own disempowerment!
    Those Ex-Labour Socialists like me who are/were ‘politically homeless’ at the moment could take a look at the excellent new Breakthrough Party, they have a website and regular Q&A evenings.
    I attended one and they are great, mainly young people, who want a democratic socialist society.
    I personally hope the excellent Bakers Union (who have just disaffiliated from Labour) will Back Breakthrough and after all the Bakers were one of the original founders of the Labour Party.
    Then hopefully the big Left Unions come on board as Right Wing Labour offers their members little.
    It’s £50 a year to join Breakthrough or £20 a year for those on a low income.
    I believe the Neo-Liberal capitalists have the Tories and Lib Dem’s under their thumbs and now with Mr S they have perhaps captured Right Wing Labour?
    So whoever wins a GE the Neo-Liberal Capitalists will still have economic hegemony and if by a miracle it’s Labour (which I very much doubt) it can afford a few crumbs with Right Wing Labour being in Govt (?) but NOT in power!
    I am afraid the sad reality is, unless we have a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist party, and offer REAL choice, at the next General Election as I say it will be:
    Which Neo-Liberal Capitalist colour wall paper do you prefer? Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green?

    1. Bazza – The working class made their views clear in the 19GE when they deserted Corbyn’s Labour for the Tories.

      1. Once again with your bullshit about deserting Corbyn.

        They did no such thing. They didnt want telling they didn’t know what they were voting for and that that’s have to keep voting until they gave you and keef the result YOU wanted.

        And then as soon as keef got what HE wanted you found out it WASNT a second referendum, oh no – it was a toerag brexit.

        And STILL you blame everyone else but yourself, and extol the torier than tory keef.

        Fucking mug.

      2. The working class made their Zombified MSM SHEEPLE views clear in the 19GE when they became entranced by the 24/7 non stop onslaught of Sabotage, Smear, Lies, Backstabbing, Undermining, etc, etc, etc by YOU and YOUR Neo-Labour PARASITE TORY SCUM Party and consequently deserted Corbyn’s Labour for the Tories. Helped along when Galloway went mad and Jumped on the Brexiteer Bandwagon with Farage, out of the fear generated by The Insane Blair, Mandelson, Campbell Remoaners Bandwagon, who already had what they were screaming for since February 2018!
        Those two Idiotic Bandwagons made so much noise clanging their empty Tin Cans mindlessly egged on by the MSM and Paid for “Celebrity” TV Types so that no one could hear Corbyn with the REAL REASONS for GE2019: The NHS, hungry Children Homeless Children, Dying DWP claimants, Care for The Elderly, Care for The Disabled and People in Need, Removal of 0 Hour Contracts, Regeneration of all Neglected Town Centres and Job creation through Free Internet and the Labour Party’s Green Revolution, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc! AND would you LOOK at it NOW! It would appear people should have shut the fuck up about what would have been dealt with FAR BETTER by a UK Labour Party Government than a Thatcherite Neoliberal Conservative TORY SCUM PARTY or a Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour PARASITE TORY SCUM PARTY!

        There you go BlueSteveH I fixed it for you, as an avid Supporter of “The UK Labour Party” I am sure you were there in the Middle with me, Corbyn and the other Democratic Socialists trying to talk common sense into the mindless people on the Bandwagons?

        PS I know this is quite a mouthful for your comprehension issues, if you struggle ask an adult to read it to you slowly.

  9. Is there a link to the text confirming this denial of local party voice in candidate selection? It is stated and there are a number of links to other material but nothing from a Labour Party source that confirms exactly what changes have been made.

      1. Right wing Labour list the fascists bible “.The one woman band comes to the rescue of the Labour fascist party once again.Toilet paper press without a doubt….Steve H” she inspired me and put me on the road to the promised land “…did you join a religion Steve H disciple?or do you just enjoy waiving the book of extinction for the Labour party?…

      2. Joseph – You obviously don’t appreciate how ridiculous you sound. LabourList is sponsored by both Unite and the FBU neither of them are known for their RW leanings.
        LabourList publishes articles from a wide range of contributors from right across Labour’s political spectrum. Members of the SCG, Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn are all regular contributors. Jeremy has written over 200 articles for them.

        ps: Unlike this actual one man band that you appear to be more than happy to contribute to LabourList took on more staff some time ago. You really should make more of an effort to keep up.

      3. Thanks.
        If the ‘problem’ is as stated here
        “Allies of Keir Starmer have defended the new proposals, arguing that some of the candidates selected under the previous system were not subject to sufficiently rigorous checks and ultimately had to be kicked out of Labour or parliament altogether.”

        Then it would seem entirely practicable for any local candidates to be submitted in good time to be vetted in the same way those originating from Labour HQ are claimed to be. I would expect that the local party would be provided with explanations should any if their submitted candidates failed the vetting. This seems a reasonable means to accommodate both local and central choices on a long list as opposed to the defenestration of the local choice being proposed.

    1. Are you being serious tim white you better contact the Bunker “southslide” and offer money 💰….theyre in a bad way down there and you want a Labour party source?to comment?….Maybe fat annie suffering from depression or Billy lost on re..hab.things are too too bad 👎and moneys to tight mention.

      1. Joseph – Is that your way of admitting that the extent of your knowledge about this is the article above

      2. Joseph okeefe – I asked for the source of the story which was patently not in the original article – that seems a reasonable first step in trying to understand the situation. On the basis of that I then suggested that it is entirely possible that Labour HQ apply the same checks to local and their own choices and provide a rationale if they reject the former. Your mention of money implies that they wouldn’t be able to resource this – possibly – but then it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a vetting fee of say £50 per candidate be levied which, unless there is evidence that these checks are quite substantive would cover the cost of verifying the info you would expect the prospective candidate to supply eg socials, past affiliations etc

  10. Brexit working class stab in the back by Right Wing Labour.
    Someone made a great point re a Neo-Liberal Trilateral Commission paper, they want a docile working class and Right Wing Labour are happy to keep working people in this place, just put a cross against Right Wing Labour and we’ll take the top down power for ourselves whilst feeding you a few crumbs now and then.
    Our new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party will attempt to politicise the masses, to empower them as citizens and to transform society WITH citizens.
    And Right Wing Labour will be in the dustbin of history!
    We should have won in 2017 but were undermined by Right Wing Labour sabotage.
    Yet the Left gave Useless Ed (and Useless Reeves) a chance in 2015.
    Centrist Neo-Liberal enabler Brown 8.6m.
    Centrist non Neo-Liberal challengers Miliband & Reeves 9.3m.
    Despite Right Wing Labour sabotage twice in a row: Corbyn 2017 12.8m, 2019 10.2m.

    1. Bazza – How is you being asleep on the job going to help your re-education campaign?

      1. The zzz is to your infantile comments political Ameoba.
        Perhaps we should organise and all zzzz SH?
        Wouldn’t please his bosses?
        Take the power Skwawkies!

      2. Bazza – I thought you’d already tried that one. However you are more than welcome to give it another go if you think it will achieve anything. Have fun. Perhaps it would be more constructive if you actually addressed the points I make (if you can) rather than making your argument look weak by trying to silence me.

  11. “There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept”

    Except 10 Pledges never meant!

    1. What happened to Jeremy’s numerous promises to democratise the party. Which of his promises, if any, did JC actually manage to fulfil in the nearly 5yrs he was in office.

    2. 11 – f you include keefs’ brexit shithousery.

      Happy to assist 👍

      1. Toffee – You mean the policy that Jeremy has clearly stated that he had no choice but to follow because the overwhelming majority of both Labour’s members and voters supported a CV and remaining in the EU.

      2. Toffee – You mean the policy that Jeremy has clearly stated that he had no choice but to follow because the overwhelming majority of both Labour’s members and voters supported a CV and remaining in the EU.

        That right, bollocks?

        Ok. Tell us…What way did YOU vote? Oh yeah – YOU DIDN’T EVEN GET A VOTE, YOU LYING LITTLE SHITEHAWK.

        And remind us, just how many labour seats in leave constituencies did the rags gain as a result of the undemocratic shithousery YOU backed, DESPITE shouting loudest about OMOV?

        Do shut up, moron.

  12. The point is that Starmer is heading off in the wrong direction –
    just as he was when fiercely advocating a second vote when
    Labour Conference voted for it as an absolutely last resort.

    It was OBVIOUS this was wrong after the May Elections
    but he still went ahead.

    A couple more points –
    Thev idea that Corbyns manifesto were”against business”
    Was a complete lie .. In the 2017 manifesto his policy was
    to have more workers in the board room – a policy shared
    by a Tory grandee .. There was other stuff too. The 2019
    manifesto repeated the same policies but at greater length.

    Similarly the policies of public ownership were nuanced as
    \it was recognised they needed a change from what thy
    were in the 1940s and 1950s – when they were subject
    to the vagaries of the govt.. Thus in Margaret Thatchers
    time the Railways were starved of finance .. for MT thought
    they were an out of day idea .. She could not have been
    more wrong!!

  13. I>SteveH21/01/2022 AT 3:18 AM
    baz2001- I don’t compel others to respond,

    Nobody compels YOU to respond; nor do they particularly want to read your hypocritical, overtly antagonistic drivel.

    When are you gonna get the message?

      1. If you don’t want people to respond, don’t write anything whatsoever.

        Especially your deliberately antagonistic bullshit – The bullshit that you’ve admitted you write to get your sought-after irate response that you find entertaining

        …And then whine about the response you’ve sought. It’s THAT simple, you deliberately provocative gobshite.

      2. Toffee – The point I’m making is that I don’t much care either way. Whether you choose to respond or not is of little consequence to me.
        You’re the one who is wasting your time following me around like a needy stray desperate for some attention..

      3. And you choose to respond to posts that only mention you and your fuckwittery.

        Examples can be found everywhere on this site.

  14. For goodness sake wake up, in 2019, for the first time ever, more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory than voted for Labour. In fact in 2019 more of the middle class (ABC1) voted for Labour than did the working class

    And what do we gather from that, soft ollies?

    The fact that the working classes rejected a second referendum. The fact that working class labour was shat all over by a delegation process that was stitched up by the right wing middle classes to ensure they got what THEY (and YOU) wanted.

    No coincidence that party policy in 2017 was to respect the referendum result. A policy that saw Corbyn come within 3000 votes of becoming PM.

    No surprise that support plummeted once yours & cuboid’s and fatwatson’s et al shithousery alienated both labour leave and floating voters in working and lower-middle class constituencies, prior to the ’19GE.

    No. It was ALL Corbyn’s fault. Every last bit of it. It’s Corbyn’s fault for not unequivocally being one way or t’other, but of placating shithouses like you.

    It’s ALL his fault.

    So much so that he hasn’t even been a member for best part of two years more or less, and you’re STILL blaming him for things he’s had no control over since then.

    Keef shitting out and avoting FOR toerag brexit = Corbyn to blame

    Abstaining on everything = Corbyn made him do it, poor keef had NO CHOICE BUT to pander to toerag ideology instead of even making a token show of OPPOSITION.


    Face it knobhead, keefs’ every bit the toerag you enabled him to be. But it’s Corbyn’s fault.

    What a slimy little shitbag you are. Exactly the type who’ll blame children for their own sexual abuse.

    AFAIC, you can burn in hell for an eternity, you godawful, backsliding, weaseling bastard.

    1. Toffee – How many memorable victories did Corbyn have against Boris when he didn’t even have an overall majority.

    2. Toffee – Oh dear, you are still following me around like a needy stray 🐕

      I have a much simpler explanation, the electorate lost trust in Corbyn (as confirmed by the polls)

      In your opinion which of the bills that Labour didn’t vote against should they have opposed and why? and what difference would it have made to the outcome?

    3. So what you are saying is the working classes deserted Corbyn and his policies for a right wing policy actively supported by rich American capitalists and the RW faction of the Tory Party. Perhaps not their finest hour.
      Maybe they just thought Corbyn couldn’t win or deliver if he did.
      I wonder how much impact it had in 2017 when Corbyn starved the constituencies of his opponents in marginal seats of funds
      Corbyn went into hiding between 2017 & 19. Hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month destroyed any confidence many of the electorate once had in Corbyn
      Corbyn professed that Labour is a members led party and the overwhelming majority of members supported staying in the EU.
      What have I blamed Corbyn for that isn’t his responsibility
      Tokenism for the sake of it in politics tends to come back and bite you on the bum.

  15. Here are the latest poll results

    ▪ Perceptions of the Government have taken a significant hit. 70% (+5) of the public now say that the Government is dishonest, reflecting the ongoing scrutiny about lockdown parties in No 10.
    ▪ More Conservative past voters have lost faith in their own Party with over half (53%) now saying the Party is dishonest and lacks leadership (52%), a significant increase (+10) since our December polling.
    ▪ A collapse of confidence in the Prime Minister himself has occurred among Conservative voters. Just 19% (-13) of 2019 CON voters now believe the PM is honest, 68% (+17) say he is not.
    ▪ Boris Johnson vs Keir Starmer. The public at large are as likely to believe Starmer upholds Nolan principles as not, with the LOTO showing improvement since Dec. The public are however as not split at all as regards the PM – just 14% believing “honesty” is upheld by Boris Johnson.
    ▪ Labour are now polling at 43%, 10 points ahead of the Conservatives and their highest vote share in a Survation poll since December 2017
    ▪ The public does not trust the government’s current investigation: 6 in 10 of the public do not have confidence in the government’s process for investigating alleged breaking of lockdown rules from within No. 10:

    You can find the full details here.

    1. your glee at the boris crash is not a sign that this will be an earned benefit for the labour party. come the next election a bright new star will light the sky and they will be ready to begin again, like everybody must. we never step into the same river twice (which is obvious, but the point is that the stepper is a different person too)

  16. So what you are saying is the working classes deserted Corbyn and his policies for a right wing policy actively supported by rich American capitalists and the RW faction of the Tory Party. Perhaps not their finest hour.

    No I’m not you fucking dolt. Why must EVERYTHING be seolled out for you time after friggin time?

    The vast majority of labour leave voters I know – including meself – were happy to leave the EU if it meant a SOCIALIST government.

    And it WOULD have done had the right wing of the centrist tory party (There’s absolutely no fucking way can they claim to be labour OR left wing) not actively plotted to shit on democracy AND party policy – a policy that saw Corbyn come within just 3000 votes of becoming prime minister.

    You helped put the kybosh on that. Smarmer, being the shitbag he is, did everything without his remit to ensure he didn’t have to negotiate the terms. (And, going on his form, thank fuck he never got the chance)

    And then, to cap it off, smarmer ended up voting FOR the very same right wing policy actively supported by rich American capitalists and the RW faction of the Tory party

    Get it into your fucking useless cranium. Imbecile.

    1. Toffee – are you suggesting that Labour should have made themselves a hostage to fortune by voting for the only alternative that was on offer – A No Deal Brexit.
      You are even more politically naive than I thought.

  17. No deal brexit was the ONLY alternative, was it?

    MUST you be reminded that brexit only took place last year? There was not one, but TWO general elections BEFORE then.

    Having came within just 3000 votes of a SOCIALIST LABOUR government in 2017 keef and his torier than tory shithouses decided that wouldn’t do, so they shat on democracy AND party policy by rigging a vote which resulted in the alienation of millions of people prepared to have voted for a SOCIALIST NEGOTIATED brexit.

    Keef shat out of being found for the fraud he is; as you were warned he is, and, as he has subsequently proved on numerous occasions, he is.

    Result = rags got elected on ‘get brexit done’

    The same keef then voted FOR a Toerag brexit, when the alternative both could – and should’ve been – a SOCIALIST, LABOUR NEGOTIATED one.

    And you have the fucking gall to call ME politically naive

    Jog on, knobhead.

    1. Toffee – “No deal brexit was the ONLY alternative, was it?”

      YES it was
      You are welcome to try and prove otherwise, I suggest that you have a look at the actual bill that was before parliament before you make a fool of yourself again.

      1. Yeah, ok cretin.

        Give your head a wobble. Not in the euphemistic manner you’re accustomed to, but in the proper, decent manner.

        It’s an inescapable fact that the UK Could’ -and should – have had a socialist brexit from 2017 after the referendum result was confirmed, right up to the minute keef shit on democracy and support for labour disappeared into the ether.

        But no. There was NO alternative to toerag brexit other than a no deal one.

        So keef voted FOR toerag brexit. NOT Jeremy, NOT me, NOT YOU, BUT KEEF.

        …And it’s Corbyn’s fault.

        Look at the facts, bellend.

        2015 GE. Toerags are the ONLY party offering a referendum.

        Labour have the two (knob) eds, moribund and balls offering austerity lite and NO referendum

        Lob Dems…Nothing and NO referendum

        RESULT =rags win election (Hence a fucking supermassive clue as to what the electorate want)

        (Moribund out Corbyn in. Corbyn called a scruff and anti monarchist by hostile media but worse is to come post 2017, see later)


        RESULT = Toerags offer brexit and Tess may fuck knows what else

        Labour offer Corbynism AND a PROMISE to respect the referendum result, and to go ahead with a socialist negotiated brexit

        Lob dims = NO brexit under ANY circumstance but WGAF?

        RESULT = Corbyn comes within 3000 votes of being PM. Smarmer & co shit their pants, and decide to sabotage Corbyn with help from fatberg, Hodge and the A/s bullshitters and an increasingly bilious, hostile and compliantly vicious media.

        Smarmer & rats undemocratically shit on democracy and gets his 2nd ref

        Lib dims almost wiped out.


        Tess may ousted after being worse than fucking useless. Replaced by “Get brexitcdone” de piffle.

        Corbyn having to bat off all sorts of shit created for him but the 2nd ref alienates working class labour leave seats while the A/S bullshit is incessant.

        WGAF about the libtards?

        RESULT = Speaks for itself. Well done dickhead, you succeeded in giving the rags an 80 seat majority, bit to add salt to the wound you vote keef smarmer for leader….Who then shits on YOU by voting FOR toerag brexit and fails to oppose the toerags on just about EVERYTHING.

        Dead fucking clever, you.

        (Expects the default “another rant” bollocks as per…).

      2. Toffee – You can could have, should have, would have as much as you like but we are not talking about your fantasies we are not talking about what you think should have happened we are talking about what actually happened. The fact is that the bill voted on gave a straightforward choice a Boris ‘deal’ or no deal. It doesn’t matter how long your posts are or how much you plead it should have been different it won’t change the facts one iota.

      3. Toffee – …and there was I thinking we were talking about what happened in 2021.

  18. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention what happened in 2016.

    Namely the electorate voting to leave the EU – as the 2015 GE result augured.

  19. we are talking about what actually happened.

    I see.

    So not a single thing of what I said, happened?

    The rags didn’t win in 15 on the referendum ticket?

    Corbyn didn’t become leader in 15?

    UK decided to remain the EU in 16?

    Corbyn didn’t come within 3000 votes of becoming PM in 17 on the ‘respect the result’ ticket?

    Plotters didn’t plot?

    Support increased exponentially after keefs’ 2nd ref shithousery?

    Corbyn won a landslide in 19 because de piffle was more vehemently remain than keef &: the libtards?

    Keef voted against the subsequent labour negotiated brexit?

    All of that is what actually happened, was it?

    You severely disturbed weirdo. I think the local authorities need to keep a close eye on you, for your own safety, and that of those young goats 😕

    1. Toffee – So what you are saying really is that Jeremy failed to lead, he was in office but not in power throughout this period.

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